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What is Integrative Medicine?


• Patient-Centered Care - Treats the Root Cause of Illness - Uses All Therapies to Enhance Natural Healing

• Disease Management and Prevention - Doctor as Partner - Incorporates Nutrition and Lifestyle

• Treatment for the Whole Person for Optimum Health and Wellness, Not Just Freedom from Disease


Leaders in Holistic Integrative Medicine and Biological Dentistry

National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) are leaders in holistic integrative medicine and biological dentistry. NIHA has been serving the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia metropolitan area since 1995, although patients come from all over the United States to our integrative medical and dental center.

Integrative doctors blend the best of western medicine and safe, proven complementary and alternative therapies to help the body heal. The professional health team is comprised of holistic medical physicians, biological dentists, naturopaths, a chiropractor, and health professionals highly skilled in acupuncture, nutrition, and other healing therapies. 


Holistic Primary Care at NIHA

Our holistic primary care providers will offer not only traditional primary care but also incorporate the best complementary and natural therapies to help you achieve optimum wellness, not just freedom from your current condition. Tracy Freeman MD, Cathlene Heideman NP and Susan Greenberg NP will coordinate all your health care needs and therapies in our comprehensive medical and dental center.
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Integrative Medicine Treats the Whole Person

Integrative medicine looks at the patient holistically, and may assess a patient in different ways in addition to traditional medical examinations and lab tests. These assessments are useful in telling us how the body is functioning, and finding the root cause of your health issue. We offer more treatment options and therapies for healing mind, body and spirit at the root cause of illness, not just treating the symptoms.

Holistic & Biological Dentistry: Biological dentists use only safe, mercury-free, biocompatible materials and view your oral health as an integral part of overall health. Call 202-237-7000 ext. 2 to learn more about 21st century family dentistry or Request a dental appointment.

Whether you are looking for effective therapies for pain or chronic illness, disease prevention, or to optimize your current state of health, you can be assured of a new level of compassionate medical and dental care.

Good health is a choice. Your commitment and dedication to wellness is our priority too.

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"I was so WOWed by all of you...first by being so warmly greeted by Ali, then by the intro session with Michael, and then by the absolutely fascinating session with Dr. Rind (what a gift, genius and gem; so lucky are we that he's on this planet!) that I failed to remember how to apply the product.(Many thanks, indeed, for responding so promptly to my follow-up call for instructions.)
I felt so comfortable with Dr. Rind. Amazing how during that first meeting he was able to grasp my whole life's health narrative, after which he knew right where to begin and exactly what I needed to get back on the path to total wellness. While walking through my narrative, Dr. Rind happened to note that my youngest son and my granddaughter have Tourettes Syndrome. To my surprise, he said that he'd like to meet my son and, without hesitation, he offered a referral who might be of help to both of them. This was most unexpected! And the icing on the cake came near the end of our session when I just happened to mention that I was having pain from an old injury. Dr. Rind said he could take care of that,with prolotherapy! Oh my, here I just assumed that I'd have to live with this irritation for life. (I cannot wait to come back next week for the procedure!)

So, thank you, Ali. Thank you, Michael. And thank you, Dr. Rind! It was a pleasure to meet each of you and I really do look forward to seeing you again!"



Continued: Such care is commonly referred to as complementary or alternative medicine ("CAM"), or functional, holistic or integrative care. Many of these therapies have been long practiced in other cultures, while others are emerging, innovative techniques that bring to patients the best thinking of researchers... read more

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