Allergy Elimination Technique, or AET, is a biofeedback technique used to identify and desensitize the body to allergens, intolerances and sensitivities.

Allergies are a malfunction of the nervous system and the immune system. Through allergy elimination, a biofeedback technique, the practitioner will  address the message of the allergy to the body instead of merely suppressing it. The body will react to what will weaken it and also to what will strengthen it. This biofeedback technique desensitizes the patient to the offending allergen so that, over time, the body's allergic reaction is lessened.

Allergy Elimination Technique, AET, is non-invasive, effective, and a pleasant experience for the patient.  It is used as a complement to allergy shots or serum drops to address the allergic reaction on many systems of the body: the immune system, nervous system, and autonomic nervous system. The combination of Allergy Elimination Technique and Allergy serums  provides not only maximum relief of symptoms but also may help address the root cause of the allergy.

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