Kuno_Bachbauer_therapist in DC

Specialty: Holistic Psychotherapy

Practice Philosophy: A holistic approach that engages all aspects of a person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. For an integrative path of healing and well-being, it is important to include a psycho-emotional component for treatment of the whole person.

Area of Focus:  Holistic Psychotherapy for individuals and in a group. Kuno is the facilitator for  "Healing from Within" therapy for those with cancer or chronic illness, emphasizing factors that promote health and well-being, personal growth, and quality of life.




Kuno Bachbauer, Dr. med (Austria), L.M.F.T.,  is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Washington, DC. Originally, with an academic background as a medical doctor* (Vienna, Austria), he is skilled in a variety of counseling methods and body psychotherapy modalities. He is certified in Core Energetics, Gestalt therapy, and Family Constellations work. As a group psychotherapist with 20 years of experience, he is providing programs that encourage and promote well-being, personal growth and spiritual transformation of his clients.

Practice Philosophy

“One of my special interest areas is the integration of holistic psychotherapy within a medical setting. Following my 30-year long interest in psychosomatic medicine, I continue to explore all aspects of the “Mind-Body Connection”. I understand that a person is an undividable “functional whole” - BODY, EMOTIONS, MIND, WILL & SPIRIT. A “holistic” approach that engages all aspects of a person is necessary. For an integrative path of healing and wellbeing it is important to include a “psycho-emotional” component. This is why I offer a group counseling process for patients at NIHA that provides deep insight, stress-release, and emotional balance based on revolutionary new findings in somatic psychology, brain science, trauma work, and affective neurobiology.”


Kuno now offers a psycho-emotional process at NIHA. Connection heals!

Kuno invites NIHA patients to consider combining the many healing modalities offered at NIHA with the psycho-emotional release work, inter-personal support and profound connection such therapy can offer. HEALING FROM WITHIN is designed to support patients with long-standing chronic or complex health issues, such as cancer or chronic illness.

Specific Goals for Wellness Promotion
1) Give clients a supportive, creative, and emotional outlet to explore inner experiences
2) Help clients master deep life challenges, illness, loss, trauma, and existential conflicts
3) Encourage patients to make healthy lifestyle choices, and to choose to take charge of their life
4) Guide clients to discover a new spiritual vision and an empowered out-look to life

Certificates & Trainings:
• Doctorate in Medicine, University of Vienna, Austria (1978)
• Institute of Core Energetics , Core Energetics 4-year Practitioner (1992) & postgraduate Training (1995)
• The Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Center of Washington, D.C. (1990)
• Hellinger Institute USA, Systemic Family Constellations Work, New York, NY (2002)
• Tikkun Learning Center: Encounter-centered Couples Therapy (2014-current)

* Kuno Bachbauer holds an academic M.D. degree from Austria (Dr. med.), but he is not licensed in the United States and does not practice medicine.