We deeply appreciate our patients' reviews and comments, because we want to be as personally and organizationally healthy in mind, body and spirit as possible too!  We know that each of our healers is unique and that finding the best match between patient and practitioner improves healing.  We present these reviews, with patient permission, as patients have written them, whether positive or critical.  We know that we can always improve and believe that these reviews are helping us to do that.


The most professional lab team-ever.

Dr. Bradley

Dr. Bradley is a well-rounded and dedicated professional. She has charisma with my newborn, and is willing to extend herself to other sources in order to answer my questions. She has demonstrated collaboration with other professionals in the field and is attentive to the needs of the patient. I would highly recommend her as your child's primary physician. 9/18

Dr. Gant

For the first time, I actually feel relief to bring my 3 year old to the doctor. Dr. Gant is exceptionally knowledgeable and thoroughly explains everything. His team is well organized and friendly. 9/18

Colon Hydrotherapy, Romunda Ings

Romunda Ings was excellent- she was very knowledgeable, patient and experienced! NIHA offers great colonic therapy. 6/18


The Lab staff is amazing. Even when the place is of full of patients, they give good technical care and support. Very responsive. They are the best! 5/18

"Great news Dr. Frandsen! My allergy symptoms have been negligible"

Great News Dr Frandsen....so far this Spring (Tree) Allergy Season -my symptoms have been very negligible to light!! Hopefully, as the Weather warms, my allergic responses will remain Mild! Right On Dr Frandsen....as I have said Your practical understandings of Bio-Physiological Chemistry Is Superb!!! Thanks Again!!! Dr. B. 4/18

Lyme Disease, "I had a total turn around- they changed my life."

Video Testimonial


Dental, "I saved thousands of dollars and left feeling cared for."

From NIHA- G.B. was so happy to have found a biological dentist she wrote about it in her blog. We appreciate the shout out! 2/18    http://www.selfcarewithgracy.com/blog/2018/2/wednesday-214.html

Cathlene Heideman

Cathlene saw me for the first time and listened intently to everything I threw at her, assimilated it quickly and formulated a solid plan that confirmed what I was thinking & made me comfortable and confident about her care. 2/18

Dr. Cannon

Dr. Cannon really listens, and is very thorough. I come in with lots of questions and anxieties and I leave with concrete strategies and peace of mind. Thank you! 11/17

"NIHA saved my health and my life- twice!"

I first came to NIHA in 1999. After that I went for 5 years without so much as a cold. I'm 69 years old and on no prescription medications at all! I attribute that to the health restoration from NIHA when I worked with the practice from late 1999 into 2001.
But recently I have had several other issues with pain and diverticulitis and abcesses found in my colon. I went through my insurance and sought medical advice from traditional physicians. In a short period of time, they recommended that I get a pic line for antibiotics, and schedule a hospital stay for colon re-section surgery.

I know the importance of a whole body approach, a healthy diet, and practicing meditation and Reiki (Master level) on a daily basis and do my best to make my health a priority.The thought of colon surgery as my only option for healing did not fit with my understanding of what my body needed. So- I went back to NIHA because I needed a program with hope. I needed to find a physician who knew what was going on with me internally and could help me address my health issues.
Dr. Margarita Kullick is that person. She was able to read the MRI and immediately put me on a protocol addressing colon inflammation, diverticulitis pouches, two abscesses, two fistula and boosting overall health. Both my previous and current health issues were stress induced but created extremely different symptoms.
Now, months after being on Dr. Kullick's protocol, I feel the best I have felt in 10 years. My body has come back into balance to heal itself. The change is unbelievable. I no longer have colon inflammation, the diverticulitis pouches are no longer swollen, the abcesses are smaller and healing, and the fistula has healed.
She is wonderful and I adore her. NIHA has saved my health- and my life- twice! It is worth every penny to me. 11/17


Dr. Gant

NIHA is great. Dr. Gant and staff are the best. Love the lab and Frank (in the lab). 11/17

Dr. Bradley

Very knowledgeable and really took her time with my son. My son felt very happy when we left the office. 11/17


Marie and Marcus made the check out process smooth. Both were enthusiastic, helpful, personable and organized. Both deserve recognition as customer service experts! 9/17

Romunda Ings

Excellent care, knowledge and patience. I highly recommend her and I will be coming back. 8/17

Romunda Ings

Everything was excellent (colonics and Romunda Ings) and I am extremely satisfied. I will return. 7/17

All tension gone!

The oxygen steam cabinet was wonderful! All tension gone and Arthur Totten takes good care of you. 7/17

K. Marie Hall

After my appointment with K.Marie Hall I had the best night of sleep that I have had in the last 6 months! 6/17

Dr. Gant, my daughter...now has hope!


I have nothing but good things to say! This is the place you go when you have exhausted every doctor possible and you will get the attention and the results you have been looking for! My daughter has been sick for over 3 years. My daughter was losing hope - she feared she would not see her 28th birthday, that scared me when I heard that. She now has hope!

