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Allergies are an exaggerated reaction of the immune system to a substance that would not normally cause a reaction in most individuals. The immune system perceives a particular substance (dust, mold, pollen, chemical, etc.) as a threat and triggers the release of histamine, causing an allergic symptom.

Classic allergy symptoms are sneezes, runny nose, hives, itchy and watery eyes, and itchy throat. In fact, allergies may cause a vast range of symptoms, from fatigue and depression to constipation, joint pain, facial swelling, headaches and chronic sinusitis. Allergies put stress on the immune system and can affect every major system of the body.


Holistic Integrative Medical Approach to Allergy Testing & Treatment

Treat the Immune System and the Neurological System

Allergies affect both the immune system and the autonomic nervous system. NIHA'S dual allergy testing and treatment strategy addresses both the immune system response and the autonomic nervous system response to the allergen.  Allergy serums customized for you are the treatment for allergies. The serums cause the immune system to build up blocking antibodies that turn off the allergic response, and can even eliminate the allergy, given an appropriate length of treatment. When combined with Allergy Elimination Technique, which helps calm the autonomic nervous system, you can find relief from allergies and may get better faster. 

Painless, Needle Free Allergy Testing

During the testing phase we use a painless, needle free biofeedback tool, Electrodermal Screening (EAV)  to scan the major body systems, identify allergens and establish the individual's formulation for allergy serums. Complete screening for molds, pollen, inhalants (dust, smuts, animal dander), phenol, glycerin, and TOE is given. If indicated, testing and treatment for chemicals, hormones, and food sensitivities will be administered.  After this initial 60 minute visit, which includes a comprehensive medical and environmental history, a clear picture of your health status and disturbances in your body which may contribute to allergy will emerge.

Customized Serum Allergy Treatment with Oral Immunotherapy for Quick Relief

Once the allergens have been identified, a treatment strategy will be developed based on serums. Sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy for treating allergies will reduce or suppress the immune response to the allergy.  It decreases the allergic response to allergens and balances the immune system.A balanced immune system is better able to handle the offending allergen,  so that allergic reactions are decreased or may even disappear.

Electrodermal screening is used to formulate the correct dilution of your serum. Customized serums are delivered in the form of shots or oral drops and address the immunological component of allergies. On subsequent visits the patient will build up to the correct dosage of serums and their progress will be monitored. On average, patients report relief from allergy symptoms within 6-12 weeks of starting treatment. Once patients are safely tolerating the serum treatment they are allowed to self-administer at home, saving time, travel, and money.

Allergy Elimination Technique to Calm the Body

Combined with allergy serums, a supporting therapy such as Allergy Elimination Technique (AET) may help calm the autonomic nervous system and desensitize your body to offending allergens. The autonomic nervous system (ANS) goes into a state of "fight or flight" in the presence of substances it perceives as harmful. This creates a hypersensitivity that can cause a variety of symptoms and complicate the healing process. AET helps reduce this reaction to allergen triggers such as food, environmental or inhalants.

By doing both Customized Serum Allergy Treatment and Allergy Elimination Technique your body is able to more quickly accept the gradual (weekly) increase in serum dosage, while the elimination technique helps to turn off your reaction to allergens. 

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Additional Help for the Allergy and/or Multiple Chemical Sensitive Patient

The integrative, holistic approach to allergy treatment is usually sufficient, but sometimes there may be an underlying disturbance contributing to the body's tendency to overreact. We seek to also identify these root causes of allergy by looking further at possible sources of toxicity. We are able to test for and treat these issues which may contribute to allergies or sensitivities.

Possible Sources of Disturbance:

  • Diet (food allergies and/or food sensitivities or intolerances)
  • Chemicals in Personal Care Products, Water, or Environment
  • Chronic Infections (Lyme Disease)
  • Work and Home Environment (air quality, mold, chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies etc)
  • Dental Issues (root canals, infection, mercury fillings)
  • Molds
  • Heavy Metals (smoking, exposure)
  • Noxious energies (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • Bowel, Digestive system (leaky gut, poor digestion, parasites)

Dietary modifications may be helpful for food sensitivities. Keeping track of what you eat with a diet diary, then using a rotation diet or an elimination diet will help manage symptoms and treatment.

Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses and can cause pain, headache or facial swelling. A nasal wash or neti pot helps to drain the sinuses and relieve pain. Decongestants, steam inhalation, and drinking plenty of water are other cost effective treatments. Chicken soup and ginger tea have anti-inflammatory properties which may be helpful. If there is fever or persistent swelling antibiotics may be needed.

Detoxification may be suggested as part of your allergy treatment if toxicity is found. Detoxification and rehabilitation of the bowel is essential to all healing as it restores balance in the gastrointestinal system. The gastrointestinal system, "the gut" is our first line of defense in our immune system.

Environmental Assessment

An environmental assessment for allergies is a key component of the integrative approach to identifying and treating allergies and/or chronic disease. A complete, comprehensive medical and dental history of the patient is necessary in order to determine the timing of allergy and/or sickness.

  • At what point did the patient become sick or develop allergies?
  • Where did the patient live and work?
  • Did the patient ever have a tooth extracted or a root canal?
  • What is the age of the patient's home?
  • Has the patient been exposed to mold, chemicals or other toxins?

These are important questions in order to assess the internal and external living environment. If necessary, additional testing of the home using mold panels can be done to further pinpoint the root cause of the problem which may be contributing to allergy or sickness.


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Patient Testimonial


"I didn't think food allergies would have anything to do with my sinus problems. I am so pleased with the therapy."



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