Dr. Mark McClure, DDS, FAGD

Dr. Mark J. McClure D.D.S., F.A.G.D_biologic_holistic_dentist_WashDC

Specialty: Biological Dentistry, Holistic Dentistry, Integrative Medical Dentistry

Practice Philosophy: Chronic and degenerative disease can be caused by toxic filling on teeth, jawbone infection, the bite, or airway problems. As a holistic dentist, I integrate your medical and dental problems to help restore you to health and promote your wellness. 

Areas of Focus:  All facets of  Biological Dentistry,  Family dentistry, Non-surgical Periodontal therapies, Oral surgery including removal of mercury fillings or toxic root canal teeth, cosmetic dentistry, head/face/neck pain associated with bite and jaw problems of TMJ.

Washington Consumers Checkbook “Top Dentists"

Member, IABDM, International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine


  • Dentistry degree, University of Maryland, 1973
  • Degree of Integrated Medical Doctor-Dentist (IMD-D), Capital University of Integrative Medicine (CUIM)
  • Fellow in the American Academy of General Dentistry
  • Former Provost and President of CUIM as well as Professor in the Department of Integrated Psychiatry and Neurobiology
  • Developer and founder of Denticare (of VA, DC,MD, and PA), the Dental Group, and National Integrated Health Associates, where he practices Biological Dentistry
  • His interest and studies in holistic health began in 1979, and has intensified throughout the years

Formal Education:
Catholic University of America 1965 – 1968
University of Maryland 1968 – 1969
University of Maryland, School of Dentistry 1969 - 1973
General Dentistry Residency V.A. Hospital, Washington, D.C., 1973 - 1974
Capital University of Integrated Medicine, Doctor of Integrated Medicine 1996 - 1998

Professional Practice:

1995-Present: National Integrated Health Associates, a comprehensive integrative medical and dental center designed to assess, treat and research chronic conditions of pain and illness, and health enhancement.
1981-2008: Private practice of General Dentistry at The Dental Group, a multi specialty and general dental group practice in Riverdale, MD.

Academic Appointments:
Howard University School of Dentistry

  • Instructor, Department of Removable Prosthodontics  1974-1978

Capital University of Integrated Medicine 1998-2005

  • Professor, Applied Neurobiology I and II (course leader)
  • Standards of Medicine (course leader)
  • Staff Professor, Clinical Externship I, II, Natural Medicine I, II
  • Provost, Capitol University of Integrated Medicine, Appointed Jan 1999
  • Department co-Chairman: Integrative Psychiatry and Neurobiology
  • President, Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Dec. 2004-2006



Dr. McClure

I like that Dr. McClure is conservative in his dental approach and does excellent work.P.M.

Curriculum Vitae
Mark J. McClure, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., Doctor of Integrative Medicine (CUIM)

Catholic University of America 1965- 1968
University of Maryland 1968-1969
University of Md. School of Dentistry 1969-1973
General Dentistry Residency- V.A. Hospital, Washington D.C. 1973-1974
Capital University of Integrative Medicine - Doctor of Integrative Medicine 1996-1998

The Dental Group, Riverdale Md.
Private practice of General Dentistry, a multi-specialty and general group practice

National Integrative Health Associates, Washington D.C.
A multi-specialty Integrative Medical-Dental group practice

State of Maryland, July 1973, Dentistry
District of Columbia, July 1973, October 1995, Dentistry
District of Columbia, October 1995, Doctor of Naturopathy (registration)

Academic Appointments:
Howard University, School of Dentistry 1974-1978
Capital University of Integrative Medicine 1999- 2005
Provost, Capital University of Integrative Medicine
Professor, Department of Spiritual, Psycho-emotional Neurobiology
Course Leader, Applied Neurobiology I and II
Professional Organizations: (abbreviated)
American Dental Association
Academy of General Dentistry
International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
American Academy of Neural Therapy
American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Holistic Dental Association
Awards, Offices, Appointment, etc. (abbreviated)
Cum Laude, U of Md., School of Dentistry 1973
Omicron Kappa Epsilon (National Dental Honor Fraternity)
Board of Denticare, President 1978-1990
National Registry of Who’s Who 2000
Metro Integrative Medicine Study Group 2000
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine,
review panel 2001
President’s Award for Excellence (CUIM) 2001
Journal of Capital University, co-editor 2001