Specialty: Colon Hydrotherapy

Philosophy: Isabel Hon is passionate and committed to coaching her patients with gentle care and guidance, whether it is for colon hydrotherapy or other detoxification and rejuvenation therapies for optimal health and wellbeing.

Areas of Interest: Colon hydrotherapy, healthy lifestlye choices, nutritional guidance







I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapy
Licensed Massage Therapist - with specialty in visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage and cranial-sacral therapy
Certified Holistic Nutritionist Coach
Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Certified Active Isolated Stretching Coach


B.A. Economics/Business Administration and Computer Science
B.A. Dance



Isabel Hon brings a wonderful and unique set of skills and experience to the position of colon hydrotherapist. Isabel's expertise is a culminating of her 32 years of combined experience as a colon hydrotherapist, holistic nutrition coach, massage therapist, therapeutic movement facilitator, yoga-meditation devotee and her deep love for nature and the healing arts. She has over 10 years and 11,000 hours of experience as a certified colon hydrotherapist. Having practiced massage therapy for the last 22 years, Isabel integrates her manual therapy skills to bring about the optimal level of comfort, relief and effectiveness for her colon hydrotherapy patients. Isabel uses visceral manipulation (Barral method) and lymphatic drainage (Daybreaker method) to help facilitate her patients during their colon hydrotherapy to ensure a most relaxing and productive experience.

Isabel is not only dedicated to providing a relaxing and effective relief for her patients via colon hydrotherapy, but she is also a strong advocate for her patient's outlook in life, healthy lifestyle, and a balanced, plant based diet. Her belief in a holistic approach to health begins with a thorough detoxification of the cells and tissues of the body and progresses with sound and uplifting dietary and lifestyle recommendations that patients can implement along the way. Isabel is passionate and committed about coaching her patients throughout their detoxification and rejuvenation program with action steps, always focusing on the goal of achieving overall wellness every step of the way.

Isabel's dedication and passion for service is grounded with the conviction and believe that the body's innate intelligence is dedicated to one thing and one thing alone, and that is the process of healing thoroughly. By being an ally and providing the body the support it needs, the body will heal and eventually strive, attaining sustained wellness and abundance.
Isabel sees herself as a facilitator and a coach for her patients, and as always, with lots of gentle care and nutritional guidance.