Dr. Weiner biological dentist Washington DC

Specialty: Biological Dentistry, Dental Sleep Issues

Practice Philosophy: Helping the body to help itself using the least invasive technology following medical and biological dental concepts.

Areas of Focus: Biological Dentistry, Sleep apnea, snoring and sleep issues, functional dental medicine, cavitations/jaw bone infection chronic sinus problems and non-surgical treatment of TMJ.





Distinguished Fellow, American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

Past Dean of Integrative Dental Medicine, Capital University of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Lowell Weiner received his traditional degree in dentistry  from Howard University in 1968.  He served in the U.S. Coast Guard including Navy and emergency room training for approximately 10 years.  He has been and always will  be a student, teacher, and clinician. He was a Professor and Dean Emeritus of Integrated Dental Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine. His interests and studies in Holistic health started in 1969, when he first became interested in how jaw and tooth problems affected swallowing, snoring, breathing, the sinuses and the rest of the body's total compensating mechanisms from head to toe.

Because of his interest, Dr. Weiner was invited and served as a consultant at Johns Hopkins University Hospital Swallowing Center. In addition, he has served either as a consultant, faculty or staff at Georgetown University Dental School, George Washington University Hospital Department of Radiology, University of Maryland Dental School and Sports Medicine Clinic. He has limited his practice to sleep apnea and dental sleep issues, cranio mandibular dysfunction and continues to be involved with both clinical treatment and research.  He has lectured both nationally and internationally.  He has served as an expert witness and is frequently asked to give second opinions for unusual complex dental medical treatments.

The educational and treatment areas on which Dr. Weiner has  placed special emphasis are sleep apnea, snoring, the infection and integration of the teeth, head, neck and shoulder with the rest of the body, both as a cause and result of acute and chronic problems.

Dr. Weiner was interviewed for the Holistic Health Summit. The title of his talk is "Why Am I Still Sick? Overlooked Solutions Revealed."  

Listen to the interview here.

Symptoms that are directly or indirectly related to dentistry and may be overlooked by MD’s are:

  • Headaches (that persist despite treatment)
  • Snoring/obstructive sleep apnea
  • Head, neck, shoulder pain and dysfunctions
  • Referred pain and dysfunction to other areas of the body that can be far removed from the teeth including pelvic pain, muscular pain, digestive problems, and visual problems
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Allergy
  • Digestion
  • Tinnitus
  • Snoring
  • Autonomic system dysfunction

These symptoms can be caused by a disruption of bacteria or the affect in energy meridians from dental fillings, shifted teeth (orthodontics), extractions or root canalled teeth, even when these procedures have been done carefully by well meaning specialists.

The Goal

Watch the Root Cause documentary for more information.

Each of us are biologically unique. The paradigm of following a standard approach for all patients for treatment is now outdated.

Approved materials and methods that follow Chinese and/or European Medicine models are now available which help us to understand and treat from an individual and unique biological perspective.

Each person must be evaluated individually and treated accordingly – and treatment must be sequenced according to the patients functional needs and not just to a medical formula. This is a reason why a large number of patients who are fitted for a c-pap machine (for sleep apnea) stop using them and why many times a dental device replaces it successfully.

All Dental and Medical materials are not suitable for all patients - There are tests available now that give individual indication for appropriateness.

Mercury fillings are not used in our offices and have not been used by Dr. Weiner since the early 80’s – all fillings that are used are considered bio-compatible.

Medical Alert – The organisms found in Periodontal disease (gum disease) and from bad teeth – previously treated or not –may be causing or contributing to stroke, cardiac and other life threatening or systemic conditions that have been difficult to diagnose or treat in the past without this new information from NIH.

To treat each human being as a unique individual utilizing all treatment approaches that may apply to help them in the short term and long term.

Keeping abreast of all possibilities. If you have been told by another practitioner that you have to live with a condition or that a radical treatment is necessary, such as surgery – seek another opinion.

