The Glutathione Mystery of Cancer   

Date:   Wednesday, OCT. 18, 2017

Time:  8-9 pm

Presenter:  Dr. Charles Gant MD, PhD

We continue our discussions about the metabolic aspects of cancer treatment in the 3rd Webinar of this series.

(See webinars #1 and #2 on NIHA youtube)

Mysteriously, cancer cells secrete much higher levels of glutathione than normal cells, which is surprising, since glutathione is associated with cellular health, with improving antioxidant activity and as a detoxifier. Glutathione is used to prevent cancer and protect normal cells from the effects of chemo- and radiotherapy. Glutathione is also an adjunctive treatment in many integrative medicine cancer protocols.

What does this mean?

However, as a result of the discovery that cancer cells synthesize astonishingly elevated levels of glutathione, strategies aimed at depleting glutathione and glutathione-related detoxification pathways and thus enhancing oxidative stress have been used to sensitize (e.g., chemosensitization) cancer cells to chemotherapies. Chemosensitization/glutathione-depleting treatments have resulted in questionable success, which in part may be due to oxidative injury to the immune system and to other, normal, differentiated cells.

When should glutathione be used therapeutically and when might it harm patients and cause cancer cells to proliferate?

Why would cancer cells generate enormous levels of glutathione at all? By understanding cancer from a metabolic perspective, the riddle of glutathione, which has puzzled both the integrative and conventional communities of clinicians, will be discussed in this webinar. The insights derived from this mystery may hopefully be used to improve the outcomes of  cancer treatments, conventional and non-conventional.