Biological Dentistry Root Canal

The holistic and biological dentists at NIHA understand that certain environmental factors in the mouth may have initiated a root canal infection and eventual death of the tooth. These include an acidic pH in the mouth, a micro circulatory problem and poor lymphatic drainage.

Past studies have indicated that root canals in teeth could not be completely sterilized and that potentially harmful toxins released may cause illness in other parts of the body.


Root Canal Treatment

To aid in the healing of the environment, lasers, homeopathic remedies and enzyme therapies may be used. The latest technology, which includes lasers and a bio-compatible cement called endocal, can increase the potential that the canals within the tooth can now be sterilized and sealed, thereby reducing the formation of bacteria and the release of toxins.

In some instances, root canal therapy may be prevented with the use of nutritional intervention, lasers, and the application of special healing remedies. Since teeth have energetic connections to other areas of the body, an infected tooth, as well as the removal of a tooth, or areas around the tooth that remain infected after the tooth is extracted, may disrupt the overall energy flow in the body. Therefore, every effort should be made to save the tooth by regular testing and using the newest technology.


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