Dr. Stephen Jaeger, DMD

Dr. Stephen Jaeger holistic dentist in DCSpecialty: General & Holistic Dentistry

Practice Philosophy: Dr. Jaeger believes the mouth is the gateway to the body and affects overall health. Along with a caring dental approach, he likes to educate patients on how lifestyle, diet and exercise help promote wellness.

Areas of Focus: All aspects of holistic family dentistry and dental treatments using nontoxic and biocompatible dental materials. This includes routine care, preventive & periodontal care, pediatric dentistry,  restorative dentistry, including same day crowns and bridges as appropriate and with respect to having a positive effect on the health of the patient.




Dr. Stephen Jaeger graduated with a B.S. from Penn State University followed by his dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Dentistry has always been in Dr. Jaeger’s family. Starting with his great uncle, followed by his mother, father, and uncle, he is the third-generation dentist his family. To him, dentistry is not just about fixing broken teeth or making sure the gums are healthy. He wholeheartedly believes in a holistic approach and understands the intricacies of the mouth and its structures as the gateway to the health of the whole body. Dr. Jaeger wants to ensure his patients are healthy orally as well as systemically.


Dr. Jaeger has always had a strong interest in health and wellness. At Penn State, he enjoyed the vast curriculum of science and medical classes as well as participated in clubs such as the CrossFit and Cycling club. While a dental student at The University of Penn, he founded the Outdoors Club to share his love of hiking, biking, kayaking and camping with his peers. With a great love of outdoor adventures, he led multiple outdoor excursions and promoted his fellow dental student’s wellbeing.

Prior to coming to National Integrated Health Associates, Dr. Jaeger brought his vision of holistic dentistry with him from his time on the Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana. He provided comprehensive and emergent dental care to the American Indian population while also promoting his patient’s wellness in areas like diet, tobacco use and exercise. In addition to dentistry, he loved the opportunity to explore Big Sky Country and the Rocky Mountains and experience the spectacular wonders of our country such as Glacier National Park and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness.

Ultimately, he and his fiancé decided to settle down in the Washington D.C. area where she works as a veterinarian. NIHA is a perfect fit for Dr. Jaeger because of a shared vision of holistic dentistry and medicine and an emphasis on the patients' overall health. At NIHA, Dr. Jaeger will blend an understanding of each individual patient’s needs and develop a treatment plan to maximize their wellbeing while also integrating the latest in dental technology such as lasers, 3D imaging and same day crowns.

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