Genetic Testing for Your Unique Response to Medication

Pharmacogenetics is a genetic test that analyzes how your genetic makeup affects your unique response to medication and how your body responds to specific drugs.  It will determine your medication sensitivity and reduce the chance of a possible adverse drug reaction. It is performed now in many cardiac centers.

In many patients, certain drugs don’t work as well as expected, while in other patients they cause toxic effects, even at a lower dosage. The reason may be genetic.

You are unique! 

Find out which drugs work for you, and which drugs may not. PGx testing analyzes how your genetic makeup affects your unique response to medication.
How well your body metabolizes medication is an important consideration in prescribing medication and the chances of a positive outcome.

With PGx Drug Interaction Genetic Assessment testing, you will know which drugs you may have a sensitivity to, and the practitioner will be able to determine the right medication for you, and the right dose.

The testing process
We will offer this test to all patients. The test is covered by most medical insurances and Medicare.* NIHA may charge a processing fee to process the sample. The test is a cheek swab and will be done as part of your appointment.  If you have questions about the Pharmacogenetics (PGx) test, please talk to your practitioner at your next visit.

Statistics show Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) are the 4th leading cause of death ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia, accidents and automobile deaths.

This genetic test is the cornerstone of personalized medicine. With testing, you and your physicians will, for the rest of your life,  have the data necessary to custom tailor a medication protocol best for YOU. 

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