We deeply appreciate our patients' reviews and comments, because we want to be as personally and organizationally healthy in mind, body and spirit as possible too!  We know that each of our healers is unique and that finding the best match between patient and practitioner improves healing.  We present these reviews, with patient permission, as patients have written them, whether positive or critical.  We know that we can always improve and believe that these reviews are helping us to do that.


"This place is peaceful, warm, clean, accessible and more. Many of the airborne allergens have been removed." 9/13

NOTE*  NIHA has a state-of-the-art air purification system to keep our allergic/chemically sensitive patients more comfortable.

Anita Capizzi

"This program gave me a new (food) life, and better health. I'm proud of myself with respect to food for the first time in a very long time. Thanks to Anita Capizzi, my pants are too big for me now! I lost an inch on the waist and hips, eating incredibly delicious food.


Before enrolling in the "Take Control of Your Blood Sugar" program, I had dessert most nights of the week. I was a corn-bread connoisseur. My doctor was alarmed at my high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, along with blood sugar levels. I felt like the world was coming down on me, and that my age was catching up with me. I felt depressed and resentful that I would need to make a change.


After completing the "Take Control of Your Blood Sugar" program, I feel like I have control. I don't feel resentful about what's required to be healthier it in the least. I eat incredibly delicious food, and yes, sometimes I'd rather not take the time to prepare it. But I do, nine times out of ten - nobody's perfect. Now my clothes are too big, and my doctor is delighted with my blood tests. I didn't think I could do it, I thought it would be too big of a life change, but Anita showed me how and made it fun. I am her biggest fan" L.H.  6/7/13

B.K. Mudahar

The customer service is superior- attentive, caring, very aware, along with the acupuncturist B.K. I highly recommend their services. 5/16

Carol "Anandi" Richardson

"After my first visit with Carol Richardson, I felt happier than I have in my entire life! My second session of hypnotherapy brought me to a point of clarity and a positive outlook for my future." 9/15

Carol Richardson

I appreciate the healing I have felt from my abdominal pain. I am also grateful for Carol Richardson's intuition with regard to my nutritional and emotional needs. And I had great energy afterwards.  2/16

Debbie McCabe

"Debbie McCabe is very professional, thorough, caring and very well-informed- I really feel her commitment to helping me get well."

Debbie McCabe

"Debbie McCabe spend an hour with us going through everything that may help our daughter. Over and above anyone we've ever been to, thank you so much!"

Debbie McCabe

"Feeling gratitude for Debbie McCabe and IV treatments that continue to strengthen my life force."

Debbie McCabe

"Thank you for your care Debbie McCabe and Dental. Everyone at the office has been excellent."

Debbie McCabe

"Debbie McCabe is the most efficient practitioner I've visited. Consistent & good communication with me. The knowledge she holds is indispensible for my illness." 2/21/13

Debbie McCabe

"Debbie, thank you for the thorough review of my symptoms, tests, and previous doctor visits. I was extremely impressed with your knowledge and expertise in vector-borne illnesses, which seem to be a a "controversial, mysterious hoax" to many of the medical doctors in my area. Already, I am sleeping better, have increased energy, less brain fog and reduced joint pain. I am confident that my healing journey is progressing. I sincerely appreciate your helping me to find wellness and giving me hope again."

Debbie McCabe

"Wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable." 10/15

Debbie McCabe listens and cares

"Debbie McCabe listens and cares.The whole staff is very welcoming."


"The best dental office experience I have had anywhere. I recommend NIHA without hesistation, and often." 3/6/13


"Laurie DeRosa (NIHA dental) is efficient, comprehensive and state-of-the-art." 5/13


"I am happy to drive into DC to receive the kind of dental  care I experience here." 9/13


Excellent personalities, excellent dental care, excellent methodologies- we travel long distance to take advantage of all this. E.H.S. May 2014


"My whole family is now on a healthy dental journey thanks to NIHA. The whole staff is simply amazing. Thank you." May 2014


"I chose this practice location over one much more convenient as I have greatly enjoyed the professionalism, warmth, and experience of everyone at NIHA holistic dentistry." 9/14


"Love the friendly and caring staff, extremely professional. The entire dental office is awesome and I thank you for your care and service. I would recommend this office to anyone, with confidence!" 10/14


"The dental staff at NIHA are extremely professional, very helpful, and my appointments are timely and comfortable and has changed the way I see visiting the dentist." 4/15


"Everyone (Dr. McClure, Laurie DeRosa) was very prompt and professional. You have a great dental practice." 7/15


"I want to share my experience with Dr. McClure and holistic family dentistry. My insurance reimbursement was a very efficient process. I think I got my check in 3 days! And  I can't stand needles and this was quite a painless experience. I am very pleased." 9/15

See testimonial


"Excellent, life savers, waited 20 years to take mercury amalgams out and wouldn't do it anywhere else. Professional staff, knowledgable, you guys rock, keep doing what you are doing. you guys are life savers." 10/15

Dr. Cannon

Dr. Cannon is superb. She studied my record and made anyalytically excellent recommendations on how to handle my chelation issue and aortic valve replacement issue. She personalized a vitamin and supplement program and taught me how to analyze supplements to amke sure the inert ingredients are pure and not from GMO sources. I would highly recommend her and I trust her superb judgment. Very comfortable bedside manner. 3/16

Dr. Coy

"Dr. Coy explained everything in detail about every question and showed me pictures of why I was having pain...love Dr.Coy."

Dr. Coy

"Dr. Coy is simply outstanding- knowledgeable in multiple practice areas- he can always help whatever ails me." 4/15/13

Dr. Coy

"Dr. Coy is amiable, respectful and very knowledgeable." 5/1/13

Dr. Coy

"Wow- No more lower back pain after one visit with Dr. Coy?!  Sort of a miracle." 7/8/13

Dr. Coy

"Awesome appointment with Dr. Coy- We got my neck to crack on the stiff/tight side for the first time in 20 years! He is the most amazing chiropractor! 8/28/13

Dr. Coy

"I love Dr. Coy, he is so good at what he does, has given me great relief from tightness and pain- and has such a great fun personality." 9/6/13

Dr. Coy

"After being away for more than 5 months due to surgery, the treatment provided by Dr. Coy was fantastic and I immediately felt wonderful again." 1/7/14

Dr. Coy

"Dr. Coy explained a lot and made me and my son feel comfortable about his options and treatment." 8/14

Dr. Coy always exceptional treatment

With Dr. Coy I am always warmly welcomed and always receive exceptional treatment.

