What is Integrative Medicine?

• Patient-Centered Care - Treats the Root Cause of Illness - Uses All Therapies to Enhance Natural Healing

• Disease Management and Prevention - Doctor as Partner - Incorporates Nutrition, Lifestyle and Natural Therapies

• Treatment of the Whole Person - for Optimum Health and Wellness, Not Just Freedom from Disease

Leaders In Integrative Medicine and Biological Dentistry

National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) are leaders in holistic & integrative medicine and biological dentistry. NIHA has been serving the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia metropolitan area since 1995, although patients come from all over the United States to our integrative medical and dental center.

Integrative doctors blend the best of western medicine and safe, natural therapies to help the body heal. Our professional health team is comprised of holistic & integrative medical physicians, biological dentists, pediatrician, naturopaths, chiropractor, and health professionals highly skilled in acupuncture, nutrition, and other healing therapies, all in one location.

Capital University of Integrative Medicine defines it as medicine that views the patient as the most important member of the medical team and applies all safe and effective therapies without subservience to any one school of medical thought. Integrative medicine blends the disciplines of conventional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It is based on medical principles that emphasize a functional orientation to health and healing, the importance of empirical observation, and a reciprocal doctor-patient relationship.

How can integrative medicine help me?

Integrative medicine blends ancient and modern medical wisdom to apply the best treatments for the specific needs of each individual. Initial appointments with a physician are usually one hour long, so the practitioner is able to listen, and to get a thorough history of your health status. The physician may order specialty lab tests to discover the underlying root cause of your health issues so that it can be addressed appropriately.  Our on-site lab provides many of these specialty lab tests, genetic testing, and has a LabCorp draw station. The integrative approach blends the best of traditional medicine and therapies, lifestyle, detoxification, and supplementation recommendations, all tailored to you for whole-body wellness. 

What does integrative medicine offer for chronic health conditions such as pain or disease?
Integrative medicine treats the patient according to the functional assessment of the whole body. The purpose is to rehabilitate or restore diseased functions and bring about improved, or optimal health. We strive to find the underlying causes of the symptoms rather than suppress them.

In addition to immediately treating the symptoms or pain with healing modalities, we also offer many alternative and complementary therapies that treat all levels of the human being. Chronic health conditions may take a toll on the physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing of the individual.  Programs aimed at supporting the body with detoxification,  and rejuvenation and revitalization help to alleviate symptoms of many conditions such as auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue, allergies, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders, and other chronic conditions, while the body is being rebuilding toward improved health.

How does integrative medicine help me maintain good health and function at peak performance?
Based on comprehensive functional assessments, we are able to find the (potential) weaknesses in a healthy person and to design protocols to bring about optimal health. These might include lifestyle consultations as well as therapeutic interventions. Colon hydrotherapy, oxygen steam baths and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are examples of modalities used for detoxification, rejuvenation and disease prevention.

Medical studies and opinion polls agree that conventional medicine may be incomplete for understanding and addressing the world's chronic health problems, which are increasing at an alarming rate. Just a few of these problems include asthma, ADHD, allergies, addictions, mental and learning disorders in children and chronic pain (headaches, low back pain, arthritis, and joint pain), heavy metal toxicity, cancer, auto-immune disease, hormonal imbalance and energy problems in adults.

Integrative medicine provides a new perspective and treatment options to address the whole person, mind, body and spirit.