We deeply appreciate our patients' reviews and comments, because we want to be as personally and organizationally healthy in mind, body and spirit as possible too!  We know that each of our healers is unique and that finding the best match between patient and practitioner improves healing.  We present these reviews, with patient permission, as patients have written them, whether positive or critical.  We know that we can always improve and believe that these reviews are helping us to do that.

Dr. McClure

"No pain! The dentist and asst. were very kind, gentle and helped me to relax." 11/15

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril listened to me. She showed empathy, compassion, love and gave me confidence that she knew how to help me to heal." 10/15


"Excellent, life savers, waited 20 years to take mercury amalgams out and wouldn't do it anywhere else. Professional staff, knowledgable, you guys rock, keep doing what you are doing. you guys are life savers." 10/15

Dr. Janbakhsh

"All good. The staff are responsive and Dr. Jan answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly." 9/15

Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure and Staff,

I had my 6 mercury amalgams taken out approximately 5 weeks ago and it was the best dental experience of my life.

The protocol of detoxing first along with allergy testing  gave me greater confidence in NIHA Dental caring for my needs.

The whole procedure was seamless to me. Upon driving back to work I realized my head felt lighter and I didn't even have the sick feeling that I usually get from the novocaine.

The followup was great and the fact NIHA Dental educates the patient to do continued detoxification because of the mercury as well as other environmental factors that will detract from our health.

I also have had slight restless leg syndrome; no symptoms have occurred since my fillings were taken out.  Mercury free and I'm loving it.

Many thanks for your dedicated service of healing!" 10/15

Dr. Weiner

"Dr. Weiner was very informative and thorough. Integrating dental with overall health; cutting edge knowledge of nutrition and mind/body connection. He answered questions no one else could or would answer." 9/15


"I want to share my experience with Dr. McClure and holistic family dentistry. My insurance reimbursement was a very efficient process. I think I got my check in 3 days! And  I can't stand needles and this was quite a painless experience. I am very pleased." 9/15

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Carol "Anandi" Richardson

"After my first visit with Carol Richardson, I felt happier than I have in my entire life! My second session of hypnotherapy brought me to a point of clarity and a positive outlook for my future." 9/15

Dr. Janbakhsh

 "I love everyone in this dental office! I'm always taken care of with great care- everyone treats you like family." 8/15

Dr. Kannankeril

"Dr. Kannankeril is wonderful! She is the first doctor to ever get answers to my health problems." 7/15


"Everyone (Dr. McClure, Laurie DeRosa) was very prompt and professional. You have a great dental practice." 7/15

Dr. Frandsen

"Dr. Frandsen, My stomach is feeling significantly better and I can't thank you enough for helping me." 7/15

Dr. Kannankeril

"I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Kannankeril and the NIHA staff! I did not feel like a number walking out the door and even though I arrived late for my appointment, I still received top quality and professional service. Dr. K was very attentive to my needs and I look forward to my follow up appointment". 6/15

Dr. McClure

"The amount of kind and professional care and time give to me by Dr. McClure was outstanding." 6/15

Dr. Coy Roskosky

"Dr. Coy is the BEST chiropractor I've ever had!" 6/15

Dr. McClure

"Dr. McClure is the best dentist I have ever been to- and I have been to many. Painless, quick, great chairside manner, and he made me feel very comfortable." 6/15

Dr. Coy Roskosky

"I really appreciated Dr. Coy explaining why I was having pain and what the underlying issues are. He then clearly detailed everything he did in advance." 5/15

Scott Richards

" I had AET, Allergy Elimination Technique, for heavy metal sensitivity with Scott Richards before removal of my mercury dental fillings. After the AET session, the ear pressure and chronic inflammation that I had for over 2 decades resolved literally overnight. I had additional AET sessions for MCS and tree/grass pollen. My symptoms have improved so much that I no longer need to take any antihistamines, and I was taking them 10 months of the year before AET. 4/15

Laurie DeRosa

"Laurie DeRosa is just excellent. Very skilled and makes dental cleaning a breeze. I recommend her to everyone I know." 5/15

Dr. Gant

"Coming here was a miracle for me- finally I didn't have every doctor telling me that I'm crazy and there is nothing wrong with me where there is!" 5/15