Dr. Coy I highly recommend

"Dr.Coy is wonderful. I was in pain for 2 years, with just one visit I began to feel better. I highly recommend him!"

Dr. Coy is a god-send

"I was struggling with severe back pain and was introduced to Dr.Coy and seen immediately. Dr. Coy is a god-send."

Dr. Coy is a true healer

"I feel better after 4 visits with Dr.Coy than I did after 1 1/2 years with my previous chiropractor! Dr.Coy is a true healer and compassionate practitioner."

Dr. Coy is awesome

"Dr. Coy is awesome. I've been to numerous chiropractors and have never experienced such complete overall care. His in depth knowledge about total care is incredible."

Dr. Coy Roskosky

"Dr. Coy explains what he is doing and why. It makes a difference when a doctor treats you as a person rather than a test site. I came in with pain and left feeling better than I have for months."

Dr. Coy Roskosky

"Dr. Coy is outstanding in his knowledge, approach, "bedside manner," and enthusiasm. He has eliminated my chronic pain and continues to maintain my good health." 3/13

Dr. Coy Roskosky

"I really appreciated Dr. Coy explaining why I was having pain and what the underlying issues are. He then clearly detailed everything he did in advance." 5/15

Dr. Coy Roskosky

"Dr. Coy is the BEST chiropractor I've ever had!" 6/15

Dr. Coy saved me from carpal tunnel surgery

"Dr. Coy treated my carpal tunnel syndrome and I was able to avoid surgery."  Watch Video


Dr. Coy Truly integrated

"Truly integrated - Dr. Coy thought I would benefit from acupuncture and traded appointments with Nic Buscemi, the acupuncturist. Amazing!" 2/13

Dr. Coy, getting spectacular results

" I have had personal experience with Dr. Coy and sent patients to him and he is getting spectacular results." 2/12/13

Dr. Coy, TMJ

" Dr. Coy explained my TMJ issue. He has excellent skills and I trust him. I have been in pain and at 8 doctors and this is the first time I feel hope." 2/20/13

Dr. Frandsen

"I appreciate Dr. Frandsen's comprehensive approach to treating my sleep problem." 5/13

Dr. Frandsen

"Dr. Frandsen- very thorough and on-site lab are the most satisfactory parts. Also compassionate doctor and knowledge of my issues that are not even validated by conventional doctors." 7/13

Dr. Frandsen

"Dr. Frandsen, My stomach is feeling significantly better and I can't thank you enough for helping me." 7/15

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman was very informative and attentive; I felt cared for as a person."

Dr. Freeman

"I feel thrilled to be working with Dr.Freeman. She listened and took the time to work with me on all my health issues. I am grateful for all her help."

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman took time to explain everything, very empathetic. Feel optimistic for the first time in years!"

Dr. Freeman

"I am so relieved to know that what I've been experiencing is so easily explained by Dr. Freeman! I feel completely at ease and hopeful."

Dr. Freeman

"This doctor's visit made more sense than any visit I have ever had. The doctor's assistant was incredibly knowledgeable. Tracy Freeman was fabulous. She spoke intelligently, her body of knowledge and the interconnecting parts of the body was fascinating.

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman is truly a pleasure. Fabulous with kids!"

Dr. Freeman

"Excellent visit with Dr. Freeman- all my concerns were heard and I felt as if we had a concrete treatment plan. Very happy that I came by."

Dr. Freeman

Dr. Freeman is knowledgeable and thoughtful. I'm excited to have found her and I plan on bringing the rest of my family to see her as well.

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman and Darryl know exactly what they are doing, and isolated my problems in no time! Bedside manner is excellent. I can't wait to tell everyone about them!"

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman is very caring, thorough, calming and encouraging. I'm grateful and looking forward to healing." 3/20/13

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman and Darryl are extremely thorough and caring. Our experience here has been so much different than anything we've ever experienced. The collaboration, kindness, and care has been phenomenal." 4/13

Dr. Freeman

"When I first started coming here- I was so sick, one year later- my meds have been decreased and I feel better. Dr. Freeman and Darryl are amazing, committed and responsive! Thank you." 5/13

Dr. Freeman

With Dr. Freeman, "I feel as if I am finally going to get help." 5/13

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeeman was great. She took time to listen and gather info and made my daughter feel welcome and at ease." 7/13

Dr. Freeman

" I turned 40 today. Finding Dr. Freeman and NIHA was the best gift I could ask for."

Dr. Freeman

"Physician, Dr. Freeman, and staff are extremely engaging & explained all things in detail; did not feel hurried, highly informative and extremely caring and compassionate." 9/13

Dr. Freeman

"Outstanding individual care with Dr. Freeman." 9/13

Dr. Freeman

"We are feeling healthier and making progress with accurate diagnoses."  11/13

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman is patient, considerate, caring, attentive, very thorough, professional, so kind and extremely knowledgeable. I felt so comfortable  and well taken care of." 11/13

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman is the best doctor for treating Lyme- anywhere!" June 2014

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman and NIHA in its entirety are First Class. Thank you for everything!"  June 2014

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman and her staff are very knowledgeable and it was a great visit." 9/14

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman and her assistant were friendly and very informative. I appreciate their care and attention to detail." 3/15

Dr. Freeman

"Dr. Freeman’s pragmatic and knowledgeable approach to autism literally changed our son’s life (and ours too!). Three years ago our son was in an intensive autism program, and we were told he would never speak. Now he is in a learning center under the general education curriculum, and next year he will be integrated in a typical classroom with shadow. He is now interacting with peers, and telling us about his day at school every evening. He is back, and that we mostly owe to Dr. Freeman, who progressively identified and fixed the most handicapping autism-related symptoms, such as PANDAS and HHV6. Why her? Because she is totally dedicated to her mission and fight against autism, she is certainly methodic and brilliant, she is patient and never rushes anybody or anything, and she explains in detail what she is doing. Apart from that, she also proved very good in addressing the Lyme disease of my husband." 6/15

Dr. Freeman

“I love NIHA. Dr. Freeman is amazing. I always feel taken care of when I come in. My mom and I have referred people and we definitely tell more people about your wonderful facility! Thank you and God bless you!” - 9/15

Dr. Freeman

"Great information, thorough, thoughtful, honest, A+. " 9/15

Dr. Freeman

The most satisfactory part is finding out what is at the root of my health issues. 3/16

Dr. Freeman and Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Freeman and Dr. Kannankeril are both wonderful. The support staff are very friendly and considerate. I love coming here." 10/14

Dr. Freeman best doctor I have ever had

"Dr. Freeman is the best doctor I have ever had. The mysteries of my health are unraveling and I feel confident that I will be able to achieve optimal wellness. Thank you!"

