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Men experience a wide range of health issues throughout their lives.            men's health Wash DC

Healthy lifestyle habits and preventative medicine are important to support and maintain health before disease sets in. It is important to assess the many factors that contribute to health or disease including diet; lifestyle and risk factors for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke; hormone and prostate health; and stress management. Early interventions are key to maintaining health and libido and preventing future disease and accelerated aging.

Men seem to have a wide range of maladies but there are three issues that are most common when the male presents to the doctor’s office.

Most Common Men's Health Issues

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a common problem where patients have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. It is important to find the cause of ED as it can be a precursor to serious conditions such as diabetes, stroke or heart disease. Three factors can relate to erectile dysfunction: psychological, physical and emotional issues, and all should be examined. As a man ages, testosterone levels will decrease; it’s a natural process, but if testosterone drops too low, there can be issues with the reproductive function. Cardiovascular health relates to erectile dysfunction because the vascular system is what supplies the blood for an erection, and if there are issues such as atherosclerosis or arterial dysfunction, the ability to achieve and maintain an erection can be impeded. Treating the cause(s) of ED will help with sexual health and overall wellbeing.


Infertility is a multifactorial condition, and evaluation and correction of hormonal imbalances (testosterone, stress hormones) play a big role in improving fertility. But there are other reasons why infertility can present, such as the number and quality of sperm production, and varicocele, an enlargement of the veins within the scrotum which can also cause genital pain.

Prostate Health: Prostatitis or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)

Prostate health is a big concern for men. It usually comes in two forms- Prostatitis, which is inflammation and infection; or BPH, benign prostatic hypertrophy, which is inflammation and growth of the prostate that interferes with urination. In general, we look to decrease inflammation with diet and herbs, improve the vascular and immune systems, and reduce toxicities. This helps improve blood flow and the overall health of the glands.


Addressing the Underlying Cause of Men’s Health Issues

We must look at the underlying root causes of health issues and find out what is happening in those areas before recommendations can be made to support health. In addition to standard lab testing, advanced functional medicine testing can help assess the current status of hormones, heart health, and prostate health.
Underlying factors such as a high viral load, toxins in the body, poor digestive function, inflammatory conditions, and undiagnosed infections can contribute to other health conditions, low energy, low testosterone or poor conversion of hormones and overall health.

Lifestyle Factors that Affect Health
A healthy diet sets the foundation for health and prevention. We recommend a whole foods diet, based mainly on nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, low in processed foods, and a balance of healthy proteins and fats. Alcohol consumption and smoking can greatly affect health status and increase risk of chronic disease. Stress management techniques and regular exercise should be a part of a solid health routine.

Only when we look at the body as a whole can we then create a comprehensive plan to address the “load” which may be contributing to ill health or preventing you from healing.

At any age, we want to promote good health for men with optimal function and energy.



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