Linda Zeller and Gerson Cancer Therapy using Raw Foods







Meet my friend and true life inspiration Linda Zeller. Against the cancer odds, Linda Zeller chose a life of clean, raw foods and won- more than 17 years ago. Her incredible journey will inspire you too to live better.

Seventeen years ago when Linda was faced with her own battle with colon and uterine cancer, she chose not to do surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Instead, Linda chose Gerson Therapy. She is cancer free still today and shares her inspiring story with others around the country. She continues to lead a pure and clean lifestyle of mostly raw foods and fresh vegetable juices.

Linda Z. Zeller B.A., B.S., M.A. is a Natural Health Consultant, researcher, business owner, educator and lecturer for 36 years, working with doctors, clinics, health and fitness professionals and individuals that are interested in balancing hormones naturally and holistic methods of healing. She also provides natural supplements, hormonal remedies and medical devices that promote oxygenation, improved circulation of the lymph and blood, detoxification and deep relaxation.

Linda Zeller was interviewed by Lisa Wilson, founder of The Raw Food Institute. The subject of this 40 minute audio interview is Linda Zeller's personal journey using Gerson Therapy for Cancer.

This is for educational purposes and reflects the views of the speaker, not necessarily NIHA's view. We are not recommending raw food or that patients avoid conventional therapies that are important to their health. But we are happy to support significant and healthy lifestyle changes for our patients.