Stress is one of the major causes of all illness.  It is known to cause migraines, strokes, hypertension, heart attacks, eczema, weakened immunity as well as many other diseases.  Work, relationships, social activities, housework and world events can negatively affect us and tax our immune systems and our adrenal glands (the primary regulators of stress in our bodies). 

When our adrenal glands are stressed, our bodies are less equipped to deal with everyday stresses, and this can lead to more chronic illness.  As a result, stress management is a crucial component in treating illness and maintaining good health. A proper evaluation of thyroid, hormones and adrenals is a good starting point to assess how the body is responding to stress.

In addition, many stress management techniques may be included as part of an integrative treatment plan:

Stress management is important and key to health. Schedule today to discuss this with a physician.


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