Detoxify and Rejuvenate Your Health

Our society is increasingly exposed to toxins that are a significant contributor to the rise in chronic illness and disease.

Unfortunately,  the rate of toxicity in our society is much higher than it was when our parents were growing up, and this means that we need to be more vigilant and diligent in terms of detoxifying our bodies and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Toxins in our Environment

  • foods grown with pesticides
  • poor quality water
  • exhaust fumes from autos and airplanes
  • electromagnetic radiation from phones, computers, and wireless devices
  • commercial household cleansers
  • mold and chemicals in our homes
  • personal care products (cosmetics, shampoo, deodorant) that contain harmful ingredients
  • mercury amalgam fillings

The problem with these toxins is that they accumulate in our bodies year after year and may compromise our health.

According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, “toxicity is the ground floor upon which all illness grows.” Without cleansing or detoxification, chronic conditions cannot heal and your body cannot be restored to a balanced and healthy state.

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How do I know if I need to cleanse or detoxify my body?

You can gauge your toxic load by looking at a few key areas:

  • Do you struggle with joint pain, low energy, poor sleep, poor digestion, headaches, fuzzy thinking, food sensitivities, mood swings or disease?
  • Do you eat on the run and consume fast food?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed?
  • Are you eating right, drinking lots of water and taking supplements but still not reaching your health goals?

In each of these scenarios, an accumulation of toxins may be the reason you are experiencing symptoms or unable to attain your health goals. Your body cannot be completely restored to a balanced and healthy state without undergoing internal cleansing and detoxification.

If you have a chronic illness or disease you may require medical supervision.

We find that the underlying cause of many health challenges may be linked to an unhealthy lifestyle and a build-up of toxins in your body. We believe that when your body is given the right  “tools” for internal cleansing and detoxification, it will release built-up toxins and rebuild itself from the inside out. At NIHA, the art and science of "intelligent detoxification" is a process that takes time but yields significant improvements in health.

Can the body sufficiently release toxins without assistance?
The body is a marvelous machine and can eliminate much of the "bad stuff" we encounter in day to day living.  But, unfortunately, you cannot always rely on your own natural mechanisms to remove toxic build-up from the body.  If the body is compromised in any way, as with illness, infection, a poor immune function, poor stress management, chronic disease or inflammation, toxic exposure etc. it has to work harder to detoxify. Similar to a car engine, which requires regular oil changes in order to function optimally, your body needs “internal cleansing.” When toxins are not removed from your body, they rot and get reabsorbed, which leads to ill health and may contribute to, or be the root cause of unhealthy conditions. So, we developed a comprehensive program that provides step-by-step guidance on how to undergo detoxification in order for your body to achieve maximum results. 

What results can I expect?
In the short-term, our patients often experience improvements in energy, sleep, digestion, bowel function, immune system, mental focus, pain, weight reduction etc. Over time, clients report that they often see improvement in chronic health issues and overall wellness.

How can I get started on detoxing my body?
We offer a Basic or an Advanced Detoxification Program. Use the information below to select the level that is right for you. There are many ways you can start cleansing and detoxifying at home.

BASIC Body Cleanse, Rejuvenation & Detoxification Program

Schedule now to customize a program and set priorities to address your particular issues and restore you to a balanced and healthy state.

Step 1: Clean-Up Your Internal Environment

It is essential to improve your diet, increase hydration and improve digestion to shift to a healthy internal environment in your body. NIHA practitioners can guide you with lifestyle tips, ways to detox at home, and clean up your environment.  Of equal importance is for you to undergo “internal cleansing” or detoxification, which is a phased process by which toxins are mobilized and then eliminated. The art and science of “intelligent detoxification” is a process that takes time but can yield significant improvements in health.

Supplements called “bowel binders,” actually bind or attach to toxins for elimination and prevent re-absorption of toxins such as heavy metals, Lyme coinfections, mold, and chemicals. The foundational “bowel binders” include chlorella, zeolite, and IMD, which are necessary for the first stage of detoxification. Additionally, charcoal, clay or apple pectin are helpful.

After bowel binders mobilize the toxins for elimination, it is important to:

  • Replace the unhealthy gut bacteria with digestive enzymes
  • Repair your gut with healthy bacteria using probiotics and Bravo yogurt
  • Regenerate with a green/alkaline/non-GMO diet, fermented foods, healthy fats and oils

Step 2: Cleansing the Body with Detoxification Therapies

Approximately eighty percent of toxins are removed through the liver and bowel, and approximately twenty percent exit through the lymphatic system, kidneys, and skin.  Several effective (and relaxing) ways to facilitate detoxification includes infrared sauna, oxygen steam cabinet, foot baths, massage, enemas, and colon hydrotherapy, also called colonics.

GET STARTED NOW!  Schedule now to customize a program and set priorities to address your particular issues and which therapies may be right for you.


Detoxification Therapies at the Rejuvenation & Detoxification Center


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ADVANCED Detoxification Program: Medically supervised for those with chronic medical conditions. 

Incorporates Steps 1 and 2 and may include the following, based on your physician's assessment.

Step 3: Detoxification with Intravenous (IV) Therapy and Chelation

Intravenous, or IV therapy and oral nutritional and therapeutic substances are critical because they help detoxify the many layers of connective tissues and organs in your body. This extracellular space is where the majority of toxins reside and through which all cellular toxins must pass. IV therapies bypass your digestive system, so are more readily assimilated to strengthen the immune system and detoxify heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, lead etc. A knowledgeable and detox-literate doctor will order lab testing and may use different chelating agents at various times during treatment. Chelation therapy is used to rid the body of heavy metals, as the chelator binds with the heavy metal so it can be eliminated by the body. (See Chelation Therapy)

IV therapy is most effective when conducted in conjunction with detox spa therapies such as foot baths, colonics, infrared saunas and oxygen steam baths.

Step 4: Detoxify the Body by Modulating the Neuro-Immune System

The function of the neuroimmune system is to regulate your body. So, when your body is hyper-reactive to a toxic substance such as mercury or lead, we can often calm or reprogram that hyper reaction through our allergy elimination techniques. In addition, we look at adding electrons through lasers or through micro currents or other techniques to help increase the blood flow in that area and reduce inflammation, which helps detoxify your system of toxic build up.

Step 5: Detoxify: The Psycho-emotional Component

We often find that chronic health problems have a psycho-emotional or psycho-spiritual component. Our physical body is affected by our  emotional wellbeing, our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Powerful emotions such as stress, fear, grief, resentment, anger, pain, hopelessness and guilt can cause an imbalance in our bodies energy flow and result in blockages. This disruption in our emotional health contributes to a toxic build up. For example, high blood pressure or a stomach ulcer may develop after a particularly stressful event such as the death of a loved one. As we acknowledge and address unresolved psycho-emotional issues, it allows us to move forward with healing. Read more about Counseling & Holistic Psychotherapy


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