Aging is a natural process. However, the food we eat, our lifestyle, stress, where we live and work, and our relationships all influence our immune system and thus how healthy we are and how rapidly we age.

Although Life Expectancy has increased dramatically, the quality of life in the aging population has seriously declined. Our bodies are all challenged by the enormous changes in our environment - pollution; reduced soil quality, the Food Technology Industry which has succeeded in fooling our senses into thinking that chemicals are better than Nature’s harvest; the artificial fertilizers that maximize yield-per-acre at the expense of nutritional value of our crops; pesticides; fungicides; preservatives, have created deficiencies of critical nutrients in our food supply. Adulterated farm animal diets, supplemented by antibiotics, hormones, and forced feeding – with simultaneous restriction of normal activity of our livestock – create abnormal animal fats in excess quantities, that are loaded with thousands of chemicals that were unknown on the planet 50 years ago. As we age, they accumulate in our bodies as well.

In addition, we are besieged by toxic wastes, indoor chemical pollution and heavy metal poisons such as lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminum - all of which overload our metabolic machinery for detoxification, and trigger free radical reactions that damage our organs and our genes.

At what age should you begin to plan for a healthy old age?

Senescence - the process of aging - is accompanied by a "loss of organ reserve capacity" throughout the body. Muscles weaken, glands reduce secretions, digestion is impaired (further reducing our nutritional state), memory and concentration decline, and sexual functions diminish.

If professional athletes are "over the hill" at 35, where will YOU be at 40? 50? 65? 85?

Anti- Aging Therapies

The exciting news is that there are new techniques that can add years to your life and life to your years. Good nutrition, exercise, detoxification, supplements, antioxidants, stress reduction, chelation therapy, and hormone replacement/enhancement (including Bioidentical Hormones: Testosterone, Estrogen & Progesterone, Adrenal, Thyroid and Human Growth Hormone) are major techniques for rebalancing and rejuvenating the aging body.


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