Dr. Freeman Everything was fantastic

"Everything was fantastic. Dr. Freeman was extremely friendly and a great listener, she put me at ease."

Dr. Freeman genius

"Dr. Freeman is a delightful genius. She is like a detective with what is occuring in your body." 3/11/13

Dr. Freeman is truly holistic

Dr. Freeman truly is holistic. I am so excited to finally have answers and a doctor I can trust to treat me for whole wellness.

Dr. Freeman is very knowledgeable

"Dr. Freeman is very knowledgeable, provides patients with a plan and demonstrates genuine concern for patients. I have already referred several people."

Dr. Freeman made me feel comfortable

"Dr. Freeman was patient with my information and I felt really heard. She shared her screen and walked me through a comprehensive treatment plan. Her assistant was great! He gave me good tips and made me feel comfortable."

Dr. Freeman outstanding practitioner

"Dr. Freeman is an outstanding practitioner. She is able to connect all the different symptoms as well as your "stories" to understand the underlying causes or your problems. Since being treated by Dr. Freeman I feel more energetic and alert." 2/10/14

Dr. Freeman very knowledgeable

"Dr. Freeman is very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. She explains things well and gives you time to absorb it all."

Dr. Freeman whole person approach

"Dr. Tracy Freeman has understanding of many issues, broad understanding of complex health syndromes, and a whole person approach."

Dr. Freeman, a truly integrative environment

"So thankful to have found a truly integrative environment with such a warm, caring doctor (Dr. Tracy Freeman) and friendly staff. Their willingness to go the extra mile to find the root of your illness is unsurpassed!"

Dr. Freeman, child friendly

"Plenty of time devoted to patients. Dr. Freeman and Darryl used simple language, easy to understand and practical. Very child friendly." 2/18/13

Dr. Fuller

Warm and knowledgable doctor. Dr. Fuller took her time to explain in detail her response to my questions and concerns. Y.Y. 5/6/14

Dr. Gant

"Excellent standard of care with Dr. Gant. Hope after years of frustration." 9/14

Dr. Gant

"Coming here was a miracle for me- finally I didn't have every doctor telling me that I'm crazy and there is nothing wrong with me where there is!" 5/15

Dr. Gant

Dr. Gant and Brad Snyder were super to work with. I am a little overwhelmed...but it's very, very, good as I am hopeful again for my health. 6/16

Dr. Gant and Greenberg

"I am so happy that it is possible to perform such specific and thorough testing and to be able to work with encouraging and brilliant doctors as Dr. Gant and Susan Greenberg." 7/13

Dr. Gant and Susan Greenberg are empowering

"So educational and informative- Dr. Gant and Susan are very patient and kind and so very empowering. So thankful I found NIHA."

Dr. Gant is a very caring doctor

"Dr. Gant is a very caring doctor. What I love is that he takes the time to explain what each vitamin does and how they interact."

Dr. Gant most thorough exam

"Some confusion going from one staff member to another. But with Dr. Gant this was the most thorough exam and friendly staff I have seen to date about my illness, which includes the Mayo Clinic." 3/13

Dr. Gant thoroughly satisfied

"I'm always thoroughly satisfied with each visit. I consider the care and attention I receive top notch. Dr. Gant and staff are wonderful." 2/25/13

Dr. Janbakhsh

"Really, I was that happy with my dental appointment with Dr. Jan. I was referred by DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) online research."

Dr. Janbakhsh

"Dr. Janbakhsh put me right on the schedule today although I was a walk-in emergency patient. I was very thankful for her." 6/13

Dr. Janbakhsh

"I compared prices for implants in my local office and in NIHA. I had to pay money for assessment but it was a good lesson for me. Price was much lower at NIHA and they have a safe procedure to remove mercury which I did...She (Dr. Janbakhsh) removed filling and let me decide if I will do the same with other teeth. Yes, billing is not perfect but the treatment is more important. " 6/13

Dr. Janbakhsh

"Dr. Janbakhsh is great with my kids and they like coming to the dentist here." 6/14

Dr. Janbakhsh

"The best thing about my Invisalign experience was that Dr. Janbakhsh continued the treatment until I was satisfied. After 2 sets of trays she was concerned about a small space between my teeth and ordered another set. I am very satisfied with the results." 8/14

Dr. Janbakhsh

"Dr. Janbakhsh (Dr. Jan) and her team are the best. Wish I had found this office before I had my mercury removed. Very happy I found it now." 4/15

Dr. Janbakhsh

 "I love everyone in this dental office! I'm always taken care of with great care- everyone treats you like family." 8/15

Dr. Janbakhsh

"All good. The staff are responsive and Dr. Jan answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly." 9/15

Dr. Janbakhsh concern and care

"The most satisfying was Dr. Janbakhsh's and staff concern and care for my comfort during the dental procedures. Everyone is so friendly and I love the MERCURY FREE song!"

Dr. Johnson

"Dr. Johnson gave me a thorough examination of options; caring for my comfort." 2/19/13

Dr. Johnson

"My wife and I drove 6 hours to get here, and we have no doubt that this is the place to be. The treatment, which was extensive, went much better than I could have ever hoped or expected. There is nothing I can think of that could have been done to improve the superb treatment that I received. I have had several appointments and have completed the plan of treatment (with Dr. Johnson). I am so happy." 3/ 2013

Dr. Johnson

"I appreciate that Dr. Johnson takes time to communicate with me and my husband, not just about our teeth- but about our lives. Then he educates us on a long term reality of creating healthy teeth and gums. He shares his humor and passion for life with us. When we walk away, my day is better and brighter. Thank you." 9/3/13

Dr. Johnson

"Thank you Dr. Johnson for being so kind. Can't tell you how appreciative I am for your help." 9/27/13

Dr. Kannankeril

" Dr. Kannankeril has a wonderful, calm personality and does not rush."

