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Life in the 21st century has challenged our ability to eliminate toxicity from our bodies. Tap water, prescription drugs, chemicals, environmental pollutants, personal care products, processed food, food additives, electromagnetic radiation (EMR from cell phones, cordless phones, microwaves and computers) and mineral depletion of the soil in which our food is grown are all saboteurs of good health. Our present state of health is the result of many years of exposure and decisions about what we have taken into our body, mind and spirit.

What is Detoxification?
Detoxification is the process of removing the "bad stuff," or toxins, from the body. In order to treat disease  and maintain optimum health it is imperative to decrease one's toxic load through a process of natural detoxification which will cleanse the systems of the body, allowing the body to more easily release toxins.

Why Detoxification is Important

• The accumulation of toxins over time may be the most important root cause of all diseases and dysfunctions and a major part of aging.

• Detoxification enhances the immune system and the reparative, anti-aging faculties of the body.

• The reversal of toxic accumulation through detox is critical for recovery and to restore health, especially when dealing with chronic infection or  disease such as Lyme Disease, cancer, etc.

• Detoxification can rehabilitate cells and healthy living can aid in the process.

• As part of an overall plan, detoxification can improve digestion, skin tone, sleep, hormonal imbalances, immune function and general health.

How to Start with the Detoxification Process

What are your health goals?

The unique cleansing detoxification process is individually tailored based on your health goals, biology, body chemistry, exposure to toxins and current health status. Removing the toxins from your body involves understanding the process and products. It is evolutionary and expands as your health improves and starts to optimize.

The toxins that need to be removed in order for our bodies to optimally function include heavy metals, toxic chemicals, toxins from chronic infestations (Lyme, Candida, mold, parasites, virus), halogens (chlorine, flouride, bromine), and unwanted calcium accumulation.

The Detoxification Process

During the process of detoxification, you work from the outside, or external environment, to the inside of the body, the internal environment. 

First is an assessment of your health, mouth (mercury fillings, cavitations or jaw bone infection), and external environment. You will clean up your external environment and begin to detoxify the bowel, liver and blood with natural cleansing products.

The next phase may start with the addition of supplements or additional strategies such as IV therapy, or Detoxification Therapies such as far infrared sauna and colonics, or colon hydrotherapy.

While many may be able to do a simple natural cleanse on their own, we have found that no matter what process they choose, patients reap the most benefits when they are guided practitioner or physician on their detoxification journey. They tell you what to expect and help you stay on your individualized program and interface with the medical doctor. Coaching can also help with questions you may have about detoxification and guide you towards the modalities of detoxification that best suit your lifestyle and budget. Working in conjunction with its medical doctors, NIHA's biological dentists and health practitioners work with you to address mercury, heavy metal or other burdens affecting your health.


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