We deeply appreciate our patients' reviews and comments, because we want to be as personally and organizationally healthy in mind, body and spirit as possible too!  We know that each of our healers is unique and that finding the best match between patient and practitioner improves healing.  We present these reviews, with patient permission, as patients have written them, whether positive or critical.  We know that we can always improve and believe that these reviews are helping us to do that.



Dr. Coy Roskosky is a true healer

I feel better after 4 visits with Dr.Coy than I did after 1 1/2 years with my previous chiropractor! Dr.Coy is a true healer and compassionate practitioner.

Dr. Kannankeril finding solutions

I have needed someone to look deeper with me in finding solutions. Pretty sure Dr.Kannankeril is that person.

Dr. McClure

I really liked Dr.McClure's gentle manner while performing my dental procedure.

Dr. Janbakhsh concern and care

The most satisfying was Dr. Janbakhsh's and staff concern and care for my comfort during the dental procedures. Everyone is so friendly and I love the MERCURY FREE song!

Lyme Disease

I finally have hope to get my life back from Lyme disease.

Dr. Janbakhsh

Really, I was that happy with my dental appointment with Dr. Jan. I was referred by DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) online research.

Dr. McClure is the most caring & informative dentist

Dr.McClure is the most caring & informative dentist I have ever known. My bite is better than it has ever been and it was hard to know how bad it really was until I felt what "great" feels like. THANK YOU!

Dr. McClure great dental care

What great dental care by Dr. McClure! He does such a professional job, makes the patient feel very confident.

Scott Richards

With Scott Richard's education, explanation, attitude and treatment I noticed shifts in my body tension, releasing right away.


I was treated with respect, kindness and patience in the lab for my IV's.

Dr. McClure

I look forward to each visit (with Dr. McClure) for my treatment and learning so much about health. NIHA has not only changed my health for now but also for my future.

Dr. Coy Roskosky, truly integrated

Truly integrated - Dr. Coy thought I would benefit from acupuncture and traded appointments with the acupuncturist. Amazing!

Dr. Kannankeril, I'm grateful

I am grateful to Dr. Kannankeril for making me feel better than I have in years after her caring treatment. She makes me feel good about myself and my health.

Dr. McClure saving the patient money and time

Dr. McClure is the best dentist I have ever found. He believes in the healing power of the body and thus only uses procedures that work with it. He only does what is absolutely necessary- saving the patient money and time.

Scott Richards

I felt I was in very capable hands. Scott Richards explained the desensitization process in a way that gave me hope.