Dr. Karen White holistic dentist

Specialty: Holistic Family Dentistry, Biological Dentistry, Integrative Medical Dentistry

Practice Philosophy: I believe that everything in the body is connected and the body gives signals when things are starting to deteriorate. We need to pay attention to the body.

Areas of Focus: Holistic & Biological dentistry, natural ways to support and help the body heal.


University of Michigan 1976
Howard University College of Dentistry 1980

The Academy of General Dentistry
HDA, Holistic Dental Association
IABDM, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

Dr. White has always had an affinity for how nature and plants are used to help heal and strengthen our bodies. While majoring in biology in college, she took many classes in botany to learn about the different species of plant and how they were implemented for healing and consumption. She first became interested in holistic and biological dentistry soon after graduation when she was an associate dentist for Dr. Lovell Ferris in Detroit, Michigan. As her mentor, Dr. Ferris encouraged her interest in natural therapies. He taught her  the unique fields of acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, and the use of biocompatible materials used in dentistry.

Dr. White has since become an entrepreneur and dental professional with over thirty-six years of experience in holistic dentistry. She has built and sold two practices; one in Detroit, Michigan and the other in rural Toledo, Iowa.

She has a passion for helping improve our health and our lives. She believes that everything in the body is connected and the body gives signals when things are starting to deteriorate, but too often we ignore them due to our very busy schedules. Her calling is to educate, heal and give back what she has learned throughout her career.

Dr. White, no stress dental

"No stress dental environment. Felt at home and staff was interested in me as a person." 9/16