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We continue our discussions about the metabolic aspects of cancer treatment in the webinar series.
Dec. 6, 2017 with Dr. Gant
TBD   Natural Solutions for Health: How to use essential oils
Sept. 16, 2017,  Oct. 28, 2017, Dec. 2, 2017
In this powerful day workshop, learn how to understand and process conflict from our ancestors that may impede our own health.




Cancer Webinar Series with Dr. Gant


Based on Dr. Gant's work on Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, the webinar series continues with the discussion of the metabolic aspects of cancer treatments.

Previous webinars can be found on National Integrated Health Associates YouTube channel.


Cancer webinar #5

Mindfulness, Meditation and Cancer

DATE:  Dec. 6, 2018 

TIME:  8:00-9:00 pm EST

PRESENTER:  Charles Gant MD, PhD



Mindfulness-based therapies have been shown clinically to improve immunity and outcomes for various conditions such as cancer. At the very least, extricating the mind from a preoccupation with the past and future can provide significant benefits for sleep, mood and autonomic arousal. The difference between closed and open field meditation will be discussed, and a technique midway between these approaches to both modify pain and immunologically address cancer will be presented. This technique, along with other psycho-spiritual approaches, should be provided routinely for patients in all cancer treatment programs.








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Natural Solutions for Health:

How to Use Essential Oils

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Constellation Workshop Dates

October 28, 2017 
December 2, 2017  
2018 Dates
January 6, 2018
February 3, 2018
March 3, 2018
April 7, 2018
May 12, 2018
June 9, 2018 


Join us to experience how the "knowing field" can bring new understanding, conflict resolution and peace to your family or organization. This is an opportunity to experience this extraordinary process for yourself. 

"When we have passed a certain age, the soul of the child we were and the souls of the dead from whom we have sprung come to lavish on us their riches and their spells."  ~ Marcel Proust (In Search of Lost Time) 

Healing Ancestral Wounds through the Energy Field
Family Constellations vividly demonstrates the profound impact of our families and ancestors. Hidden family events and dynamics from past generations may manifest in our current lives as illness, relationship problems, addiction, financial instability, lack of purpose, depression, etc. Bert Hellinger, an international figure in the healing community, developed this method to uncover hidden dynamics which entangle us in fates not truly our own, but the legacy of others who did not resolve them in their lifetimes.

You must see and feel the constellation process in order to get it. Serving as a representative is like becoming an antenna that  receives information from the family soul of the client, somehow mysteriously present in the room. Unseen forces that have held family members captive in life patterns not previously understood come to light. Constellations reveal the root causes of pain and "stuckness" and offer an opportunity for healing and transformation.

What can this mean for you?  "Nearly everyone has a part of themselves that cannot find peace or come to rest. In the silence of our dreams, in our restless thoughts, in the darkest places of our hearts, the terrible experiences that befell our fathers and mothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles live on inside us.....

"We honor our ancestors' losses and soothe their pain by embracing that we are the living fruit of their sacrifices. They grieve when we suffer. They bless us when we take our lives and love well." -Dan Cohen,  author, I Carry Your Heart in My Heart

How Family Constellations May Help

  • Learn and witness the entanglements that may cause illness
  • Reveal dynamics that are not available through our conscious awareness
  • May help resolve health issues such as chronic poor health, depression, anxiety, addiction



Or visit   www.theconstellationsgroup.com for more information, or call  Carol Heil 301-899-4841.
The workshop is hosted by The Constellations Group. Advance registration required.

Date:      See above dates
Time:      9:30 am -  5 pm
Cost:      $125.00 per person
Location:  National Integrated Health Associates