Anxiety-free Dentistry

When it comes to sitting in the dental chair anxiety takes many forms- sweating, a queezy stomach or worse.   Many anxiety free dentistry Wash DC Marylandpeople have some form of anxiety when it comes to dental appointments. The anxious or phobic dental patient has been a special focus since we started our practice.

We care about your comfort.

We can treat dental anxiety, gagging, pain, phobias and problems that may prevent you from seeking dental treatment. Many people take the easy way out by avoiding the dentist altogether, but that comes with great risk as most dental problems get worse by avoiding them. 

More Options for the Anxious Dental Patient

Conscious sedation puts the patient in a relaxed, monitored state with the advantage of the dentist being able to perform more dental work in a single appointment because the patient is better able to tolerate the visit.

Holistic Methods of Anxiety Control

These are a low cost, safe solutions which relaxes the most anxious of patients.

ADRENAL CORTICAL EXTRACT gives your adrenal glands (main stress fighting glands in the body) enough raw nutrients to handle most stresses including complex dental stress.

GABA assists your brain to become stress free. 

Select cases may use NITROUS OXIDE and the homeopathic RESCUE REMEDY for added stress relief.

The combination has made all our extremely anxious patients including children as young as 8 and above very relaxed and able to receive dental treatment.

If you have dental anxiety, mild to severe in intensity, contact us to discuss your options.  We can take care of your necessary and preventive dental treatments with safe, effective methods, while caring for your comfort.


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