If you suffer from  chronic headaches, neckaches, earaches, shoulder pain and stiffness, and the cause has not been diagnosed or treated, you may be suffering from a rather common form of skeleto-muscular disorder called Craniocervical Mandibular Disorder (CMD).

This syndrome may be more known by other names: Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ or TMD), Myofascial Pain Dysfuction (MPD), Dental Stress, or Costen's Syndrome, named after the physician who first identified the relationship between the jaw joint and the pain syndrome. CMD and TMJ are diagnosed based on a collection of symptoms which chronic pain may be the most predominant.


Some common complaints of TMJ patients are:


First, get a good evaluation from one of our biological dentists or chiropractor. They will refer you to another physician if further assessments are needed.


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