Specialty: Health and Wellness Coach with a focus on herbalism

Practice Philosophy: Your wellness depends on you and belongs to you. I am here to help and honor your journey!

Areas of Focus: Health and wellness coaching using motivational interviewing, goal and value analysis, plan development, education and enhancement of wellness through herbs. Assisting people reach their goals (health, career, personal growth, money, relationships) in a way that acknowledges their unique value and way of life.




Education & Certification

Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching- Maryland University of Integrative Health
Master of Arts, Health and Wellness Coaching, focus in Herbalism- Maryland University of Integrative Health
Member of the International Coaching Federation- ICF

Darryl has been involved in alternative medicine for the past thirty years. Following his own personal health crisis in his twenties, he was left sick and bedridden. Allopathic medicine had saved his life but not made him well. Through his own journey to wellness, he discovered that there is a need for a model of treatment that not only offers the best of all available modalities, but also acknowledges the patient, their unique values and their lifestyle. He believes that wellness is best achieved though empowerment of the client.

Darryl managed a health food store for 12 years. He enrolled in or actively participated in over 300 hours of workshops ranging from applied modalities such as acupressure, detoxification, thyroid/adrenal balancing and hormonal balancing to the more esoteric such as energy work, chakra cleansing, and kinesiology. He used this unique blend of knowledge for seven years at NIHA, serving as a medical assistant and detoxification coach.

His success with clients and his thirst for more knowledge to help people help themselves led him to enroll at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) where he achieved a Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness Coaching with a focus in Herbalism. He is currently a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Did you know that 76% of what determines health is controlled by you?
Medical Care 10%
Genes 16%
Environment 21%   ⇒
Lifestyle 55%          ⇒    Environment and Lifestyle choices total 76%*

*Source: Jordan, M. (2013) How to be a Health Coach: An Integrative Wellness Approach. San Rafael: Global Medicine Enterprises (Chapter 4)

Darryl can guide you to tap into the ability to make better choices, and change what you have the power to change to achieve your goals.


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Darryl Yeagley

Thank you again Darryl for your generous time and effort. You are one of the best wellness coaches there is! The way you engage me, you taught me tools to be motivated, energized and empowered. You have sincere passion working with and educating people. 1/17