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Specialty: Functional Medicine, Adult Holistic Primary Care and Obesity Medicine. Board Certified in Internal Medicine 

Practice Philosophy: “Find the root cause... It’s not enough to diagnose a disease or to treat a symptom without delving deeper and appreciating the processes that underlie the condition. With any ailment, I always ask myself the question - why? My patients’ “true health” is much more than “your labs are within normal limits”.  Testing beyond the conventional labs helps to address nutritional, metabolic, genetic, and hormonal optimization. Everyone has a life story that influences their health. Through personalized treatment in partnership with the patient, we get to the root cause and begin the journey towards long term health and wellness.”

Areas of Interest: Functional MedicineHolistic Primary CareObesity Medicine and Medical Weight Loss, InfertilityCardiovascular Disease, Diabetes Prevention and Metabolic Syndrome,  Chronic Disease Management, Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery Care,  Diet and Lifestyle focused care.



Meet Dr. Tapscott



Dr. Denia Tapscott has been practicing medicine for over 20 years.  She began her career in Washington, D.C. where she became increasingly concerned about the weight problems of her patients and its contribution to their poor health.  As a member of the Obesity Medicine Association, she received formal training in the medical treatment of obesity and has spent the last 14 years helping thousands of DC area residents reduce their disease burden, resulting in healthier lives. By implementing a holistic approach to weight loss, she incorporated the latest science, pharmacology, nutrition, and behavioral health into her practice.

Dr. Tapscott is a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) and has developed and directed several hospital affiliated medical and surgical weight loss programs.  She later became Associate Professor of Medicine at Howard University where she lectured locally and nationally on topics related to obesity and cardiometabolic disease. She is a published author and has been recognized for her leadership role in the health care community.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she was confronted with her own health challenges. Dr. Tapscott began to explore alternative approaches that could (1) answer the question, why and (2) help her begin the healing process.  Although she did not abandon conventional medicine entirely, she gained a greater appreciation for her condition by using functional medicine and continues to implement healthy living with her family.  

She now fully integrates this methodology into her current medical practice - providing personalized, predictive, participatory, and preventive care to her patients.

Formal Training/Education:

Medical School:  Georgetown University, Washington, DC  

Undergraduate studies: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 


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Dr. Tapscott's Health Gig podcast: How Does Your Life Story Influence Your Health?


Dr. Tapscott

I came to Dr. Tapscott after months of suffering from joint pain, brain fog, muscle cramps, weight gain, fluid retention, and the list goes on.  Numerous doctors told me there wasn't anything medically wrong with me and that I just needed to exercise, drink more water, and that my symptoms were just part of the aging process.  Dr. Tapscott took the time to get to know me as a person - what I do for work, what I do for fun, what I eat, how/when/if I exercise, and of course, my medical issues.  It is because of her that I can now begin a new chapter in my life - one of health.  I now know I have Lyme disease, but more than that, Dr. Tapscott has not only provided me with the tools to treat Lyme but also how to live a more healthy life in all that I do.  I will definitely recommend Dr. Tapscott and NIHA to others.