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril has the most personable, friendly, attentive and efficient staff and office I've ever been to."

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril  was really thorough and I finally felt that I was in capable hands."

Dr. Kannankeril

With Dr.Kannankeril,"I felt listened to and comfortable talking about my concerns."

Dr. Kannankeril

"My visit with Dr. Kannankeril did not feel rushed- very attentive and thorough. Felt like she was helping me, not just treating symptoms."

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannakeril is incredibly knowledgable about her patients... she is so warm and patient with us. Dr. K is the best doctor one could hope for." 2/20/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril  is wonderful. I love having a doctor actually listen to me and give helpful advice, as well as educating me. I enjoyed the quality time and unrushed visit." 2/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril is a gift from God. Finally, someone who truly cares!" 4/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril treated both the physical and emotional side of the pain- excellent." 4/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"I did not feel rushed in my appointment. Dr. Kannankeril gave me a full hour of her time and was open to all of my concerns and explained things in ways that other doctors have not before." 6/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril is the best doctor I have ever had. A most caring person!" 7/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril listened, responded, thought about options and asked specific details about how this would fit in with our lives." 9/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"NIHA is the best doctor's office I have ever been to. Dr. Kannankeril is very thorough, kind and understanding. I love coming here, and visits almost seem like a calming therapy session. I have recommended the office to many friends and two are now patients too." 11/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"I love Dr. Kannankeril. She's caring, kind and knowledgeable. She has great intuition and always tries her best to help her patients. " 11/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"The doctor, Dr. Kannankeril, cared for me! She was very interested in my overall well-being." 11/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"After 14 years of pain, finally I have a cause! Dr. Kannankeril  tested for things other doctors would not." 11/26/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"I am so excited about finding Dr. Kannankeril and feel she is knowledgeable and qualified to take care of my son! Looking forward to the relationship and watching my son's health return." 12/13

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril is a  wonderful doctor,  a patient and friendly staff & the knowledge that visits are definitely helping me more towards my goal of a healthy life." 1/14

Dr. Kannankeril

"This is the most comprehensive and caring visit I have ever had with a health care provider (Dr. Kannankeril). So pleased I did this for my health." 2/12/14

Dr. Kannankeril

"Absolutely love Dr. Kannankeril! Thanks! She changed my life and I'm almost back to normal after years of pain and fatigue." 5/14

Dr. Kannankeril

"Wonderful visit with Dr. Kannankeril. I love my doctor and her approach. I wish I could have found NIHA sooner. I believe I am on my way to becoming a whole person." July 2014

Dr. Kannankeril

"I always enjoy my doctor's visit with Dr. Kannankeril. I used to hate being at the doctor due to such a sterile and cold environment, but Dr. K is so warm, discerning and detail oriented that I leave feeling refreshed and optimistic! She has helped me tremendously on my journey to healing." 8/14

Dr. Kannankeril

"I love Dr. Kannankeril! She always helps and is so reassuring. I trust her with my health and know that she has my best interest at heart." 8/14

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril is thoughtful and caring. She really delves down to find the root cause of the problem. I highly recommend her." 10/14

Dr. Kannankeril

"This visit was unbelievable. Dr. Kannankeril is patient, she listens intently, asks pertinent questions, and she CARES! I am so happy to have found this office." 10/14

Dr. Kannankeril

"Exactly what I was looking for in a doctor with Dr. Kannankeril and office." 12/14

Dr. Kannankeril

"I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Kannankeril and the NIHA staff! I did not feel like a number walking out the door and even though I arrived late for my appointment, I still received top quality and professional service. Dr. K was very attentive to my needs and I look forward to my follow up appointment". 6/15

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril is wonderful! She is the first doctor to ever get answers to my health problems." 7/15

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril listened to me. She showed empathy, compassion, love and gave me confidence that she knew how to help me to heal." 10/15

Dr. Kannankeril and Dr. Levin lyme disease

"I am seeing Dr. Kannankeril and Dr. Levin. For the first time in my 10 years of pain and sickness do I finally feel hope. Dr.Levin clearly knows the intricacies of (Lyme Disease) tick borne diseases, making me feel confident I will get better....They've uncovered issues that other doctors before them missed and/or never tested for. I am in good hands to regain a healthy state."  2/13

Dr. Kannankeril best physician that I have ever had

"Dr. Kannankeril is the best physician that I have ever had. She listens & was so accurate about my diagnosis and treatment. I started experiencing perimenopause and with her treatment I have less fatigue, hot flashes, bloating and I am on the right track again."

Dr. Kannankeril finding solutions

"I have needed someone to look deeper with me in finding solutions. Pretty sure Dr.Kannankeril is that person."

Dr. Kannankeril I finally find an answer

"This was my first and best doctor visit with Dr. Kannankeril. Every one of my questions was answered. I have a plan to realign my digestive issues. Happy is too small to describe my satisfaction. The staff were very positive and helpful. I have been dealing with digestive issues for 10 years and I finally find an answer. I made an appointment for my son too. Thank you all for a wonderful service." 4/14

Dr. Kannankeril I've improved so much

Love Dr. Kannankeril. She is very caring and intuitive. I enjoy my appointments with her and I have improved so much since I started seeing her. M.G. 4/14

Dr. Kannankeril identified the root cause

"Dr. Kannankeril was able to identify the root cause of my health issue by recommending advanced testing that most traditional physicians are unaware of...Dr. Kannankeril revealed to me what was happening to my health on a cellular level, and how to recover and restore my health. I am grateful that I was referred to NIHA." 2/13

Dr. Kannankeril is a life saver

"Dr. Kannankeril- You all are a life saver. I trust that when I come here my issue will be resolved. Thank God for NIHA." 4/13

Dr. Kannankeril is amazing!

"Dr. Kannankeril is amazing! I have never had a physician spend so much time with me. She truly cares, listens and makes an effort to ensure I understood everything."

Dr. Kannankeril is holistic

"Dr. Kannankeril is fabulous. She listens, pays attention and gives great care. When you say holistic, she is holistic." 5/13

Dr. Kannankeril is restoring my life

"I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Charlene Kannankeril. She is restoring my sanity and my life! I'm telling all of my friends and family!" 5/13

Dr. Kannankeril is very compassionate

"Dr. Kannankeril is very compassionate and eager to get to the root of health issues."

