We deeply appreciate our patients' reviews and comments, because we want to be as personally and organizationally healthy in mind, body and spirit as possible too!  We know that each of our healers is unique and that finding the best match between patient and practitioner improves healing.  We present these reviews, with patient permission, as patients have written them, whether positive or critical.  We know that we can always improve and believe that these reviews are helping us to do that.



Dr. Kannankeril

The doctor, Dr. Kannankeril, really cared for me! She was very interested in my overall well-being.

Laurie DeRosa, Dental

Most satisfactory was the way Laurie, dental hygienist,  treated me and my sonbwith friendliness and gave us information about what we needed to do to improve our oral hygiene.

Laurie DeRosa, Dental

Everything is more than satisfactory. Laurie DeRosa is the best dental technician I've ever encountered, and always a pleasure to talk to.

Dr. Kannankeril

I love Dr. Kannankeril. She's caring, kind and knowledgeable. She has great intuition and always tries her best to help her patients.

NIHA and Dr. Kannankeril

NIHA is the best doctor's office I have ever been to. Dr. Kannankeril is very thorough, kind and understanding. I love coming here, and visits almost seem like a calming therapy session. I have recommended the office to many friends and two are now patients too.

Dr. Coy Roskosky saved me from surgery

Dr. Coy treated my carpal tunnel syndrome and I was able to avoid surgery!   Read more



Laurie DeRosa, Dental

Laurie DeRosa is personable and competent. It is very difficult to get an appointment with her.

NOTE*  Yes, true. To address this, we encourage you book your next 6 month appointment prior to leaving the office so you can be assured of getting your preferred time. We do get cancellations, so please always call to see how we can help.


This place is a godsend.


This place is peaceful, warm, clean, accessible and more. Many of the airborne allergens have been removed.

NOTE*  NIHA has a state-of-the-art air purification system to keep our allergic and/or chemically sensitive patients more comfortable.


I am happy to drive into DC to receive the kind of dental care I experience here.


" I am always impressed with the level of care at NIHA." 

Dr. Coy Roskosky has given me great relief from pain

I love Dr. Coy- he is so good at what he does, has given me great relief from tightness and pain- and has such a great fun personality.


The office environment is calm and conducive to relaxing you before you have your visit. I never feel anxious when coming for an appointment.

Dr. Coy Roskosky

Awesome appointment with Dr. Coy- We got my neck to crack on the stiff/tight side for the first time in 20 years! He is the most amazing chiropractor!

Dr. Janbakhsh

I compared prices for dental implants in my local office and in NIHA. I had to pay money for assessment but it was a good lesson for me. Price was much lower at NIHA and they have a safe procedure to remove mercury which I did...She (Dr. Janbakhsh) removed filling and let me decide if I will do the same with other teeth. Yes, billing is not perfect but the treatment is more important. "


I love the personal attention and time spent answering my questions about thermography, explaining everything, and addressing all issues. Unlike any other medical experience.

Dr. Kannankeril

Dr. Kannankeril is the best doctor I have ever had. A most caring person!

Dr. Gant

I am so happy that it is possible to perform such specific and thorough testing and to be able to work with an encouraging and brilliant doctor as Dr. Gant.

Dr. Frandsen

Dr. Frandsen is very thorough and on-site lab are the most satisfactory parts. Also she's a compassionate doctor with knowledge of my issues that are not even validated by conventional doctors.

Dr. McClure

Dr. McClure and entire dental staff: Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and courtesy. I am petrified of dental offices and I really appreciate all that you did for me. The care received from NIHA is irreplaceable in Washington DC. K.C.