Chelation therapy can be used  to reduce the body burden of heavy toxic metals like mercury, aluminum, tin, cadmium, arsenic and lead. Chelation therapy*, using EDTA, in addition to certain lifestyle modifications, can help remove toxic metals and lower calcium deposits in the blood vessels. 

This combination may also help in the treatment and prevention of diseases involving the blood vessels such as coronary artery disease, cardiovascular disease (a precursor to stroke and heart attack), peripheral vascular disease (a precursor to gangrene), and cerebrovascular disease (a precursor to stroke and dementia),which are the major causes of disability and death throughout the world.

Holistic and integrative physicians have used chelation therapy for over four decades to help in the treatment of clogged arteries, hardened arteries, high blood pressure, angina and heavy metal toxicity.


*While chelation therapy is well-established for heavy metal toxicity and has been used for over 40 years to reduce the vascular plaque that cause cardiovascular disease, its effectiveness is still under study by the National Institutes of Health. While a number of physicians provide chelation and its safety is well-known, the role of heavy  metal toxicity in cardiovascular disease is not widely accepted and the medical community does not accept that chelation has a role to play in cardiovascular treatment.