Patient Reviews

"I had AET (Allergy Elimination Technique) for heavy metal sensitivity with Scott Richards before removal of my dental amalgam fillings. After the AET session, the ear pressure and chronic inflammation that I had for over 2 decades resolved literally overnight. I had additional AET sessions for MCS and tree/grass pollen. My symptoms have improved so much that I no longer need to take any antihistamines, while I was taking them 10 months of the year before AET.
Scott also treated the muscle weakness and muscle pain in my thighs resulting from medication side effects. I regained strength in my thighs after the erchonia laser treatment and have been able to get up from a squat position without assistance, something that I had not been able to do for years." S.C. 2/15 

"NIHA makes going to the dentist painless and fun! They are all so nice and supportive." 12/14

"Not only are the dental practitioners excellent with patients, but they are some of the nicest people I know. " 12/14

"Dr. Gant, Dr. Coy, Dr. Vargas, Scott, Frank, and Vianey, The absolute best healthcare anywhere. The best staff in the world. I would not have been able to get healthy without NIHA. Thank you." 12/14

"The most satisfactory part is...time spent with Dr. Kannankeril, the caring and my life has been saved by coming here." 11/14

"Exactly what I was looking for in a doctor (Dr. Kannankeril) and office." 12/14

"An all the way around experience! Staff and facility amazing. The medical expertise and information provided was beyond all hopes. Thank you." 11/14

"Scott Richards gave his attention to us all day. Everything was explained- he followed through and confirmed our understanding, explained clearly. Respectful and supportive. Honestly, the visit was an amazing experience. From the initial phone call directly through 2 days of testing and assessments with Dr. Gant. Questions were answered, information provided, all staff helpful, respectful and friendly. More space in the exam room would be nice but does not impact the experience." 11/14

"There was good energy in the office- people walking by and smiling. Iya Osae was personable, warm and professional. The colon hydrotherapy experience was comfortable, even enjoyable." 11/14

"This visit was unbelievable. Dr. K is patient, she listens intently, asks pertinent questions, and she CARES! I am so happy to have found this office." 10/14

"Laurie DeRosa (dental hygienist) is great, informative and dedicated to teaching and open to learning. I feel well cared for in every regard." 10/14

"Dr. Freeman and Dr. Kannankeril are both wonderful. The support staff are very friendly and considerate. I love coming here." 10/14

"Dr. K is thoughtful and caring. She really delves down to find the root cause of the problem. I highly recommend her." 10/14

"Love the friendly and caring staff, extremely professional. The entire dental office is awesome and I thank you for your care and service. I would recommend this office to anyone, with confidence!" 10/14

"Debbie, thank you for the thorough review of my symptoms, tests, and previous doctor visits. I was extremely impressed with your knowledge and expertise in vector-borne illnesses, which seem to be a a "controversial, mysterious hoax" to many of the medical doctors in my area. Already, I am sleeping better, have increased energy, less brain fog and reduced joint pain. I am confident that my healing journey is progressing. I sincerely appreciate your helping me to find wellness and giving me hope again."

"After having my appointment with Scott Richards I immediately felt my spirits lifted and I was suffering a lot of lower back pain and after the desensitization my pain decreased significantly. Scott was very thorough and expressed genuine concern for my well being. I appreciate all that he has done for me and hope to see him again." 9/14

"Dr. Freeman and her staff are very knowledgeable and it was a great visit." 9/14

"Iya Osae was very patient, poised and professional, calm, helpful and spent time with me during my procedure. Everything went well and I am so grateful." 9/14

"Excellent standard of care (with Dr. Gant). Hope after years of frustration." 9/14

"I chose this practice location over one much more convenient as I have greatly enjoyed the professionalism, warmth, and experience of everyone at NIHA holistic dentistry." 9/14

"Dr. McClure was amazing and friendly with my 4 year old son and treated a major cavity that needed to be done with loving care." 8/14

"I love Dr. K.! She always helps and is so reassuring. I trust her with my health and know that she has my best interest at heart." 8/14

"The colon hydrotherapy visit was enlightening and informative and warm. I shall gladly recommend Iya Osae to anyone who wants excellence." 8/14

