We deeply appreciate our patients' reviews and comments, because we want to be as personally and organizationally healthy in mind, body and spirit as possible too!  We know that each of our healers is unique and that finding the best match between patient and practitioner improves healing.  We present these reviews, with patient permission, as patients have written them, whether positive or critical.  We know that we can always improve and believe that these reviews are helping us to do that.




I cracked a tooth while in Florida and called for an appointment. NIHA was able to see me the next day. They were also able to repair the tooth with minimal work and cost. Dr McClure and his staff are the best. Highly recommend them for excellent dental needs. 2021

Dr. McClure was a hero

Just a note to say a very earnest thank you to your office and Dr. McClure for making a radical impact on a human life or two. 

I’ve been coming to the office with my kids for just a few months and have been impressed overall and pleased with the quality of care in general. It was what I was hoping for from a medical/wellness perspective.   But the warm, can-do, positive minded, supportive staff are a breath of fresh air and cherry on top.  

As a single mom, the cost of dental care has been overwhelming.  And I’m not sure where the money will come from everytime I run my card, but I trust it will keep showing up.  I’m also simultaneously aware of my good fortune, my privilege and relative good health - that there are so many people far less resourced and in much greater need of than I.   I  was taking a deep breath into that trust as I was checking out a few weeks ago and thought to just ask if Dr. McClure, NIHA ever does ‘charity’ work. 

As I asked, I had someone in mind who is working hard in recovery after a fairly traumatic 25 years of trauma and resulting alcohol and substance abuse. The hard life impacted his smile (on the outside and inside) and he was pretty sure he would need significant dental care to restore his smile (and zeal for life).  The  cost of which would be insurmountable for him.

I’ve been blown away by the response to this request.  The staff said a quick yes to my question and booked an appointment for my friend Miles on the spot. And last week Dr. McClure was a hero. Providing expert care, radical compassion and unexpected generosity, he deeply restored confidence on many levels for Miles.  This is not a small gift.  It is the gift of being able to live life with more vitality, openness and integrity. 

So, thank you.   You are making huge impacts.  We’ll be in and out of the office in the coming months (and years). Please let me know if there is anyway I can support the success of NIHA.

Warmly, D. Quynn, Founder, SOL Yoga Studio, 2021


Dr. McClure is exceptionally competent

Dr. McClure and his staff are great! I traveled from a rural area of PA to Washington DC for my appointment and was surprised and pleased to be treated with such warmth and kindness from the “big city” people. They know their stuff too as everyone easily answered all my questions. Dr. McClure is exceptionally competent and skillful yet he’s a down to earth guy, so I felt more relaxed and at ease. Doctible Review

Dental and Dr. McClure, helping the body heal itself

Have you ever experienced love at your dentist's office?  That's what I experience every time I visit the office of Mark McClure, DDS, at National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA).  When I first met Dr. McClure in December 2019, he did what no dentist (and no other physician of any kind) has ever done:  He took my hands, looked me in the eye, and said, "I'm so happy to meet you" (or words to that effect).  I was smitten.  I've now been through 5 procedures with him between January and April of this year:  mercury removal, damaged tooth repair via crown, bridge removal, new crown on bridge anchor tooth, and extraction of root canal tooth.  For each procedure, Dr. McClure was present and caring.

In particular regarding the extraction:  I was very afraid of having the extraction and put it off for months. Though I accepted Dr. McClure's assessment that the root canal tooth was leaching toxins into my body and his recommendation to extract it, I'm very against invasive procedures, especially removing body parts!  He never pushed me to do it - just educated me with stacks of materials.  I came to my own conclusion and did it.

As the extraction was about to begin, I expressed my worry and began asking him what the steps of the procedure would be.  Dr. McClure looked me in the eye and said, "I'm a good surgeon."   I realized in that moment that I could trust him, so I gave the go-ahead.  He prayed with me.  I asked for someone to hold my hand.  Dr. McClure said, "Shirley is a professional hand-holder."  He called her in, and she held my hands tightly throughout the entire 20-minute procedure. By the way, the procedure, which took place 3 weeks ago, went well, and I'm healing fine.

I could go on and on with other examples of Dr. McClure's care.  If anyone wants to contact me directly for more, I'll be happy to oblige.  I'll end with another question:  Have you ever been to a dentist's office where your concerns were sincerely listened to and assuaged by accessible staff members, no matter how many times you called or emailed?  I hadn't, until I went to Dr. McClure's office.  Dental practice manager Laurie Parrinello, dental associates Nicole terElst and Scott Richards, dental technicians Kia and Alem, and the above-mentioned Shirley Butler, have all been way more than 100% supportive.

