Scott Richards, Holistic Practitioner

Specialty:  Holistic Practitioner

Practice Philosophy:  To support patients with holistic functional assessment techniques and therapies.

Areas of Focus:  Erchonia Laser for pain relief and range of motion, Autonomic Response Testing and Allergy Elimination Technique (AET), and adjunctive therapies for detoxification, allergy treatment, or pain.




Certifications & Professional Memberships:
Auricular Acupuncture
Emotional Transformation Therapy
Erchonia Infrared Laser Therapy

B.A. – University of Maryland

Autonomic Response Therapy; Mark McClure, D.D.S.
Applied Psycho-Neurobiology Level 1; American Academy of Neural Therapy, Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD.
Emotional Transformation Therapy Levels 1 through 4; Steven Vasquez,  PhD.
Erchonia Laser Therapy; Richard Aimy, D.C., Jeff Spencer, D.C.

Many of the NIHA doctors refer to Scott Richards to support their patients during treatment and detoxification. Scott is trained in many holistic diagnostic techniques and healing therapies which support  the electrical regulation of the body, which represents the second level of healing. These techniques and therapies support the patient by  calming the autonomic nervous system and gaining insight into underlying issues, which enhances healing on a deeper level.

Further, these techniques are especially useful during treatment for detoxification, heavy metals, allergies, chronic illness, pain and on-going health issues that do not resolve. They are also helpful when a "quick solution" may be most effective; erchonia laser can help ease pain in a new injury, and allergy elimination therapy may calm the autonomic nervous system.

Assessments and Holistic Therapies:

Autonomic Response Testing, ART: A highly effective biofeedback assessment technique to determine disturbances in the body and possible remedies. It is an advanced form of muscle testing that can help identify root cause issues and where to focus therapies.
Allergy Elimination Therapy, AET: A non-invasive, pleasant biofeedback technique used to identify and desensitize the body to allergens
Emotional Transformation Therapy, ETT: A  non-invasive, mind-body therapeutic approach developed by Stephen Vazquez, PhD. It involves the use of frequency, color, and multi-directional eye movements to bring about a deep and lasting change and healing.
Erchonia Laser Therapy: Cold laser therapy to treat pain and range of motion, used by many athletes for peak performance.
Color and Light Therapy: To access and help resolve underlying sub-conscious psycho-emotional issues.


Scott Richards

" I had AET, Allergy Elimination Technique, for heavy metal sensitivity with Scott Richards before removal of my mercury dental fillings. After the AET session, the ear pressure and chronic inflammation that I had for over 2 decades resolved literally overnight. I had additional AET sessions for MCS and tree/grass pollen. My symptoms have improved so much that I no longer need to take any antihistamines, and I was taking them 10 months of the year before AET. 4/15