Oral Surgery

The biological and holistic dentists at NIHA perform oral surgery with respect to the affect on the whole body.

The biological dentist knows there are times when a tooth cannot be saved. We do everything possible to preserve as many natural teeth as possible, but when they do need to be extracted, we will go above and beyond the traditional methods for your comfort and long term health.

After careful review of ALL treatment options, we will help determine with you the proper course of action. We will review the type of anesthetic (numbing agent), other comfort agents (nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, music, blankets), to the careful removal of the tooth and the proper cleaning out (debridement) of all tissue to facilitate the proper healing of the surgical site. We also discuss prevention  against long term necrosis of the jawbone (NICO).

Afterwards we have detailed Holistic Post Operative Surgery Instructions, with special information on nutritional supplementation to help the body heal faster.


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