Finally, I'm not even mentioning the holistic nature of the practice - that would be a whole other email. Suffice it to say that It's such a relief to visit a medical office that speaks my language of helping the body heal itself. Thank you, NIHA! 5/20


Laurie and Nicole in Dental

I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for working on getting all the information for my insurance. Your work paid off big time and my insurance covered almost 50% of the bill! This made a big difference for me and I'm very appreciative to you both!

Dr. McClure and Dental Team

I am so grateful for the care that I received from Dr. McClure and the phenomenal team. I was emotionally overcome by the end results of my treatment. I was immediately able to reap the benefits of the procedures for my chronic bacterial circulatory infection and now, untold, afflictions are curtailed. And if that was not enough, I was chartered to and from your headquarters with divine intervention.

This opportunity with Dr. McClure and team fortifies my body to continue my duties free of premature exhaustion, enhanced gaiety, and overall healing of my mind, body, and spirit.

My inspired duties are to employ daily, empirical, multi-sensory learning outcomes for our at-risk youth in East Orange, NJ as a special education teacher. These objectives are not easily implemented as the road is unpaved, the expenses are not allocated in the school budget and the necessity of training my assistants are components of my professional mission. The success or immediate results of these world class objectives is the fuel needed to propel our inspired team and create an environment similar to your office. For it is truly a miracle, the effects are immeasurable and ultimately who we are as Americans.

In my case, all of this is true with the root canal tooth, the four cavitations, and the chronic bacterial infection; tears flood my eyes imagining what is possible. Now that I’m am free of these conditions, during the summer, I will dwell in the possibilities preparing to employ our greatest attempts to date for the 2019 - 2020 school year and beyond. With all the warmth and gratitude I can covey via this email; thank you!

In closing, I controlled my desire to rejoice teary eyed and bear hug Dr. McClure and team, it is my intention for this note to deliver that sentiment and hugs. 6/19


Facebook Review

Best Dentist office in DMV! I love it.. 3/19

Dr. Weiner, Dental

I feel like I found the perfect match for my needs with Dr. Weiner and look foward to getting well! 7/18

Dental, "I saved thousands of dollars and left feeling cared for."

From NIHA- G.B. was so happy to have found a biological dentist she wrote about it in her blog. We appreciate the shout out! 2/18    http://www.selfcarewithgracy.com/blog/2018/2/wednesday-214.html

Dr. Weiner

Satisfied with everything in dental. Very informative and not pressured into anything. 8/17

Dr. Weiner and dental

Dr. Weiner is so knowledgeable and kind- I feel I am in good hands. I appreciate the assistant's help as well, she was great as was John.  7/17

Dr. Weiner

I like the thorough, slow and deliberate approach by Dr. Weiner and very personalable staff. Thank you! 6/17

Dr. McClure and Laurie DeRosa

My dental visit was amazing! My teeth feel clean and healthy. The use of the microscope to analyze the bacteria in my mouth was interesting and helped me to ge a fuller understanding of my dental health. 6/17

Dr. McClure, If you are looking for a practice you can trust...

I want to tell you all about our experience with Dr. McClure because I know taking kids to a dentist is a big fear for most parents. Plus it was really hard to find information on the right dentist for us in the DC area so I figured other parents would find this useful.

I absolutely love this practice and now my entire family goes there. Find out what to expect and why you should go there, especially if you have kids. 

Dr. Weiner, a pleasure to come to the dentist- now!

Always a pleasure to come to the dentist- now! Friendly atmosphere, surrounded by professionals. From the front door to the exit everything is top notch. This is why we drive 2 hours to get here!  2017

Dr. Weiner

Great at dental pain management. Dr. was nice about explaining and he eased my mind because I was a little scared. 2/17

Dr. Janbakhsh

"The wholistic dental approach was reassuring and encouraging. The follow up is very good and made me feel well cared for. Thanks Dr. Jan."

No stress dental

"No stress dental environment. Felt at home and staff was interested in me as a person."

Dr. Weiner

"Very informative. Jessica was lovely and Dr. Weiner provided a lot of illuminating info. I look forward to my treatment plan." 9/16

Dr. Janbakhsh

"Thank you for being a nice, patient and particularly thorough dentist - and for making me feel so much better." 8/16