Julianne O'Dwyer_NIHA health coach

Specialty: Health and Wellness Coaching

Practice Philosophy: I am an advocate for the power of nutrition and detoxification.  My goal is to empower clients to regain control of their health by teaching them to support their body with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on health.

Areas of Focus:  As a health coach, helping to implement healthy lifestyle changes in those with Pain, Heavy Metals & Mold toxicity, Candida/Yeast, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, or hormonal issues by incorporating  nutrition, overall detoxification, healthy home/environment, and fitness.




Julianne’s long time interest in health and natural options was brought to the forefront when she faced her own health issues. An avid competitive athlete and skier from Denver, Julianne’s active life came to a screeching halt when she contracted Lyme Disease. Julianne’s decision to take a natural approach to healing, without the use of antibiotics or pharmaceutical drugs, pursued extensive detoxification which enabled her to not only fully recover, but return to her athletic pursuits. Undergoing cleansing and detoxification of toxic build-up and parasites had a dramatic impact on her recovery.

Julianne also recovered from debilitating mercury toxicity, chronic fatigue, mold toxicity, thyroid imbalance and pain by focusing on healing and hydration at the cellular level. She firmly believes dehydration contributes to many health conditions, hence her commitment to educate clients on the necessity for high quality water.

Julianne believes the body can naturally heal itself if given the proper nutritional and lifestyle tools. She is a co-coordinator of NIHA’s Health Essentials Coaching Program, which provides step-by-step guidelines for a healthier lifestyle, namely organic, non-GMO food; optimal water hydration; electric & magnetic fields (EMFs) and WIFI mitigation; sustainable household cleaning products; organic personal care products; clean home indoor air; body cleansing and detoxification from toxic build-up.


Co-Coordinator of Grow Your Health Gardening, Local Food & Wellness Festival in Fairfax, VA.
International consulting for KPMG - Moscow, Ukranian UTEL Consortium, Nomura & Hitachi Research Institute
Corporate marketing for Qwest Communications, Savvis/CenturyLink Cricket Communications,
Executive Director, Coalition for Government Procurement, representing government contractors to the GSA


Education and Workshops
International MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Glendale, AZ
Healing Naturally from Lyme Disease – Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD
Autonomic Response Testing (ART muscle-testing) – Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD
Impact of Mercury Toxicity on Health & Steps to Detoxify – Dr Hal Huggins, DDS
Homotoxicology – Dr Robert Cass, ND
Terrain Analysis – Dr Stephen Atkins, PhD
Hydration Workshops including water filtration systems


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