Dr. Kannankeril never in my 36 years

"My visit was excellent! Dr. Kannankeril's approach to my health concerns made me feel confident that I am in good hands. In my 36 years, I have never had a healthcare professional take so much time to talk to me."  5/13

Dr. Kannankeril no one solved until Dr. K

"My son has autism (Asperger's). He has had digetive problems since age of 2. He is 21 now. We've searched for help since he was a toddler. He suffered from leaky gut, undigested food, smelly bowels, skin breakouts, behavior changes due to stomach discomfort. We've been to several docs over the years. No one solved it until Dr. Kannankeril at NIHA. She recommended Enzy-Gest and probiotic pearls. He's been a different person. What a huge difference in the quality of his life. Thanks Dr. Kannankeril!

Dr. McClure

"Dr.Mark McClure has been my dentist for over 10 years. He is a compassionate & incredible dentist and cares sincerely for his patients. Thank you Dr. McClure for your help and wisdom."

Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure was very thorough. He listened more that 99% of the doctors I've seen in the past 5 years." 5/1/13

Dr. McClure

"Grateful for Saturday dental appointment. The wait was long, but I didn't mind- others might but saved me from taking an entire day off from work." 5/6/13

Dr. McClure

"My name is Dr. Mark Chalfant- I am a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist, but more importantly my 4 year old son Karson had 1 isolated tooth significantly decayed. I have several close friends who are dentists and surgeons and after going to 3 of them (all making a valiant attempt) we did not know what to else to do. My business partner referred us to Dr. Mark McClure and to make a long story short - Dr. Mark McClure is nothing short of amazing along with his right hand man and staff!! I am utterly grateful for the care we received. The 'bedside manner', addressing and respecting my son as an individual, gaining his trust and agreement and the team work that we observed still leaves me in awe - I can only aspire to care for my own patients to the degree that we were cared for at NIHA." 6/3/13


Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure is very professional, personable, knowledgeable and is a true professional. Dr. McClure's supporting staff John was very helpful and pleasant. They all work well as a team and care about patient comfort and well-being. Dr. McClure and his staff certainly made my dental appointment relaxing, pleasant and pain free and the skill level of everyone is excellent. A great dental experience!” 6/5/13



Dr. McClure

"I like that Dr. McClure is conservative in his dental approach and does excellent work." 6/13/13

Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure and staff are the reason I am still alive and I am eternally grateful. All the best to NIHA's continued success." 7/13/13

Dr. McClure

"Having the cavitations treated by Dr. McClure caused the healing of a secondary infection in another part of my body. I love the treatment here!"  June 2014

Dr. McClure

"I have found Dr. McClure to be an excellent dentist. I only wish I had gotten to him sooner. I had consistent bad luck with dentists until I got to Dr. McClure. In contrast to my past experiences, I found him to be very able, quick, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him." June 2014

Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure and the staff at NIHA are the best. I broke a tooth 2 days before leaving on vacation but they got me in and fixed the tooth beautifully." July 2014

Dr. McClure

"I love coming here for my dental care. The staff is friendly and really care. Dr. McClure is a great dentist. Anyone who can remove 14 mercury fillings with no novocaine (at my request) pain free is a miracle dentist. The dental care is great. 8/14

Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure was amazing and friendly with my 4 year old son and treated a major cavity that needed to be done with loving care." 8/14

Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure is the best dentist I have ever been to- and I have been to many. Painless, quick, great chairside manner, and he made me feel very comfortable." 6/15

Dr. McClure

"The amount of kind and professional care and time give to me by Dr. McClure was outstanding." 6/15

Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure and Staff,

I had my 6 mercury amalgams taken out approximately 5 weeks ago and it was the best dental experience of my life.

The protocol of detoxing first along with allergy testing  gave me greater confidence in NIHA Dental caring for my needs.

The whole procedure was seamless to me. Upon driving back to work I realized my head felt lighter and I didn't even have the sick feeling that I usually get from the novocaine.

The followup was great and the fact NIHA Dental educates the patient to do continued detoxification because of the mercury as well as other environmental factors that will detract from our health.

I also have had slight restless leg syndrome; no symptoms have occurred since my fillings were taken out.  Mercury free and I'm loving it.

Many thanks for your dedicated service of healing!" 10/15

Dr. McClure

"No pain! The dentist and asst. were very kind, gentle and helped me to relax." 11/15

Dr. McClure and Maureane O'Shaugnessy

I am emailing to THANK YOU Maureane and Dr. McClure for teaching me to use MFT (a.k.a., “tapping”) as part of a daily meditation practice. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Every condition that I have meditated on using this technique, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, has either improved or been resolved (the condition usually improving at first and then quickly or eventually becoming resolved). Know also that I believe that the amazing success I have had is due in part to a) the incorporation of reading spiritual literature prior to meditation (in my case, usually Emmet Fox) and b) a growing effort to improve my mental perception of any subject/condition/person.
It seems to be a very powerful method of improving any problematic condition…and I am somewhat amazed that it is not more commonly practiced.

To help explain the success I have experienced from almost daily practice in the last 12 months (following a VERY low point in my life), here is a list of some of the conditions that have I have specifically meditated on and that either have been resolved or are improving (and, by the way, I’ve found that MFT does not always change the situation itself but provides someone that can).

Conditions improved or resolved using MFT…

-Unresolved back pain disappeared
-Unresolved pain in foot (possible neuroma) disappeared
-Eyesight improved
-Several weeks of chest discomfort and coughing disappeared

-Anxiety is lower overall and lowers immediately upon start of practice and continues for most of the day
-Faith is being restored (at a VERY low point last year)
-Sense of well-being is improving
-More enthusiastic about daily living, “keeping house” (and yard), daily meditation, and all chores
- Relationship with husband has improved or resolved on whatever issue was troublesome (and – in defense of his honor – there are only a few)

- Client queue is increasing and usually full
- Clients returned to paying on time
- Better able to get my work done
- More enthusiastic about work
- Company prosperity is growing

And now for the really-hard-to-believe…Pets (two 18 year-old cat siblings):
-Male cat’s colon resumes working nearly every time I use MFT (cat has a severe neurological problem that affects walking and occasionally interferes with colon working; condition is significant to require at-home or under-anesthesia enemas)
-Male cat’s teeth healed within 2 months of applying MFT (veterinary determined that two teeth must be removed; upon a return visit it was determined that they had improved so much that removal was not required)
-Female cat’s demeanor has improved (especially in the early morning) – She may be becoming hard of hearing and has become impossibly loud when she wants attention.