"Dr. Coy explained a lot and made me and my son feel comfortable about his options and treatment." 8/14

"I love coming here for my dental care. The staff is friendly and really care. Dr. McClure is a great dentist. Anyone who can remove 14 mercury fillings with no novocaine (at my request) pain free is a miracle dentist. The dental care is great. 8/14

"I always enjoy my doctor's visit with Dr. Kannankeril. I used to hate being at the doctor due to such a sterile and cold environment, but Dr. K is so warm, discerning and detail oriented that I leave feeling refreshed and optimistic! She has helped me tremendously on my journey to healing." Aug. 2014

"Kim is amazing- so sweet and patient. It's nice to have someone so compassionate and caring when you're in pain with teeth sensitivity and intense procedures." Aug. 2014

"The best thing about my Invisalign experience was that Dr. Jan continued the treatment until I was satisfied. After 2 sets of trays she was concerned about a small space between my teeth and ordered another set. I am very satisfied with the results." Aug. 2014

"Wonderful visit with Dr. K. I love my doctor and her approach. I wish I could have found NIHA sooner. I believe I am on my way to becoming a whole person." July 2014

"Dr. McClure and the staff at NIHA are the best. I broke a tooth 2 days before leaving on vacation but they got me in and fixed the tooth beautifully." July 2014

"Dr. Rind and Michael are top notch." July 2014

"Dr. Freeman and NIHA in its entirety are First Class. Thank you for everything!"  June 2014

"Dr. Freeman is the best doctor for treating Lyme- anywhere!" June 2014

"Dr. Jan is great with my kids and they like coming to the dentist here." June 2014

"I have found Dr. McClure to be an excellent dentist. I only wish I had gotten to him sooner. I had consistent bad luck with dentists until I got to Dr. McClure. In contrast to my past experiences, I found him to be very able, quick, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him." June 2014

"Laurie is attentive and welcoming, my dental cleaning was gentle and painless." June 2014

"Having the cavitations treated by Dr. McClure caused the healing of a secondary infection in another part of my body. I love the treatment here!"  June 2014

"Absolutely love Dr. K.! Thanks! She changed my life and I'm almost back to normal after years of pain and fatigue." May 2014

"My whole family is now on a healthy dental journey thanks to NIHA. The whole staff is simply amazing. Thank you." May 2014

"This was my first and best doctor visit with Dr. Kannankeril. Every one of my questions was answered. I have a plan to realign my digestive issues. Happy is too small to describe my satisfaction. The staff were very positive and helpful. I have been dealing with digestive issues for 10 years and I finally find an answer. I made an appointment for my son too. Thank you all for a wonderful service." April 2014

Love that all my symptoms can be addressed and remediated in one visit with Dr. Rind. Long term trend-tracking is useful in determining the right path for treatment. K.F. April 2014

Excellent personalities, excellent dental care, excellent methodologies- we travel long distance to take advantage of all this. E.H.S. May 2014

Susan Greenberg and Debbie McCabe spend so much time trying to help you find a regimen to address your issues. The listen to the patient and are very attentive to your concerns. R.J.M. April 2014

Love Dr. K. She is very caring and intuitive. I enjoy my appointments with her and I have improved so much since I started seeing her. M.G. April 2014

"This is the most comprehensive and caring visit I have ever had with a health care provider (Dr. Kannankeril). So pleased I did this for my health." 2/12/14

Dr. Rind is THE MAN. He seems off but knows the endocrine system. He's brought me the healing that no other doctor has been able to do. N.M. April 2014

"Dr. Freeman is an outstanding practitioner. She is able to connect all the different symptoms as well as your "stories" to understand the underlying causes or your problems. Since being treated by Dr. Freeman I feel more energetic and alert." 2/10/14

Warm and knowledgable doctor. Dr. Fuller took her time to explain in detail her response to my questions and concerns. Y.Y. 5/6/14

"A wonderful doctor ("Dr. Kannankeril), a patient and friendly staff & the knowledge that visits are definitely helping me more towards my goal of a healthy life." 1/25/14

"After being away for more than 5 months due to surgery, the treatment provided by Dr. Coy was fantastic and I immediately felt wonderful again." 1/7/14

"Wow. That was incredible- Dr. Rind and Michael were helpful and knowledgeable beyond my high expectations!" 12/13/13

"I am so excited about finding Dr. K and feel she is knowledgeable and qualified to take care of my son! Looking forward to the relationship and watching my son's health return." 12/5/13

"Laurie is always competent and cheerful. Check-out often takes too long- computer system seems way too slow and/or complicated." 12/5/13

NOTE** We were upgrading to a new computer system during your visit. As our staff becomes more proficient the new system should provide a speedier check out for our patients.