Listen to a patient's story for Sleep Apnea/Headache Treatment with Dr. Weiner:

Dr. Weiner

I like the thorough, slow and deliberate approach by Dr. Weiner and very personalable staff. Thank you! 6/17



Lowell B. Weiner, D.D.S., F.A.G.D.

Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland
College Park, MD, 1964

D.D.S., Howard University School of Dentistry
Washington, DC, 1968

EDUCATIONAL HONORS: Fellowship, Academy of General Dentistry, 1978


Certificate in Epigenetic Orthodontics Aug 24-26, 2012

Zirconia Certification Course Aug. 2012

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, 22.5 Credits, June 2012:

Advanced Dental Sleep Medicine, From CPAP to Oral Appliance Therapy:Lessons of the Past and Perspectives for the Future, Sleep Tests Part 1:PSG and Portable Monitors, A Year in Review, OSA: Hypoxia Effects on the Brain,  Dental and TMJ Side-Effects of Oral Appliances, Emerging Treatments for OSA, Adolescent Sleep- What is Normal/What is Not?, Pediatric Sleep, Oral Abstract Presentations, Compliance Monitoring in Oral Appliance Therapy, Sleep Testing  Part 2: Confounding Conditions "Ambulatory Testing and PSG", The Human Circadian Timing System, Appliance Selection- What Do We Know Today?, Stroke and Cardiovascular Consequences of OSA, Geriatric Sleep, Complicating Condition and OSA.

American Heart Association certification for Healthcare Providers (CPR and AED) Program April, 2012

Rondeau Seminars "Dental Sleep Seminar", 14 lecture 2 participation, Sept. 2011

American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, "Treatment and Management of TMD, Airway and Sleep Disordered Breathing Problems" 12.5 hours, July 2011:

The Body's Ability to Correct the Face and the Airway: Epigenetic Morphogenesis, Guiding Craniofacial Growth and Development from Primary Dentition: Are Malocclusions and TMJ Preventable?, Replicating the Patient's Final Orthotic Position in Stage Two Reconstruction, Treatment of the Motor Component of Movement Disorder Patients, Pearls Presentation, Building Balanced Faces...Breaking Rules and Establishing a New Paradigm, Behavioral, Psychological, Physiological and Genetic Underpinnings of Chronic Temporomandibular Muscle and Joint Disorder (TMJD): The Initial Findings of the OPPERA Study, Sleep Apnea- Bridging the Gap Between Medicine and Dentistry,  Innovation: From Discomfort to Proficiency, The Medical Significance of TMD: Integrating Medicine with Dentistry.

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Reviving Emotional & Cognitive Health, Metagenics Program, April, 2009

The Emerging Therapeutic Target, Metagenics Programs, January, 2008

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Understanding Polysomnography and the Scoring of Respiratory Events in Sleep, Future of Sleep Medicine- PSG vs. Home Monitor Screening in Dental Practice and Economic Impact of OSA, Cardiovascular Complications of Sleep Apnea, Oral Presentations, Relationship Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea and Obesity, Different Techniques in Upper Airway Imaging and Therapeutic Implication, Dynamic and Static Evalulation of the Upper Airway and its Role in OSA Management, Therapeutic Outcomes of Oral Appliances and Maxillofacial Surgery for OSA, Sleep Apnea Year-in-Review (Keynote), Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment of OSA in Children. Efficacy of Oral Appliance Therapy as an Adjunct to nCPAP, Oral Presentation, A Model for the Management of Patients with Snoring and OSA with OA's, Update of OSA Sugery Literature, Building Your Dental Sleep Medicine Practice with Snoring and OSA with OA's, Insurance Reimbursement: How to Get Paid & Third Party Payment Issues.

