Holistic Dentistry Preventive Care

holistic preventive dental care Wash DC

A Complete Oral Exam for Preventive Dental Care includes: 

The bacteriologic exam entails taking several samples of plaque from your mouth and looking at them under a microscope to pre-screen for periodontal disease. The bacteria associated with periodontal disease is also associated with other systemic problems such as respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease.

To complement your examination we use only the latest technology in instrumentation. Ultrasonic therapy with irrigation to kill bacteria is used in the presence of inflammation as well as hand scaling and polishing to remove stains. Your oral health at the time of your initial visit determines if you will need more than one appointment. If disease is present we will review your recommended treatment with you and provide you with a written treatment plan as well as any necessary materials to help you better understand your oral health. We also review oral home care techniques and help you make adjustments as needed. We recommend mostly natural products as we are aware of our patients with chemical sensitivities.