Dr. McClure and staff

Dr. McClure and entire dental staff, "Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and courtesy. I am petrified of dental offices and I really appreciate all that you did for me. The care received from NIHA is irreplaceable in Washington DC.."  7/13

Dr. McClure great dental care

"What great dental care by Dr. McClure! He does such a professional job, makes the patient feel very confident."

Dr. McClure I haven't had a single headache

"Before my treatment with Dr. McClure I lived in almost constant pain...It's been about 3 months since we moved from DC to our new home in New Jersey and I had considerable improvement in my physical and mental condition. Even though some of my problems still persist (especially low energy and poor bowel function), I haven't had a single severe headache attack during these 3 months. It's a true miracle! Before my treatment with Dr. McClure I lived in almost constant pain. Now I continue my at-home detox treatment and hope to get even better.
I thank God for His blessings, for Dr. McClure, for NIHA and for all wonderful people I met there. Your grateful patient."

Dr. McClure is the most caring & informative dentist

"Dr.McClure is the most caring & informative dentist I have ever known. My bite is better than it has ever been and it was hard to know how bad it really was until I felt what "great" feels like. THANK YOU!

Dr. McClure saving the patient money and time

"Dr. McClure is the best dentist I have ever found. He believes in the healing power of the body and thus only uses procedures that work with it. He only does what is absolutely necessary- saving the patient money and time."

Dr. McClure smoke allergy

"This visit was the best example of the strength and service of Dr. McClure; I saw Laurie for cleaning, then Dr. McClure suggested a solution to my allergy to smoke. "  2/13

Dr. McClure wellspring of knowledge

"Dr.McClure is a wellspring of knowledge, dental excellence, and just good energy."

Dr. McClure's

"I really liked Dr.McClure's gentle manner while performing my dental procedure."

Dr. McClure, I am still alive

"Most satisfactory part is I am still alive. If not for Dr. McClure and Niha staff I would have died 4 years ago. I am eternally grateful to Dr. McClure and NIHA. Thank you!!" 2/13

Dr. Weiner

"Dr. Weiner was very informative and thorough. Integrating dental with overall health; cutting edge knowledge of nutrition and mind/body connection. He answered questions no one else could or would answer." 9/15

Dr. Weiner enjoyed my dental visit

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Dr. Weiner, and experiencing the 'gentle-dental' care given by you and your great staff. In you I saw an experienced and accomplished professional, yet you seem to have an enlightened, youthful and optimistic spirit. I actually enjoyed my dental visit."

Dr. Wu has relieved my neck pain

"Dr. Wu has relieved my neck pain and vertigo that I was suffering with for years."

Dr. Wu very professional and knowledgeable

"Dr. Wu was very professional and knowledgeable as well as personable.I felt comfortable having him treat me."

Dr. Wu was very knowledgeable

"Dr. Wu was very knowledgeable and gentle. Very encouraging."

fewer headaches after mercury removal

"Since my mercury removal with  I have had fewer headaches."

good dental care

"Punctual, efficient, pleasant and good dental care!"

grateful to Dr. Kannankeril

"I am grateful to Dr. Kannankeril for making me feel better than I was in years after treatment. She makes me feel good about myself and my health."

great holistic practice

"NIHA is a great holistic medical practice."

HCG Weight Loss program will change your life

"If you are willing to step out in faith and try something radical, this HCG Weight Loss program will change your life. It changed mine! I lost a total of 61.5lbs over 2 program sessions, including an 8 week transition. I went from a size 14 to a size 4 in 5 months and my waist went from 40” to 27’’. I was most astonished by where I lost the weight. I literally watched my stomach, hips and thighs shrink. I currently have the flattest stomach I have ever had, even though I have been at this weight in the past.

This program changed the way I think about eating and helped me to overcome my addiction to carbohydrates. What is equally amazing is how great I felt from eating an organic and non-processed food diet. This also resulted in my entire family eating healthier!! Furthermore, my allergy symptoms cleared up, and the headaches that I had previously experienced on a monthly basis were gone. I experienced a high level of energy and focus throughout the program and the sheer joy from the weight loss is indescribable! Sometimes I do not even recognize myself in the mirror.

The transition program is critical to long term success on this program. My biggest fear was that I would gain the weight back shortly after the weight loss phase ended. This fear was dissolved when I lost a total of 9 lbs during the 8 week transition period. The transition program is very well laid out and guided and is easy to follow. The consultants were there every step of the way to answer all my questions and give me daily tips and encouragement. Don’t wait, start today. It will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself!"

I look forward to each visit

"I look forward to each visit (with Dr. McClure and Debbie McCabe) for my treatment and learning so much about health. NIHA has not only changed my health for now but also for my future.

Iya Osae

"The colon hydrotherapy visit was enlightening and informative and warm. I shall gladly recommend Iya Osae to anyone who wants excellence." 8/14

Iya Osae

"Iya Osae was very patient, poised and professional, calm, helpful and spent time with me during my colonic procedure. Everything went well and I am so grateful." 9/14

Iya Osae

"There was good energy in the office- people walking by and smiling. Iya Osae was personable, warm and professional. The colon hydrotherapy experience was comfortable, even enjoyable." 11/14

K.Marie Hall

"It was such a treat having reflexology. This is a great addition to your menu of services and Marie is always so great." 12/15

K.Marie Hall

Marie, the reflexologist, has excellent hands. 3/16


"Kim is amazing- so sweet and patient. It's nice to have someone so compassionate and caring when you're in pain with teeth sensitivity and intense procedures." Aug. 2014

Kiona Cloud

"Kiona's massage with oils for my Lyme was peaceful, healing and relaxing. She was both professional and personable." 12/15


"I was treated with respect, kindness and patience in the lab (IV's)."