We had been to every doctor imaginable, cardio, endo, psych, GI, neuro, gyn, multiple PCP's, spent last June and July at Mayo, then back to Hopkins, rheumatologists, hematologists, the list was endless, she was too complicated. Every day was filled with doctors and tests, my daughter became a shell of the once vivacious, brilliant, bright eyed kindergarten teacher that she was. She no longer drove, slept 24/7, could barely lift her arms, shower herself, had half of her colon removed last April and the rest in August and yet she still had severe GI issues! Finally a doctor suggested NIHA, she was hesitant - not me - we have spent thousands plus a colon - I needed no convincing! Dr. Gant spent 6 hours with us, took 20+ vials of blood, tested for several different Lyme diseases, allergies and sent out a stool DNA - which you think would have been done at MAYO or Hopkins or anywhere else before her first rectoplexy and then complete colon removal!!! THIS WAS THE DOCTOR WHO TREATED THE WHOLE PACKAGE! Well, to our surprise - she had several different kinds of Lyme!, parasites that had paralyzed her small intestine! and heavy metals in her urine which is the reason she was not able to shower, bathe, wash her hair, - her own water was poisoning her! She had food allergies similar to celiac yet she does not have celiac - she basically lives on a gluten free diet, takes enzymes to digest meats and vegetables since she no longer has a colon.

She takes supplements for the lyme - her lyme levels are low now and under control - she has chronic lyme disease and will always have to treat it! She has low IG levels and must take gamma globulin infusions, which she is in a trial for thanks to Dr. Gant and no thanks to United Health Care who has turned her down, twice but which the Doctors office(NIHA) continues to fight!

She has parasites from her world travels during her college years to Costa Rica (2X), Turkey, Morrocco, England, France, Italy, South America; which I told every doctor about and was ignored. She was diagnosed a couple of years ago with H Pylori and given one dose of antibiotics and never tested again to make sure it was gone. Parasites multiply, hide and are difficult to get rid of, they thrive in your intestines. She has now been on several repeat doses of strong antibiotics after completing a regiment of supplements to get rid of them and when you can witness them leaving your body - you know you have found the right doctor!!!

He tested for allergies - which we requested before and were ignored - simple things like chicken eggs, all grains, yeasts, some veggies, spices - a diet change has made a huge difference in her life - it was not simple or easy but necessary.

She was diagnosed with POTS, NMH, fibromyalgia, has had 2 PE's endometriosis, low blood pressure, has had syncope every day, multiple times a day for over three years and is now over 3 months w/o a blackout!!!!!!!!

So all you unbelievers - rethink your regiment and do not believe everything your doctor tells you! At one point she was on 17 different medications a day, we were setting alarms to remind her to take them multiple times a day. PCP's are not well versed in Lyme, the CDC is just starting to believe in chronic lyme disease - so many of these diseases mimic the same symptoms - please continue to search other options - do not be afraid to try the holistic approach - you might become a believer! I am seeing my daughter go from a disabled young woman to a woman who is trying to work again! She still has her limits but in a short time she will be able to drive again and will gain her independence, that alone will be a boost to her mental and physical health! If someone's experience is less than stellar, or they were not cured does not make this practice bogus, they may have another issue or they are too cheap to pay the price for their health, or they want medication or are not willing or patient enough to try this approach - I am willing to go to the end of the earth to help my daughter become whole again, to live her life again even if it is not the life she planned.

If one person reading this is helped, I will be happy, if one person is able to gain some insight into alternative medicine, then I will be happy, because I have seen the difference it can make. V. C. Yelp review 6/17

Dr. Voss and Cancer Program

National Integrated Health Associates  5 star on Facebook

NIHA is a best kept secret that needs to be told!! I came to them in January, 2017, with an aggressive breast cancer, triple negative (12 cm tumor), after doing my research and concluding that the treatments they offer would give me my very best hope for survival.

From the moment that Angela (patient coordinator) picked up my first call, I became family. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, detail oriented and she truly cared! She was the window through which I viewed my possible experience with NIHA, and because of that immediate first impression, that window quickly became the door that welcomed me with open arms. Thank you, Angela!

Because of my condition and the treatments I was discussing with Angela, she felt that Dr. Ching Voss would be a perfect fit for me. She couldn't have been more right!! Dr. Voss is compassionate, meticulous, and leaves no stone unturned in discovering root cause of my cancer and helping me address those issues. Her knowledge and professionalism, combined with her empathy and care, have made my success possible! After my initial visit with Dr. Voss, we both felt that LD/IPT (Low Dose Insulin Potentiation Therapy) would give me a real chance at shrinking my tumor and healing my cancer. This, combined with a huge emphasis on nutrition and supplements, has created an environment that has made healing possible! My tumor has gone down to approx 3cm, broken in pieces and showing necrosis according to my PET/CT scan. And, suspicious lymph nodes and lung nodules showed no tracer, to indicate cancer. Dr. Voss and my team at MD Anderson are calling my results "remarkable"! Not only was I thrilled, the entire team at NIHA was cheering with me. So many amazing people there! From Teresa, the office manager, who has supported me every step of the way, to Vi, who assists Dr. Voss with my IPT, works in the lab and is one of the most compassionate people I've ever met, to Frank who works in the lab and has an amazing knowledge of all things integrative - I couldn't feel more cared for, or more at home! There are too many amazing people to name! I'm actually having a little hiatus, for a couple of weeks, and miss them like family!

Please, please!! If you have any type of diagnosis, be sure to educate yourself in all treatment options! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with NIHA, as part of that research! They offer real, evidence based, Integrative treatment, therapies and testing, that will address chronic issues you didn't even know you had! This is a true road to wellness! I feel better at 52, than I have felt in a very long time, and am looking forward to complete remission! Thank you to all of the staff! V.G.R. 5/2017