Counseling and Holistic Psychotherapy

"When you change your mind, you change your body."

Our bodies and brains are connected.  Emotional distress has an impact on our physical health, while physical challenges can bring new stress into our lives.  As part of an integrative holistic_psychotherapy_DCapproach to overall health, psychotherapy can lead to a significant reduction in feelings of distress, increased satisfaction in interpersonal relationships, greater personal awareness and insight, increased skills for effective coping, and resolutions to specific problems. 

Taking steps to stay emotionally balanced and physically healthy can increase our quality of life. Psychotherapy and lifestyle modification can lay the foundation for wellbeing that could make a difference in the way we experience life.  Both  psychotherapy and lifestyle modification require a very active effort on our part since change is usually accompanied by ambivalence, fear, and resistance.

Holistic Psychotherapy Approach

Counseling & holistic psychotherapy modalities offered by Kuno Bachbauer, LMFT, at NIHA   ‚Äč

• Core Energetics (Body Psychotherapy)
• Psychosomatic Counseling (Mind/Body Medicine)
• Family Constellations Work (Trans-generational Healing)
• Couples & Family Therapy (Inter-personal Skill Training)
• Energy Work for Spiritual Opening
• Life Coaching & Mentoring
• Movement, Mindfulness & Body-based Meditation

Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy (individual sessions) is based on the premise that all our basic conflicts are held in the whole body. Our life story and our primal wounds are expressed in our posture, our feelings, our belief system, and even our spiritual outlook. These manifestations are used as access point for mind-body healing in this body-centered form of counseling.

Psychosomatics & the Mind-Body Connection (individual sessions) Psychosomatics is the bridge between medicine and psychology. It investigates any possible inter-connections between a person’s life situation, psychological conflicts, family dynamics, specific stressors, and specific patterns of illness.
Originally derived from psychoanalytic work, it includes mind-body disciplines such as behavioral medicine, psycho-neuro-immunology, and the relatively new sciences of relational neuroscience, neurobiology, and trauma release work. Practical applications of these mind-body theories offer promising approaches for mitigating chronic disease, as well as for promoting longevity and wellness.

Family & Couples Therapy (couples & family sessions) We all are born into families. They are a place of nurturing and love - but also of major wounding. Unresolved issues from childhood fester long after we leave home. They may unconsciously affect our couples life, family situation, and our job performance. Unresolved family issues contribute to the stressors that can unbalance one’s immune system, leading to stress & illness. Marriage & Family therapy offers a systemic approach that is looking at all the factors that can make body and soul feel sick.


Family Constellations (individual session) offer new ways to understand ourselves and others. This approach uncovers often-hidden family dynamics and invisible bonds that influences how we feel, how we act, how we love and how we live. Fear, addiction, depression, illness, anger and other problems are common non-conscious expressions of loyalty to and love for members of generations past. Once people can disentangle their own fates from the fates of other members of their system, opportunities for deep change begin to emerge.

Mindfulness based psychotherapies bring another level of awareness to our problems, to the way we deal with them, and to the way we resolve conflicts.  Mindfulness involves observing, describing, and participating in our reality in a non-judgmental manner, in the moment and with effectiveness.  Mindfulness is the window to acceptance, freedom, and wisdom.

Positive psychology helps us to reevaluate the present and identify the potential of the future by identifying our strengths and virtues, enhancing positive emotions, resilience, and self-control, helping to improve our self- confidence and overall performance. 

Our goal is assisting you to move towards emotional wellbeing and desired health goals, exploring the tools that best resonate with you through an open, safe, and understanding collaborative partnership.  We wish to assist you to achieve wellbeing by addressing the mind-body as a whole, and you will realize there is no division.


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