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New Hope for those with Stroke or Brain Injury

Relox™  Nutritional I.V., an approach developed by Dr. Rind using vitamins and minerals orally and intravenously while using oxygen. Herbs and other nutrients are taken orally to produce a synergistic effect. The innovative technique was designed to refresh, oxygenate, and "wake up" brain tissue that is still alive but not fully functional.

Relox is a procedure developed by Bruce Rind, M.D., and consists of an intravenous infusion of a vitamin/mineral solution with the simultaneous application of oxygen by mask. The technique can vary from patient to patient depending on the medical condition. Results can vary depending on severity of injury.  Those who start out with the most function (least amount of brain injury) tend to have better results. The procedures success is due, in part, to the method of administration of the nutrients and oxygen, and additional therapies are often applied to enhance the results. A patent for Relox is currently pending.

Relox™ Therapy Supporting SPECT Scan and Videos

In general, improvements seen with the Relox™ procedure range from mild to excellent. It is rare to see no improvement. The usual result range is about 1/3 slight improvement, 1/3 moderate improvement, and 1/3 excellent improvement. Those who start out with the most function (least amount of brain injury) tend to have the best results. If the injury is severe (e.g., complete paralysis of the affected part of the body), we typically observe no improvement.

Mike's SPECT Scan evidence of improved function
Mike H.’s stroke was 2 ½ yrs old when he came in for treatment. A SPECT scan taken before and after three Relox treatments shows a great increase in functional brain tissue. The level of functional improvement seen on the SPECT scan corresponded well to the level of functional improvement seen clinically. In other cases, the SPECT scans show similar changes (some better, some not as good).

 Before Relox                                                     After Relox                                                                                                  

before Relox

        after relox


Patient Testimonial :

"Ten years ago when I was thirty years old, I had a stroke. It was caused by a brain aneurysm which required surgery because of the excessive bleeding. I needed extensive therapy in order to regain my speech, motor skills and thought processes.

Though I made progress during the following ten years, I still had chronic problems and found myself regressing. I was plagued with chronic fatigue, constant pain in my muscles, and numbness on my right side, especially in my extremities (fingers and toes). I suffered from clouded thinking and slurred speech. Though I was always hopeful, the situation was looking grim.

God answered my prayers when I was referred to Dr. Rind. He believed he could get rid of some numbness on my right side that day. He was right! Other doctors told me that it would be impossible. He gave me a treatment called "Relox." It contains vitamins and minerals with no drugs. To my excitement, within minutes I was able to feel my fingertips on my right side.The first time in ten years! As the minutes rushed by I discovered the lost feeling of my toes. You never know how important these things are until you no longer have them. Words can't express how excited I am about regaining my long lost sensations. I was equally astonished that I had walked into the office with every muscle in my body hurting as usual, but the pain has vanished after my I.V. treatment. My speech and thought processes have improved also.

I am now feeling like a new person. I waited and prayed for years for the rest of my healing to be manifested and I rejoice in God that it has been realized."   Joy M.,  Annapolis, MD

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