Darin Somma Health Coach and Yoga Therapist in Washington DCSpecialty: Naturopathic Medicine

Practice Philosophy: My broad base of knowledge and experience from many disciplines of medicine from around the world helps me to find the best solution for my patients.

Areas of Focus:  Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Women’s health, Hormone Balancing, Insomnia, Infertility, Pain, Stress Management, Skin Conditions and Facial rejuvenation, Neurological problems, and Supportive treatment for cancer






Dr. Paymon Sadrolsadot is a highly skilled naturopath with over 20 years of integrative medicine experience.  He has professional experience as a physician, acupuncturist, educator and clinician as well as a history of working in the health and wellness industry. He combines Eastern and Western medical philosophies with integrative medicine and is well versed in stress management.

Dr. Sadrolsadot’s strong educational and clinical background is rooted in his medical training in Iran where he received his medical degree (MD) and practiced for 7 years as a family physician. He later moved to China and completed a 5-year PhD program in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Furthering his journey to natural medicine, he completed a doctorate degree of naturopathy as well as 2 years of residency program at Canadian College of Naturopathy Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto. 

He is a licensed, board certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) and on the faculty at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine (VUIM). He has been a member of the faculty at Canadian College of Naturopathy Medicine and instructor in the acupuncture program at Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine in Toronto. He has published in peer review journals, has presented at many international conferences, and has a wide variety of research interest.   

Paymon has a wealth of experience and medical training spanning multiple disciplines from around the world. His gifts and talents will be a great asset to patients looking for natural ways of healing.  

Areas of Specialty

While Paymon’s practice is varied, clients can take advantage of his master training in pain management, chronic fatigue, insomnia, facial rejuvenation, neurological problems and cancer supportive treatment.  His deep knowledge of conventional, complementary, and integrative medicine allows him to think deeply and find solutions for his patients' health. His approach is always very gentle and specific to each patient’s personal needs.  

In addition to English, Dr. Paymon speaks Mandarin and Persian. He, his wife, and 12-year-old son like to spend time exploring new areas in Maryland and Washington DC.   



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