Specialty:  Holistic Practitioner

Practice Philosophy: I specialize in treatments that affect the entire body and are natural ways to dissipate tension and ease discomfort from common health issues.

Areas of Focus: Body detoxification therapies such as ionic footbath and paraffin wax treatments




I am passionate about the work I do to help lead my clients to a path of better health. I have been doing body detoxification for over 10 years. My clients leave me feeling secure, relaxed, and detoxed.


Why Detoxification is Important for Health

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. There are many harmful substances that we are exposed to daily. While the body can naturally eliminate toxins, over time the chemicals in food, water, air, and personal care products may accumulate in the body and affect one's vitality, energy and health, as the toxic load stresses our systems.

Detoxification of the skin and body through cleansing therapies helps release toxins, restore balance, rejuvenate and revitalize the body.

Detox can be done with gentle, cleansing spa therapies for basic detoxification, or medically supervised by a physician for a more comprehensive, advanced program of therapies.

• Detoxification enhances the immune system and the reparative, anti-aging faculties of the body.

• Cleansing the body has been an ancient ritual in many cultures as we move from one season to another.

• Decreasing the toxic load on our system may improve digestion, skin tone, energy, weight management, sleep, hormonal imbalances, immunity and overall wellbeing.

• The reversal of toxic accumulation is often helpful for recovery and to restore health, especially when dealing with a chronic infection or disease as advised by your doctor.

• Detoxification can rehabilitate cells and healthy living can aid in the process.


Education & Certifications

Focus on Healing, Mt. Rainer, MD, 2007

Certified Reflexologist

K.Marie Hall

The sweetest, kindest woman ever. She is welcoming and helpful, especially when giving me advice on making healthier choices in life. 2017