"Each staff member in the lab is very kind and makes me feel cared for every time I'm here." 2/13


"It would be great if NIHA could at least have a lab center in VA." 2/13


"The atmosphere in the Lab is peaceful, relaxing, and healing. All the Lab staff are caring, compassionate, patient and attentive to my needs." 12/13


" Laurie is a delight to work with. She is very knowledgeable and explains what she is doing and looking for in very clear terms." 5/1/13


"We love this dental practice and Laurie goes out of her way to make our cleaning experience as pleasant as possible." 6/13/13


"Laurie DeRosa is personable and competent. It is very difficult to get an appointment with her." 9/27/13

NOTE*  Yes, all true. To address this issue, we suggest you book your 6 month appointment prior to leaving the office so you can be assured of getting your preferred time frame- and we have added another experienced hygienst so that you will not have to wait long for an appointment.


"Everything is more than satisfactory. Laurie is the best dental technician I've ever encountered, and always a pleasure to talk to." 11/19/13


"Most satisfactory was the way Laurie (dental hygienist) treated me and my son, with friendliness and gave us information about what we needed to do to improve our oral hygiene." 11/25/13


"Laurie is always competent and cheerful. Check-out often takes too long- computer system seems way too slow and/or complicated." 12/5/13

NOTE** We were upgrading to a new computer system during your visit. As our staff becomes more proficient the new system should provide a speedier check out for our patients.

Laurie De Rosa excellent hygienist

"Laurie DeRosa is an excellent hygienist and her skill and expertise is evident in her work and the way she relates to patients."

Laurie De Rosa, holistic approach

"Laurie DeRosa is a superb practitioner- she's not just cleaning teeth but coaches you on a holistic approach to health...calm, capable and competent and she puts you at ease." 3/5/13

Laurie DeRosa

"This was the best (dental) cleaning I have ever had in my life." 3/2013

Laurie DeRosa

"Laurie DeRosa  is attentive and welcoming, my dental cleaning was gentle and painless." 6/14

Laurie DeRosa

"Laurie DeRosa (dental hygienist) is great, informative and dedicated to teaching and open to learning. I feel well cared for in every regard." 10/14

Laurie DeRosa

"Laurie DeRosa is just excellent. Very skilled and makes dental cleaning a breeze. I recommend her to everyone I know." 5/15

Laurie DeRosa best dental cleaning ever

"The best dental cleaning ever! Fast, no pain, thanks Laurie!"

Laurie DeRosa handled my dental anxiety

"Laurie DeRosa handled my dental anxieties well- she was gentle and communicated with me in a way that was reassuring." 2/13

listened with compassion

"Dr. Kannankeril was very thorough, great at making connections and coming up with a plan. She listened with compassion."

Lyme disease

"I finally have hope to get my life back from Lyme disease."


"Maureane O'Shaugnessy will be the person most instrumental during my healing journey."

made me confident

"Dr. Kannankeril listened well and made sense of what has been a complicated health situation- her manner was sensitive as well as professional & made me confident of her counsel."

Marie- transactions

"Just wanted to say that Marie's professionalism and courteousness were a wonderful finish to a great appointment. Customer service from support (transaction desk) is just as- if not more important- than from practitioners." 3/8/13

Maureane O'Shaugnessy

Maureane OShaugnessy, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the role you played in helping me get healthier! Your care was beyond phenomenal as you explained in great detail why I was experiencing some of the ailments I was experiencing.  You are truly gifted at what you do. You helped me recover not just physically but emotionally as well. My time with you was well-spent as I learned how to take care of not just my physical health, but my emotional health as well....thank you for being so compassionate, knowledgeable, and enlightening! You are amazing! 4/21/13

Maureane O'Shaugnessy

"Maureane O'Shaugnessy is fantastic! She listens and gives me excellent advice and counsel. Checkout at the office can occasionally be backed up which can be frustrating if I am trying to get out the door for my next appointment." 4/13

Maureane O'Shaugnessy

I have had the pleasure of working with Maureane O’Shaugnessy. Maureane’s gift is her ability to reach the inner foundations of psycho-emotional issues. She not only assists patients in seeing the correlation of their past traumas and current predicaments; but she also provides a comfortable and safe space for people to grow and express. Maureane utilizes many tools to facilitate her accomplishments including Automonic Response Testing; Emotional Freedom Technique, and the Healing Codes among others. As a holistic practitioner, I believe work on an emotional level is paramount to total healing. Maureane beautifully assists others on this path of wellness. Dr. Tracy Freeman


Maureane O'Shaugnessy has a gift

"Chronic illnesses can often have a psychological and energetic component that is not merely biological. Maureane O'Shaugnessy has an invaluable gift for treating the whole person and seeing the bigger picture surrounding an illness. I have made remarkable gains in my personal life as well as my medical situation. She is patient-focused and able to listen like few medical professionals I've encountered. I highly recommend that every client of NIHA try at least a few sessions with Maureane. You will be pleasantly amazed. And it would not surprise me if you saw almost immediate results."

McClure best dental team

"Dr. McClure and his dental staff are the best of the best in talent, knowledge and personality. They work as a team which is the most effective way to accomplish goals."

Myrt Burge

Myrt took so much time with me and shared so much helpful information about colonics. She really cared! 4/16

need coordination

"Would be great if there was somehow coordination between different doctors on treatment (e.g. Dr. Rind and Dr. Gant). Also I was lucky to get the first appointment today. Usually I am frustrated at how much time everything takes. However, I do very much appreciate how much time the doctors spend with me." 2/28/13


"Thank you for the incredible service experience. Everyone was kind, efficient and knowledgeable."


"NIHA was disconnected. I waited 2 hours for the doc, but I have to say it was worth the wait." 3/12/13


"I haven't been able to access a particular coordinator's and practitioner's direct extension using the automated system. I have to keep going through the receptionist. Maybe that could be fixed." 2/13


"The office environment is conducive to relaxing you before you have your visit. I never feel anxious when coming for an appointment." 9/3/13


" I am always impressed with the level of care at NIHA."  9/6/13


"This place is a godsend."

NIHA a special thank you

"This is a special thank you for your willingness to hold the raw food gathering and breast cancer awareness that took place at NIHA in October. This event was a tremendous success and all of my benefit.
I am very grateful to NIHA for this and all that it offers to the community for each of our well being. It was extremely helpful to me with all that I am trying to achieve in my challenge of breast cancer.Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 10/11

NIHA finally making progress

"It is a blessing to be finally making progress in my health after years of frustration with "western medicine".

