We deeply appreciate our patients' reviews and comments, because we want to be as personally and organizationally healthy in mind, body and spirit as possible too!  We know that each of our healers is unique and that finding the best match between patient and practitioner improves healing.  We present these reviews, with patient permission, as patients have written them, whether positive or critical.  We know that we can always improve and believe that these reviews are helping us to do that.


"Everyone (Dr. McClure, Laurie DeRosa) was very prompt and professional. You have a great dental practice." 7/15

Laurie DeRosa

"Laurie DeRosa is just excellent. Very skilled and makes dental cleaning a breeze. I recommend her to everyone I know." 5/15

Laurie DeRosa

"Laurie DeRosa (dental hygienist) is great, informative and dedicated to teaching and open to learning. I feel well cared for in every regard." 10/14

Dr. McClure

"I love coming here for my dental care. The staff is friendly and really care. Dr. McClure is a great dentist. Anyone who can remove 14 mercury fillings with no novocaine (at my request) pain free is a miracle dentist. The dental care is great. 8/14

Laurie DeRosa

"Laurie DeRosa  is attentive and welcoming, my dental cleaning was gentle and painless." 6/14


Excellent personalities, excellent dental care, excellent methodologies- we travel long distance to take advantage of all this. E.H.S. May 2014


"Laurie DeRosa (NIHA dental) is efficient, comprehensive and state-of-the-art." 5/13

Laurie De Rosa excellent hygienist

"Laurie DeRosa is an excellent hygienist and her skill and expertise is evident in her work and the way she relates to patients."

Laurie De Rosa, holistic approach

"Laurie DeRosa is a superb practitioner- she's not just cleaning teeth but coaches you on a holistic approach to health...calm, capable and competent and she puts you at ease." 3/5/13

Laurie DeRosa handled my dental anxiety

"Laurie DeRosa handled my dental anxieties well- she was gentle and communicated with me in a way that was reassuring." 2/13

Laurie DeRosa best dental cleaning ever

"The best dental cleaning ever! Fast, no pain, thanks Laurie!"