Dr. Warren Levin M.D.

Dr. Warren Levin MD

Chronic Illnesses and the Blending of Conventional & Alternative Philosophies for Health

Practice Philosphy:
The human body is a miraculous machine that is designed to fix itself.  A doctor's function is to find the underlying problem(s) that prevent healing!

Areas of Focus:
Anti-aging Medicine, Candida, Diabetes, Lyme Disease, Thyroid and Hormonal Issues, Chronic Illnesses, Weight Loss,  Heavy Metal Detoxification

Press Release on Dr. Levin's Candida book


Dr. Levin retired on July 14, 2014. Please read his letter below.

If you need assistance please contact Nattasha Farr at 202-237-7000, ext. 120.


Dear Patients, Colleagues and Friends:

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement from active practice as of Monday, July 14, 2014. This journey as a healthcare provider has allowed me to meet incredible people, receive support from remarkable, kindred souls, and gain extraordinary friends and expand my world with amazing colleagues.

After practicing for over five decades, I realize how valuable each person is in my life as a husband, father, friend and physician. From my exceptional wife, Susan, my remarkable children, Beth, Julie, and Erika, to my numerous mentors, patients, friends, and distinguished colleagues, I want each of you to know that you all have made my life a phenomenal journey.

Being a physician is not just about learning anatomy or writing prescriptions. It is a combination of experience and experiences. As I have said for many years, “Experience is what you get when you expect something else”. I have had both in amazing quantities. I have been privileged with so many delightful people in my life and although I will sorely miss seeing patients, it is the perfect time for me to retire.

This truly has been an extraordinary journey because of the patients who have entrusted me with their health and life.

To my colleagues and friends, it has been my deepest pleasure to have been called your colleague and friend.

To each of you that have touched my life, I wish you continued success in all that you aspire to accomplish.

Most Sincerely,

Warren M. Levin, MD


"Remember, If you are not Preventing Disease, You are Preventing Health."


Experience and education:

Dr. Levin is recognized as the "East Coast Dean of Alternative Medicine" ---establishing the first alternative and integrative medical practice in New York City (1974). He received his medical degree from the Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Levin has been Board Certified by the following institutions:
American Board of Family Physicians (ret.), The American Board of Chelation Therapy, The American Board  of Clinical Metal Toxicology, The American Board of Environmental Medicine, The American Board of Advanced Longevity Medicine, and The American Board of Bariatric Medicine. He is a Fellow of The Academy of Family Practice (ret.), a Fellow of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and a Fellow of The American College of Nutrition, Board of Directors of the NoVA Chapter of the NAA (National Autism Association) - Chairman of Biomedical Education.

Dr. Levin has been a visionary in reporting the interconnections among many hard-to-treat syndromes. For example, he has been:

-One of the first to document the connection of Candida (yeast) infections with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and most recently with refractory Lyme disease.
-An early pioneer in treating Autism, Asperger's, ADD/ADHD, and Learning Disabilities with avoidance of allergenic foods, environments, and toxins, as well as via correcting metabolic imbalances and infections.
-The first to recognize and report Lyme-induced Autism.
-Among the first to offer IV Chelation Therapy for heart disease.
-One of the first to warn about the dangers of vaccines especially Hep B for newborns, cervical cancer vaccine for young girls, and as a contributing factor to Mercury overload in infants
-A pioneer in providing Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for weight loss and anti-aging.

Approach to the Patient:

Dr. Levin incorporates a vast array of scientific knowledge gathered from over 50 years of practice and from innumerable resources.  He uses the most reliable laboratories and the highest grade therapies in order to provide the most effective treatments available.  His practice is focused on patients with chronic illnesses – “The Stepchild of American Medicine.”

Dr. Levin is committed to providing his patients innovative medical services and therapies that may not be readily available elsewhere and to providing each patient with information about his/her health and available treatments in order for each patient to make an informed choice.


The human body is a miraculous machine that is designed to fix itself.  No doctor can "fix" it – even the most advanced surgery requires the miracle of healing after the wound is closed. What then is the doctor's function?  It is to find the underlying problem(s) that prevent healing!


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