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What is Integrative Medicine?


• Patient-Centered Care - Treats the Root Cause of Illness - Uses All Therapies to Enhance Natural Healing

• Disease Management and Prevention - Doctor as Partner - Incorporates Nutrition and Lifestyle

• Treatment for the Whole Person for Optimum Health and Wellness, Not Just Freedom from Disease


Leaders In Integrative Medicine and Biological Dentistry

National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) are leaders in holistic & integrative medicine and biological dentistry. NIHA has been serving the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia metropolitan area since 1995, although patients come from all over the United States to our integrative medical and dental center.

Integrative doctors blend the best of western medicine and safe, proven complementary and alternative therapies to help the body heal. The professional health team is comprised of holistic medical physicians, biological dentists, naturopaths, a chiropractor, and health professionals highly skilled in acupuncture, nutrition, and other healing therapies. 


Holistic Primary Care is available at NIHA

Our holistic primary care providers will offer not only traditional primary care but also incorporate the best complementary therapies to help you achieve optimum wellness, not just freedom from your current condition. Tracy Freeman MD or Susan Greenberg NP will coordinate all your health care needs and therapies in our comprehensive medical and dental center.
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Integrative Medicine Treats the Whole Person

Integrative medicine looks at the patient holistically, and may assess a patient in different ways in addition to traditional medical examinations and lab tests. These assessments are useful in telling us how the body is functioning, and in finding the root cause of your health issue. We offer more treatment options and therapies for healing mind, body and spirit at the root cause of illness, not just treating the symptoms.

Holistic & Biological Dentistry: Biological dentists use only safe, mercury-free, biocompatible materials and view your oral health as an integral part of overall health. Call 202-237-7000 ext. 2 to learn more about 21st century family dentistry or Request a dental appointment.

Whether you are looking for effective therapies for pain or chronic illness, disease prevention, or to optimize your current state of health, you can be assured of a new level of compassionate medical and dental care.

Good health is a choice. Your commitment and dedication to wellness is our priority too.

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I am emailing to THANK YOU Maureane and Dr. McClure for teaching me to use MFT (a.k.a., “tapping”) as part of a daily meditation practice. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Every condition that I have meditated on using this technique, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, has either improved or been resolved (the condition usually improving at first and then quickly or eventually becoming resolved). Know also that I believe that the amazing success I have had is due in part to a) the incorporation of reading spiritual literature prior to meditation (in my case, usually Emmet Fox) and b) a growing effort to improve my mental perception of any subject/condition/person.
It seems to be a very powerful method of improving any problematic condition…and I am somewhat amazed that it is not more commonly practiced.

To help explain the success I have experienced from almost daily practice in the last 12 months (following a VERY low point in my life), here is a list of some of the conditions that have I have specifically meditated on and that either have been resolved or are improving (and, by the way, I’ve found that MFT does not always change the situation itself but provides someone that can).

Conditions improved or resolved using MFT…

-Unresolved back pain disappeared
-Unresolved pain in foot (possible neuroma) disappeared
-Eyesight improved
-Several weeks of chest discomfort and coughing disappeared

-Anxiety is lower overall and lowers immediately upon start of practice and continues for most of the day
-Faith is being restored (at a VERY low point last year)
-Sense of well-being is improving
-More enthusiastic about daily living, “keeping house” (and yard), daily meditation, and all chores
- Relationship with husband has improved or resolved on whatever issue was troublesome (and – in defense of his honor – there are only a few)

- Client queue is increasing and usually full
- Clients returned to paying on time
- Better able to get my work done
- More enthusiastic about work
- Company prosperity is growing

And now for the really-hard-to-believe…Pets (two 18 year-old cat siblings):
-Male cat’s colon resumes working nearly every time I use MFT (cat has a severe neurological problem that affects walking and occasionally interferes with colon working; condition is significant to require at-home or under-anesthesia enemas)
-Male cat’s teeth healed within 2 months of applying MFT (veterinary determined that two teeth must be removed; upon a return visit it was determined that they had improved so much that removal was not required)
-Female cat’s demeanor has improved (especially in the early morning) – She may be becoming hard of hearing and has become impossibly loud when she wants attention.



Continued: Such care is commonly referred to as complementary or alternative medicine ("CAM"), or functional, holistic or integrative care. Many of these therapies have been long practiced in other cultures, while others are emerging, innovative techniques that bring to patients the best thinking of researchers... read more

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