Emotional Transformation Therapy™, or ETT, is a natural, non-invasive, therapeutic approach developed by Stephen Vazquez, PhD. It involves the use of frequency, color, and multi-directional eye movements to bring about a deep and lasting change and healing.

Disclosure of traumas, secrets, painful issues and other information previously withheld has been shown to improve physical health and relieve stress. People who have been traumatized may have physical symptoms, nightmares, or stress related to the event. With ETT the emotion related to the event can be resolved. By transforming painful emotions, medical conditions can also be helped and a new way of healthy living can emerge.

Our compassionate facilitators at NIHA encourage a willingness of the patient to express emotions in a empathetic, safe environment. The color and frequency stimulation of ETT serve to deepen and activate interpersonal responses beyond the typical personal limits a person is accustomed to otherwise.

Many illnesses related to stress can be helped by ETT. Illnesses like heart disease, cancer and multiple sclerosis may be responsive to ETT. Conditions like lupus, arthritis, allergies and chronic fatigue can be helped as well as pain syndromes, headaches, fibromyalgia, and conditions associated with accidents, injuries and life changes.



Additional Information: Emotional Transformation Therapy by Steven Vazquez, Ph.D