Heavy Metal Detoxification

Heavy metal detoxification is the process of ridding the body of  toxic metals through a variety of means, including nutritional supplements, herbal mixtures, intravenous injections, oral chelating agents, and safe mercury removal of dental amalgams, or fillings. 

The presence of heavy metals in the body has been linked to everything from memory loss  to fatigue to personality changes. Blood levels of mercury, tin, lead, arsenic, aluminum, and cadmium can be monitored using a lab test. A heavy metal toxic burden can affect overall health and the ability to heal. However, positive health effects can be achieved by reducing the body's toxic levels of these metals.  Once the heavy metal burden is relieved, other parasite, yeast and organic detoxification proceeds easier.

NIHA integrative medical doctors, dentists, and naturopathic practitioners work as a team to identify and treat heavy metal toxicity and address mercury, heavy metal or other burdens affecting your health.The team zeros in on the root causes; The result is that instead of putting patients through treatment for many individual symptoms- difficulty concentrating, irritability, etc.- they target the root cause and administer a detoxification therapy that removes the toxins and supports whole-body healing to sustain robust health.

Integrative Medicine Approach to Heavy Metal and Mercury Detoxification 

  • Testing for heavy metals
  • A comprehensive program for removal of heavy metals to improve overall health and the ability to heal

The Heavy Metal Detoxification Program is a 3-part program:  Detoxification  - Nourishment  - Regeneration

Heavy metal detoxification is the removal of  toxic metals from the body and restoration of  proper functioning of the autonomic nervous system and the organs affected by it. The program is done in phases over time to protect the body and allow rest and healing, using a multi-strategy approach based on the patient's needs.


A large portion of the heavy metal detoxification work we do centers around the oral cavity, mercury and other heavy metals that are stored in the mouth. Our biological dentists have been doing mercury free dentistry for over 25 years and work in conjuction with the medical doctors to safely address heavy metal toxicity. Although metal toxicity can be caused by the environment, the main source is mercury fillings. NIHA's dentists are leaders in biological dentistry and safe mercury filling removal, protecting you, the dentist and the environment during the removal procedure.  Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that may affect the brain and nerves.

Although controversial, acute exposure to mercury has reportedly caused mental confusion, short and long term memory loss, headaches, tremors, fatigue, visual and personality changes, and other symptoms. In the case of mercury exposure from dental fillings, the problem becomes chronic. Research shows that mercury vapor is continuously released from amalgam fillings in a measurable amount from the moment the fillings are inserted into the teeth. Each time the person chews, drinks, (particularly hot liquids), brushes his teeth, swallows and breathes, mercury is released from dental fillings and is absorbed by the lungs and linings of the digestive system, and consequently enters into the bloodstream.

As a result, the body's weakest area is most likely to develop the problem first. Because the mercury toxins can travel either by way of the blood stream or by nerve pathways, one person may develop bleeding gums and bowel problems and another severe asthma or bronchitis. A third person may experience concentration difficulties, sleep disturbances, hearing loss and dizziness, and still others will have extreme fatigue, lack of initiative and clumsiness. Mercury can interfere with virtually any process of any organ of the body. Removal of mercury must be done by a caring professional who will take all precautions to protect you from further exposure.


The body is supported and replenished through high-grade nutritional supplements, herbs, I.V. therapy, therapeutic massage or bodywork. These therapies work to calm the body while the detoxification is slowly taking place.


Regeneration will occur once steps one and two have been accomplished and the body has been given time to rest and heal.


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