Advanced Laser Periodontal Surgery Training, 6 hours, December, 2005

American Academy of Biological Dentistry, Millenium  Bugs: An Introduction to Coming Plagues, 21 hours, April 2001

Kelley Dental Laboratory, May, 2001

Dental, Medical and Scientific Conference on Sources, Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Toxicities, Affinity Labeling Technologies, May 2001

American Academy of Head, Neck and Facial Pain, Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Disease with a Cost Effective and Accurate Treatment Protocol, 12 hours Jan. 2000:

Pharmacotherapeutics, Physiology, Anesthesia and Pain Control,  Myofascial Pain, TM Disorders, Kinesiology.

The Foundation for Better Health Care, Continuing Medical Education, 15 hours, December, 2000

Homeopathy, Nutrition II, Neural Therapy II, Dental Medicine II, 24 hours, Feb. 1998-1999

Neural Therapy II, Nutrition II, Integrative Dental Medicine II, 14 hours, March 1998-1999

Integrative Medicine Assessment,  6 hours April 1998-1999


LICENSES: Maryland, District of Columbia, and New York

General practice, 50 years with special interest in research, diagnosis, and treatment of temporomandibular joint disturbances, craniomandibular orthopedics, E.M.G. Diagnosis, Myofacial Pain Dysfunction, Dysphagia, and bone cavitations (osteonecrosis). Practice has centered on teaching and treating Craniomandibular/Cervical and Oral Pharyngeal Dysfunction, Sleep Apnea and Snoring. Ultrasound sonography and osteonecrosis surgery. During the last five ears, the focus has been on integrating the medical components of biological dentistry to whole person treatment involving the sequencing of alternative treatments that are fully integrated with all health care providers for the most efficacious treatment that is cost effective and encourages patient involvement.


Professor Emeritus of Dental Medicine, Capital University of Integrative Medicine, June 2006

Dean, Integrative Dental Medicine, Capital University of Integrative Medicine, 1996-2001, Dean Emeritus, 2002

Professor of Integrative Dental Medicine, Capital University of Integrative Medicine, 1996-2003

International Medical Health Sciences Conference, Switzerland. Presentation on Integrative Medical Dentistry, 1997

Providence Hospital, Washington, DC--On Staff, Instructor, Dental Residents, 1981-1984

University of Maryland, School of Dentistry, Myo-Oral Facial Pain Clinic, Baltimore, MD. Clinical Instructor (part-time), TMJ and Headaches, 1979-1981

Georgetown University, School of Dentistry, Washington, DC. Clinical Instructor (Part-time), Occlusion and TMJ, 1976-1979

The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington, DC. Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Radiology, 1986-1990

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, The Johns Hopkins Swallowing Center, Baltimore, MD, Dental Consultant 1982-1986

University of Maryland, Sports Medicine Clinic, College Park, MD, Staff Consultant, 1983-1985

Providence Hospital, Washington, DC, On Staff. 1982-1984

United States Powerlifting Federation, Dental Consultant to Medical Committee, 1983

Chevy Chase Nursing Home, Silver Spring, MD. Volunteer.

Young Adult Drug Rehabilitation Center, Rockville, MD. Volunteer.

Georgetown Dental School, Clinical laboratory Instructor


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Academy of General Dentistry—Fellow President, Southern Maryland Chapter, 1979-81

Washington Gnathological Society—President 1980-82

Washington Society for Occlusal Studies—President, 1980-82

Academy for Sports Dentistry—Charter Member

American Association of Functional Orthodontists— Founding Member

Academy of Oral Dynamics

Academy of Stress and Chronic Disease

American Academy of Head, Facial and Neck Pain and TMJ Orthopedics—Fellow and Board Member

American Academy of Oral Medicine

American Association for the Study of Headache

American Association of Dental Consultants

American College of Sports Medicine

American Dental Association

American Equilibration Society

American Academy of Pain Management

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Undersea Medicine—Hyperbaric Medicine

United States Powerlifting Federation
Dental Consultant to Medical Committee