Joint pain can occur from infectious causes such as Lyme disease and many cases of rheumatoid arthritis or from structural causes such as ligamentous injury, cartilage erosion or just wear and tear due to poor biomechanics. If the cause is infectious, then treating the infection is the most efficient way to solve this problem. Nutritional support for joint health is also helpful.  If it is traumatic, then an assessment is made regarding the need for surgery or whether the problem can be corrected non-surgically with chiropractic treatment and/or physical therapy.

We also make use of nutritional support to facilitate the healing process.

The doctors at NIHA will look at this condition from an integrative medical perspective. They begin with traditional exams and medical tests and may use other assessments to check the systems of the body to determine how the body is functioning.



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Lyme Disease and Insect-borne Illness

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