Dr. Margarita Kullick, M.D.



Area of Specialty: Functional and holistic medicine physician, Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Practice Philosophy: My job is to help you find the answers to your health issues and guide you to the happy, healthy you.

Areas of Focus: Functional and holistic medicine, Anti-aging medicine, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Holistic primary care, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and Hormone balancing, Brain function and memory loss, Chronic disease management (Diabetes, Kidney disease, Osteoporosis etc.), Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety, and Energy Medicine using low level lasers.





Dr. Kullick is a medical doctor with over thirty-five years experience in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. She is trained in functional and holistic medicine and has been practicing anti-aging medicine for the past 20 years. She received her medical degree from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, and completed her Internal Medicine residency postgraduate studies at Georgetown University Program and Nephrology Fellowship at National Institutes of Health. Dr. Kullick is a member of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Her search for answers for patients’ ailments led her on a path of natural healing, into the world of functional and alternative medicine. Through this exploration, she discovered many different ways to help patients take charge of their own health, by both preventing and finding the root cause of their ailments or imbalances. Whatever your health issues, the answers may exist in a simple nutrient deficiency or hormonal imbalance, which can be tested for and treated accordingly.

Margarita Kullick has 35 years experience as a nephrologist and has helped many patients avoid dialysis, reversed Insulin dependent diabetes and avoid the complications of diabetes. She has helped patients reverse macular degeneration, and halt the progression of many other conditions such as Spinal stenosis. She has also helped patients reverse their thyroid dysfunction through corrective action, and helped young patients with emotional issues, whether depression or anxiety, uncover and address the root of such issues. Through the years, Dr. Kullick has helped countless patients reach their long life journeys-to be functional in body and mind and to be happy.

Anti-Aging Medicine
With an aging population, Dr. Kullick saw a special need to assist people on their journey to healthy, happier selves, and this drove her interest in anti-aging medicine. Her approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation that includes a physical examination, testing of many markers of senescence (getting old) and nutrients and hormonal imbalances. There is no use in having an energetic body when your mind is gone or vice versa. She believes that brain function, the mind and body are all part of an orchestra that should be tuned as a whole to achieve the best result for the patient.

Dr. Claudia Campos, a healthcare practitioner and patient of Dr. Kullick, shares her thoughts about her: “Dr. Kullick is someone who empowers you to partake in the decisions impacting your health, explains the why and the how, provides you with cutting edge alternatives to find the most effective way to treat and/or prevent illness, and above all, she cares for her patients.”

Dr. Margarita Kullick is bilingual in English and Spanish, a frequent guest of local and national television and a published short story writer and medical writer for a Hispanic community publication.


Dr. Kullick, "NIHA saved my health and my life- twice!"

I first came to NIHA in 1999. After that I went for 5 years without so much as a cold. I'm 69 years old and on no prescription medications at all! I attribute that to the health restoration from NIHA when I worked with the practice from late 1999 into 2001.
But recently I have had several other issues with pain and diverticulitis and abcesses found in my colon. I went through my insurance and sought medical advice from traditional physicians. In a short period of time, they recommended that I get a pic line for antibiotics, and schedule a hospital stay for colon re-section surgery.

I know the importance of a whole body approach, a healthy diet, and practicing meditation and Reiki (Master level) on a daily basis and do my best to make my health a priority.The thought of colon surgery as my only option for healing did not fit with my understanding of what my body needed. So- I went back to NIHA because I needed a program with hope. I needed to find a physician who knew what was going on with me internally and could help me address my health issues.
Dr. Margarita Kullick is that person. She was able to read the MRI and immediately put me on a protocol addressing colon inflammation, diverticulitis pouches, two abscesses, two fistula and boosting overall health. Both my previous and current health issues were stress induced but created extremely different symptoms.
Now, months after being on Dr. Kullick's protocol, I feel the best I have felt in 10 years. My body has come back into balance to heal itself. The change is unbelievable. I no longer have colon inflammation, the diverticulitis pouches are no longer swollen, the abcesses are smaller and healing, and the fistula has healed.
Dr. Kullick is wonderful and I adore her. NIHA has saved my health- and my life- twice! It is worth every penny to me. 11/17



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