NIHA has excellent professionals

"NIHA has excellent healthcare professionals and support staff. They are always current with new ways of diagnosing and treating a wide variety of conditions. My experience with NIHA has been excellent." 2/28/13

NIHA holistic approach

"I like the holistic approach this office takes. The docs are trying to figure out the root cause of my problems."

NIHA is a Godsend and saved my life

"Dr. Freeman, Darryl and Maureane are each incredibly knowledgeable, gifted and talented. Their gentle expertise saved my life- NIHA is a Godsend."

NIHA positive change

"There has been a significant positive change in the overall atmosphere since the time I was coming to NIHA a few years ago." 2/15/13

Not only did I lose weight, but healed numerous health issues

"Not only did I lose weight, but healed numerous health issues...
Through her incredible guidance, Eve has opened my eyes to a whole new world in which we can actually control our overall physical and mental health through proper nutrition. I first signed up to take their course to lose weight, however they quickly taught me that with proper nutrition, not only can I lose those extra pounds, but also alter my eating habits to heal numerous health issues. I feel so empowered as am now personally in control of my health. They are remarkable and inspiring educators and I truly feel that her class has changed my life for the better."

optimistic about my future health prospects

"After years of deteriorating health, misdiagnosis and failed treatments, I sought out NIHA for help. I immediately knew they were experts at the forefront of mercury related health issues and a breath of fresh air from my previous experiences in healthcare. I decided to go through with their recommended removal of 20+ amalgam surfaces and the extraction of 1 root canalled tooth. After only 2 weeks I have already experienced the most dramatic abatement of symptoms in years; my sinuses have cleared allowing me to sleep at night; my face and shoulder pain has been cut in half.; and my chronic fatigue has begun to subside. For the first time in years I am optimistic about my future health prospects."

Scott Richards

"I felt I was in very capable hands. Scott Richards explained the desensitization process in a way that gave me hope."

Scott Richards

"With Scott Richard's education, explanation, attitude and treatment I noticed shifts in my body tension, releasing right away."

Scott Richards

"Scott has been working with me all year to detoxify mercury. The allergy doc suggested I see him and Scott's desensitization of me had enabled me to get rid of a lot of it."

Scott Richards

"After having my appointment with Scott Richards I immediately felt my spirits lifted and I was suffering a lot of lower back pain and after the desensitization my pain decreased significantly. Scott was very thorough and expressed genuine concern for my well being. I appreciate all that he has done for me and hope to see him again." 9/14

Scott Richards

" I had AET, Allergy Elimination Technique, for heavy metal sensitivity with Scott Richards before removal of my mercury dental fillings. After the AET session, the ear pressure and chronic inflammation that I had for over 2 decades resolved literally overnight. I had additional AET sessions for MCS and tree/grass pollen. My symptoms have improved so much that I no longer need to take any antihistamines, and I was taking them 10 months of the year before AET. 4/15

Scott Richards

For the first time since our head-on collision 4 yrs. ago, R. not only fell asleep in the car, but told us he was sleepy, that he was not scared and then reclined his seat. And NO screaming or freaking out in traffic and yelling at us to pull over and let tailgaters pass. You are a miracle worker! 2/16

Scott Richards help us, not hurry us

"Really enjoyed Scott. He is gifted and intuitive, We are thankful for all we learned today and purpose to follow up. Already checking out those necklaces that can help with EMF protection. Peace was in the atmosphere. The staff was professional and there was an overall tendency to help us, not hurry us. We like that! 2/13/13

Scott, Dr. Gant

"Scott Richards gave his attention to us all day. Everything was explained- he followed through and confirmed our understanding, explained clearly. Respectful and supportive. Honestly, the visit was an amazing experience. From the initial phone call directly through 2 days of testing and assessments with Dr. Gant. Questions were answered, information provided, all staff helpful, respectful and friendly. More space in the exam room would be nice but does not impact the experience." 11/14


"An all the way around experience! Staff and facility amazing. The medical expertise and information provided was beyond all hopes. Thank you." 11/14

Susan Greenberg

Susan Greenberg was extremely personable, informative and has impeccable expertise. She is empathetic and provided stellar service. 5/13

Susan Greenberg

Susan Greenberg and Debbie McCabe spend so much time trying to help you find a regimen to address your issues. The listen to the patient and are very attentive to your concerns. R.J.M. April 2014

Susan Greenberg and Debbie McCabe

"Extremely helpful and knowledgeable about Lyme Disease. We are very grateful and appreciative of their help.Keep up the great patient care." 5/15

Susan Greenberg and Debbie McCabe

"Ms. Greenberg and Ms. McCabe were thorough and took care of all our concerns. We now look forward to appointments with them, as they are a great team." 6/15

Susan Greenberg and Debbie McCabe

"So grateful for Ms. Greenberg's excellent care and treatment of Lyme. Debbie McCabe is a treasure and her knowledge of Lyme and co-infections is unparalleled." 11/15

the results are absolutely remarkable!

"Hi Scott, I'm providing you a follow-up on the results of the first Erchonia Laser treatment. Well I am happy to say it’s working – more than just working, the results are absolutely remarkable!
At first I thought it wasn’t going to help at all. I started to feel really lousy after leaving your office. When I got home around 7:30PM, I immediately went to bed (which is highly usual for me). I slept miserably – I felt feverish all night, the cup of my left heel was hot (where I have the scar from the tendon surgery) and I was experiencing sharp and dull pains on the right side of my body from mid-calf to shoulder. It was so uncomfortable I got up out of bed @ about 1:00AM and did not return to bed until around 3:30AM. I thought it must be the laser treatment and questioned what I had done to myself.
When I awoke on Friday morning at 5:45AM - my usual time to get ready for work; something felt really different in my knees. The pain in my left knee was barely noticeable except for around the edges of the areas I had been complaining about; and in my right knee the pinching sensation from the torn meniscus was gone.
That day I was able to walk up and down stairs with very little pain. Rising from a sitting position was also less difficult.
Since Friday, my condition has only gotten better. I can walk up and down stairs without caution and any really bothersome pain. And rising from a sitting position is also much better. I don’t how long the treatment(s) are supposed to last, but I am really interested in developing a long-term treatment plan that will encompass traditional medicine, laser, prolotheraphy and possibly PRP."


"I love the personal attention and time spent answering my questions (about thermography), explaining everything, & address all issues. Unlike any other medical experience." 7/ 17/13