As integrative practitioners, our goal for you is wellness, not just freedom from disease.

There are health issues which are unique to women and many women are looking for more natural or non-invasive treatment options.  Factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress, and hormonal imbalances are all considered in a holistic treatment plan, based on The 7 Steps to Wellness.

Let’s look at  The 7 Steps to Wellness, applied specifically to Women’s Health:

1. Diet and lifestyles

  • Nutritional concerns which go beyond calcium and Vitamin D.
  • Time management and multi-tasking efficiently so there is still time for fun
  • Girl time

2. Healthy Bowel

  • Cleaning up the gut; probiotics, enzymes, nutrient dense foods
  • Bowel cleansing
  • Good GI motility

3. Healthy Home and Environment

  • Clean air as opposed to scented
  • Noise control
  • Safety and security

4. Healthy Brain

  • Involvement in learning
  • Stimulating mental challenges
  • Giving to the community

5. Healthy Physical Body

  • Regular exercise
  • Body acceptance
  • Optimizing outward appearance to personal comfort level

6. Healthy Mouth

  • Non-toxic fillings
  • Routine biological dental care
  • Optimize the smile so it is used often

7. Detoxification for Life

  • Regular cleansing of the liver and kidneys
  • Progressive detoxification for heavy metals, parasites, and other trash that has built up
  • Minimizing damage from electromagnetic field exposure

The above list is certainly not a comprehensive list of how to be healthy women, but is a good start and can keep us busy while living our lives to the fullest.That is our most important job.

Health Program: Holistic Primary Care 

Health Program: Metabolic Therapy: Thyroid, Adrenal, Hormone Correction The best way to eliminate symptoms of low energy, depression, weight gain, fatigue – and restore metabolic energy – is to correct the underlying problem.

Health Program: Breast Thermography and Breast Health Medical infrared digital imaging captures a baseline image of thermal activity in the breast, which can be monitored over time.

Health Program: Nutrition and Wellness Nourishing food is the most fundamental element to life and health. None of our treatment protocols can create absolute health without incorporating nutritional wellness.  The foods we eat either fuel and nourish us, or drain and obstruct our physical systems, damaging our bodies and life.

Therapy: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy While many physicians prescribe hormones based on symptoms through a trial-and-error process, balancing hormones is a science. It requires careful interpretation of symptoms and specialty lab testing, which we offer in our lab.

Detoxification Therapies  A good detoxification program should be part of a daily health routine. We can guide you through a program and incorporate colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, oxygen steam bath or I.V. therapies as needed to help you cleanse and restore your system through detoxification.