Holistic Family Dentistry


The holistic approach to dental care considers your oral health important in relationship to your overall health and wellness. holistic_dentist_for_families

National Integrated Health Associates has been a mercury-free dental practice for over 25 years. Our caring dentists are pioneers in the field of biological and holistic dental practices, and recognized long ago the toxicity of mercury. We use biocompatible dental materials that do not harm your health have a specialized water purification system to protect you, the dentist and the environment.

We treat health-seeking people of all ages- toddlers, children, adults, and special needs patients for all dental issues.

Holistic Dental Services 

Anxiety Free Dentistry

Biocompatible dental materials

Cosmetic dentistry

Emergency dental services

Functional orthodontics

Jaw bone infection

Mercury filling removal

Oral cancer screening

Oral surgery

Pediatric dentistry

Periodontal care

Preventive care

Restorative Dentistry: Metal-free Fillings,  CEREC Same-day Crowns, Ceramic Implants, Bridges

Root canal

Sleep disorders treatment

Wisdom teeth removal


Holistic Family Dentistry in a safe, mercury free environment offering:


Cost and Compare

State-of-the-art Dental Technology

Health Information

Concern for your Comfort

Emergency Dental Services


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