Oxygen Therapies

Oxygen is the most vital element required for human life and a key to good health.

Oxygen is a life-giving and sustaining element. All human cells, tissues, and organs require oxygen to function. Oxygen is a most powerful healing tool. Our integrative medical team uses oxygen in a variety of different modalities and therapies.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is a medical treatment where patients breathe pure oxygen and it diffuses into the body, even into damaged tissues at the cellular level. It may heal the brain and improve cognitive function.  It can be used for brain injury, candidiasis, heavy metal poisoning, stroke, diabetic ulcers and more. Read more

Oxygen Steam Cabinet
Through oxygenation, the body generates heat and energy from its fuel, and disposes of wastes. The oxygen steam cabinet is useful as part of a detoxification program. Read more