We deeply appreciate our patients' reviews and comments, because we want to be as personally and organizationally healthy in mind, body and spirit as possible too!  We know that each of our healers is unique and that finding the best match between patient and practitioner improves healing.  We present these reviews, with patient permission, as patients have written them, whether positive or critical.  We know that we can always improve and believe that these reviews are helping us to do that.

Dr. Gant

Dr. Gant and Brad Snyder were super to work with. I am a little overwhelmed...but it's very, very, good as I am hopeful again for my health. 6/16

Maureane O'Shaugnessy

I have had the pleasure of working with Maureane O’Shaugnessy. Maureane’s gift is her ability to reach the inner foundations of psycho-emotional issues. She not only assists patients in seeing the correlation of their past traumas and current predicaments; but she also provides a comfortable and safe space for people to grow and express. Maureane utilizes many tools to facilitate her accomplishments including Automonic Response Testing; Emotional Freedom Technique, and the Healing Codes among others. As a holistic practitioner, I believe work on an emotional level is paramount to total healing. Maureane beautifully assists others on this path of wellness. Dr. Tracy Freeman


B.K. Mudahar

The customer service is superior- attentive, caring, very aware, along with the acupuncturist B.K. I highly recommend their services. 5/16

Myrt Burge

Myrt took so much time with me and shared so much helpful information about colonics. She really cared! 4/16

Dr. Cannon

Dr. Cannon is superb. She studied my record and made anyalytically excellent recommendations on how to handle my chelation issue and aortic valve replacement issue. She personalized a vitamin and supplement program and taught me how to analyze supplements to amke sure the inert ingredients are pure and not from GMO sources. I would highly recommend her and I trust her superb judgment. Very comfortable bedside manner. 3/16

Dr. Freeman

The most satisfactory part is finding out what is at the root of my health issues. 3/16

K.Marie Hall

Marie, the reflexologist, has excellent hands. 3/16

Scott Richards

For the first time since our head-on collision 4 yrs. ago, R. not only fell asleep in the car, but told us he was sleepy, that he was not scared and then reclined his seat. And NO screaming or freaking out in traffic and yelling at us to pull over and let tailgaters pass. You are a miracle worker! 2/16

Carol Richardson

I appreciate the healing I have felt from my abdominal pain. I am also grateful for Carol Richardson's intuition with regard to my nutritional and emotional needs. And I had great energy afterwards.  2/16

Kiona Cloud

"Kiona's massage with oils for my Lyme was peaceful, healing and relaxing. She was both professional and personable." 12/15

K.Marie Hall

"It was such a treat having reflexology. This is a great addition to your menu of services and Marie is always so great." 12/15

Susan Greenberg and Debbie McCabe

"So grateful for Ms. Greenberg's excellent care and treatment of Lyme. Debbie McCabe is a treasure and her knowledge of Lyme and co-infections is unparalleled." 11/15

Dr. McClure

"No pain! The dentist and asst. were very kind, gentle and helped me to relax." 11/15

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril listened to me. She showed empathy, compassion, love and gave me confidence that she knew how to help me to heal." 10/15

Debbie McCabe

"Wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable." 10/15


"Excellent, life savers, waited 20 years to take mercury amalgams out and wouldn't do it anywhere else. Professional staff, knowledgable, you guys rock, keep doing what you are doing. you guys are life savers." 10/15

Dr. Janbakhsh

"All good. The staff are responsive and Dr. Jan answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly." 9/15

Dr. Freeman

"Great information, thorough, thoughtful, honest, A+. " 9/15

Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure and Staff,

I had my 6 mercury amalgams taken out approximately 5 weeks ago and it was the best dental experience of my life.

The protocol of detoxing first along with allergy testing  gave me greater confidence in NIHA Dental caring for my needs.

The whole procedure was seamless to me. Upon driving back to work I realized my head felt lighter and I didn't even have the sick feeling that I usually get from the novocaine.

The followup was great and the fact NIHA Dental educates the patient to do continued detoxification because of the mercury as well as other environmental factors that will detract from our health.

I also have had slight restless leg syndrome; no symptoms have occurred since my fillings were taken out.  Mercury free and I'm loving it.

Many thanks for your dedicated service of healing!" 10/15

Dr. Weiner

"Dr. Weiner was very informative and thorough. Integrating dental with overall health; cutting edge knowledge of nutrition and mind/body connection. He answered questions no one else could or would answer." 9/15