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Ventolin as a medicine generically known as Albuterol Sulfate is classified under bronchodilator drugs. Ventolin works effectively for the relaxation of the muscles present in the tracheas and for an improvement on the ingressive movement of air to the lungs. Ventolin HFA helps in the treatment and prevention of difficulty breathing that results through contraction of smooth muscles the walls of the bronchi and bronchioles ( bronchospasm) or an inflexible passage for air movement of air I the lungs in asthmatic patients or any specific kinds of COPD ( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Ventolin works for the prevention of bronchospasm that is caused by an exercise.


Albuterol is a preventive and curative medicine for some certain types of breathing problems such as asthma, bronchospasm that is induced by an exercise; or COPD. It is a potent drug that relaxes muscles in the windpipes.

Mode of Indication, Dosage, and Duration of Treatment

You should endeavor to adhere to all instructions given specifically by your doctor. It is advisable to read carefully the prescription label and observe duly the directions therein. If Ventolin is used for the prevention of bronchospasm that is caused by an exercise, ensure that the drug is taken 15-30 minutes before exercise. Ventolin works effectively for 4 -6 hours. In case of quick deterioration on breathing problems, you are advised to call for immediate medical help. There may be a need for a change of your dose by your doctor if you undergo illness, surgery, stress or a recent attack of asthma. Seek your doctor's advice before you change your dose. Inhaler canister should be kept away from heat or fire as it may be inflammable. Ensure that the use of your inhaler device is accompanied by your refill. An adult should guide a child not less than 4 years of age in the use of Ventolin.


You should take the following precautions before or during the use of Albuterol Sulfate:

  • Patients that are hypersensitive to Ventolin should keep away from its use.

  • Children under the age of 4 years old are restricted from the use of Albuterol.

  • There may be a chance that asthmatic patients on Ventolin may end up in or end up dead but its use by patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or obstructive airway disease is unknown.

  • You are advised to bring any of the following medical conditions into your doctor's awareness:

  • Diabetes;

  • Heart disease;

  • Seizures;

  • Hypertension;

  • A thyroid disorder;

  • Potassium low levels in the blood.

  • Pregnant women or lactating mothers should seek their doctors' advice before the use of Ventolin.

Side Effects

Ensure that you request for medical advice if you begin to experience the symptoms of hypersensitivity to Ventolin such as difficulty breathing, hives, and swollen lips, tongue, face or throat. The following are the common side effects of Ventolin:

  • Headache;

  • Dizziness;

  • Chest pain;

  • Nervous;

  • Pounding or fast heartbeats;

  • Sore throat;

  • Common cold symptoms;

  • Back pain;

  • Upset stomach;

  • Sinus pain;

  • Body aches.

Missed Dose

Use Ventolin when it is needful. However, in a condition whereby you forget to use your prescribed dose, you can always take it at the moment of recollection. However, mind the time for the next dose if not close. Taking at once two doses that are supposed to be used at different times should be avoided. Ensure that you get a refill before the one in use finishes.


Peradventure you take more than the prescribed doses, quickly see your doctor or call for emergency medical help. The overuse of Ventolin may be deadly.

Interaction with other drugs

You are advised to make inquiries from your doctor before taking any medication with Ventolin. This may result in unpleasant effects. The following drugs may interact with Albuterol:

  • A diuretic;

  • Digoxin;

  • An antidepressant;

  • Other bronchodilators;

  • A beta blocker;

  • An MAO inhibitor;

  • Prescription and over-the-counter medicines;

  • Vitamins;

  • Herbal products.

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