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Thursday Mar 16th Janette Coffee - Natural Solutions for Your Health
Saturday Mar 18th Eve Colantoni - Getting Started with Essential Oils
Tuesday Mar 28th Beth Lindley - Emotions and Essential Oils
Essential Oil EVENT with Lisa Wilson, CHC, and Eve Colantoni, CHC!
Saturday  Feb. 25,  2017
Saturday  May 20,  2017
Saturday, June 17, 2017
In this powerful day workshop, learn how to understand and process conflict from our ancestors that may impede our own health.


Spring into a Healthier YOU!

Treat yourself to a day of Pampering, Rejuvenation, and Detoxification

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Reflexology, Detox Footbath, Infrared Sauna, Colon Hydrotherapy

and Oxygen Steam Bath

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Benefits of Rejuvenation & Detoxifying Therapies:

  • naturally restores balance to the body
  • helps to reduce toxin load
  • promotes relaxation and stress release
  • helps to reduce inflammation in the body
  • may help with head tension, anxiety, depression, yeast symptoms, constipation, achy hands and feet, and more

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Natural Solutions for Health

Getting Started With Essential Oils

Dates:   March 28  at 6 pm

              Sunday, APRIL 9 EVENT! with Lisa Wilson, CHC, and Eve Colantoni CHC

Where: NIHA

Take care of yourself and your loved ones with natural medicine.

  • Get relief from seasonal threats
  • Stop catching every threat that's going around
  • Learn what to do about viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Reduce hyperactivity and stress
  • Promote relaxation and reduce anxiety
  • Instantly relieve head tension
  • Reduce muscle tension and soothe joints
  • Improve digestive issues
  • Promote sleep


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Constellation Workshop Dates

2017 Dates
January 28 at NIHA
February 25 at NIHA

May 20 at NIHA
June 17 at NIHA

constellations1Tune in to the "field" to better understand the dynamics active in your family or organization.

Join us for an opportunity to experience this extraordinary process for yourself.

Healing Ancestral Wounds through the Energy Field
Family Constellations vividly demonstrates the profound impact of our families and ancestors. Hidden family events and dynamics from past generations may manifest in our current lives as illness, relationship problems, addiction, financial instability, lack of purpose, depression, etc. Bert Hellinger, an international figure in the healing community, developed this method to uncover hidden dynamics which entangle us in fates not truly our own, but the legacy of others who did not resolve them in their lifetimes.

You must see and feel the constellation process in order to get it. Serving as a representative is like becoming an antenna that  receives information from the family soul of the client, somehow mysteriously present in the room. Unseen forces that have held family members captive in life patterns not previously understood come to light. Constellations reveal the root causes of pain and "stuckness" and offer an opportunity for healing and transformation.

What can this mean for you?  "Nearly everyone has a part of themselves that cannot find peace or come to rest. In the silence of our dreams, in our restless thoughts, in the darkest places of our hearts, the terrible experiences that befell our fathers and mothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles live on inside us.....

"We honor our ancestors' losses and soothe their pain by embracing that we are the living fruit of their sacrifices. They grieve when we suffer. They bless us when we take our lives and love well." -Dan Cohen,  author, I Carry Your Heart in My Heart

How Family Constellations May Help

  • Learn and witness the entanglements that may cause illness
  • Reveal dynamics that are not available through our conscious awareness
  • May help resolve health issues such as chronic poor health, depression, anxiety, addiction



Or visit   www.theconstellationsgroup.com for more information, or call  Carol Heil 301-899-4841.
The workshop is hosted by The Constellations Group. Advance registration required.

Date:      See above dates
Time:      9:30 am -  5 pm
Cost:      $125.00 per person
Location:  National Integrated Health Associates