"The atmosphere in the Lab is peaceful, relaxing, and healing. All the Lab staff (Patrick, Frank, Vianey and Edie) are caring, compassionate, patient and attentive to my needs." 12/5/13

"After 14 years of pain, finally I have a cause! Dr. Kannankeril  tested for things other doctors would not." 11/26/13

"The doctor ( Dr. K.) cared for me! She was very interested in my well-being." 11/21/13

"Most satisfactory was the way Laurie (dental hygienist) treated me and my son, with friendliness and gave us information about what we needed to do to improve our oral hygiene." 11/25/13

"Everything is more than satisfactory. Laurie is the best dental technician I've ever encountered, and always a pleasure to talk to." 11/19/13

"Dr. Rind is a brilliant diagnostician. He efficiently and effectively applies treatments necessary to solve all issues. He is caring in his manner." 11/13/13

"Dr. Freeman and Darryl are patient, considerate, caring, attentive, very thorough, professional, so kind and extremely knowledgeable. I felt so comfortable  and well taken care of." 11/10/13

"I love Dr. K. She's caring, kind and knowledgeable. She has great intuition and always tries her best to help her patients. " 11/8/13

"NIHA is the best doctor's office I have ever been to. Dr. Kannankeril is very thorough, kind and understanding. I love coming here, and visits almost seem like a calming therapy session. I have recommended the office to many friends and two are now patients too." 11/5/13

"We are feeling healthier and making progress with accurate diagnoses."  11/5/13

"Dr. Coy treated my carpal tunnel syndrome and I was able to avoid surgery."  Watch Video


"Dr. Rind and Michael were so very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with me as part of the treatment plan. Refreshing!"  10/9/13

"Dr. K listened, responded, thought about options and asked specific details about how this would fit in with our lives." 9/24/13

"Outstanding individual care with Dr. Freeman and Darryl." 9/27/13

"We have seen somewhere between 10-20 doctors/specialists over the past year- none of them could figure out what was truly wrong. Dr. Rind figured it out in 5 minutes and proved it. Beyond expectations."  10/8/13

"Laurie DeRosa is personable and competent. It is very difficult to get an appointment with her." 9/27/13

NOTE*  Yes, all true. To address this issue, we suggest you book your 6 month appointment prior to leaving the office so you can be assured of getting your preferred time frame- and we have added another experienced hygienst so that you will not have to wait long for an appointment.

"Thank you Dr. Johnson for being so kind. Can't tell you how appreciative I am for your help." 9/27/13

"This place is a godsend."

"This place is peaceful, warm, clean, accessible and more. Many of the airborne allergens have been removed." 9/12/13

NOTE*  NIHA has a state-of-the-art air purification system to keep our allergic/chemically sensitive patients more comfortable.

"Lynn is both compassionate and technically competent. She's so friendly and personable this it is a pleasant experience to come in for thermography." 9/18/13

"Physician and staff (Dr. Freeman and Darryl) extremely engaging & explained all things in detail; did not feel hurried, highly informative and extremely caring and compassionate." 9/12/13

"I am happy to drive into DC to receive the kind of (dental) care I experience here." 9/12/13

" I am always impressed with the level of care at NIHA."  9/6/13

"I love Dr. Coy, he is so good at what he does, has given me great relief from tightness and pain- and has such a great personality-fun!" 9/6/13

"The office environment is conducive to relaxing you before you have your visit. I never feel anxious when coming for an appointment." 9/3/13

"I appreciate that Dr. Johnson takes time to communicate with me and my husband, not just about our teeth- but about our lives. Then he educates us on a long term reality of creating healthy teeth and gums. He shares his humor and passion for life with us. When we walk away, my day is better and brighter. Thank you." 9/3/13

"Awesome appointment with Dr. Coy- We got my neck to crack on the stiff/tight side for the first time in 20 years! He is the most amazing chiropractor! 8/28/13

"Felt like Dr. Rind understood me, was compassionate and treated me with respect. Office staff friendly and helpful." 8/16/13

"I compared prices for implants in my local office and in NIHA. I had to pay money for assessment but it was a good lesson for me. Price was much lower at NIHA and they have a safe procedure to remove mercury which I did...She removed filling and let me decide if I will do the same with other teeth. Yes, billing is not perfect but the treatment is more important. " 6/24/13

This was the only place that finally figured out what was wrong with me for most of my 30's (Lyme Disease). I had been to so many doctors and they all said it was in my head. Dr. Rind figured out I had Lyme and my whole life has changed since then. T.D. 5/23/13

"I love the personal attention and time spent answering my questions (about thermography), explaining everything, & address all issues. Unlike any other medical experience." 7/ 17/13

"Dr. K is the best doctor I have ever had. A most caring person!" 7/11/13

"I am so happy that it is possible to perform such specific and thorough testing and to be able to work with encouraging and brilliant doctors." 7/8/13

"Dr. Frandsen- very thorough and on-site lab are the most satisfactory parts. Also compassionate doctor and knowledge of my issues that are not even validated by conventional doctors." 7/5/13

Dr. McClure and entire dental staff, "Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and courtesy. I am petrified of dental offices and I really appreciate all that you did for me. The care received from NIHA is irreplaceable in Washington DC.." K.C. July 2013

" I turned 40 today. Finding Dr. Freeman and NIHA was the best gift I could ask for."

"Dr. McClure and staff are the reason I am still alive and I am eternally grateful. All the best to NIHA's continued success." 7/13/13

"Dr. Freeeman was great. She took time to listen and gather info and Darryl made my daughter feel welcome and at ease." 7/13/13

"Laurie (NIHA dental) is efficient, comprehensive and state-of-the-art." 5/31/13

"Wow- No more lower back pain after one visit with Dr. Coy?!  Sort of a miracle." 7/8/13

"We love this dental practice and Laurie goes out of her way to make our cleaning experience as pleasant as possible." 6/13/13

"I like that Dr. McClure is conservative in his dental approach and does excellent work." 6/13/13

"I like Dr. Rind (and Michael's) clear explanations and information. I always feel a part of the process." 6/17/13

"I did not feel rushed in my appointment. Dr. Kannankeril gave me a full hour of her time and was open to all of my concerns and explained things in ways that other doctors have not before." 6/18/13

"This program gave me a new (food) life, and better health. I'm proud of myself with respect to food for the first time in a very long time. Thanks to Anita Capizzi, my pants are too big for me now! I lost an inch on the waist and hips, eating incredibly delicious food.


Before enrolling in the "Take Control of Your Blood Sugar" program, I had dessert most nights of the week. I was a corn-bread connoisseur. My doctor was alarmed at my high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, along with blood sugar levels. I felt like the world was coming down on me, and that my age was catching up with me. I felt depressed and resentful that I would need to make a change.


After completing the "Take Control of Your Blood Sugar" program, I feel like I have control. I don't feel resentful about what's required to be healthier it in the least. I eat incredibly delicious food, and yes, sometimes I'd rather not take the time to prepare it. But I do, nine times out of ten - nobody's perfect. Now my clothes are too big, and my doctor is delighted with my blood tests. I didn't think I could do it, I thought it would be too big of a life change, but Anita showed me how and made it fun. I am her biggest fan" L.H.  6/7/13

"Dr. McClure is very professional, personable, knowledgeable and is a true professional. Dr. McClure's supporting staff John was very helpful and pleasant. They all work well as a team and care about patient comfort and well-being. Dr. McClure and his staff certainly made my dental appointment relaxing, pleasant and pain free and the skill level of everyone is excellent. A great dental experience!” 6/5/13



"Dr. Jan put me right on the schedule today although I was a walk-in emergency patient. I was very thankful for her." 6/3/13


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