Metabolic Therapy

Common symptoms of fatigue, poor metabolism, hormonal issues, weight gain, hot flashes, depression, poor memory or focus,  anxiety, sleep problems, digestive disorders, muscle or joint pain, headaches, numbness, hair loss and skin problems may seem unrelated but they may all stem from the same root problem of low metabolic energy.

All body processes require metabolic energy. To restore energy to a healthy level the causative problem must be corrected. Age, toxic exposure, nutritional deficiencies, viral, and auto-immune damage may all contribute to the cause of a metabolic energy problem. If severe enough, any one of these can overwhelm the body's metabolic mechanisms and become the leading cause of the problem. However, these are not as common as the low metabolism caused by sub-optimal adrenal function and/or thyroid problems.

Dr. Rind has developed several feedback tools to assist in diagnosing the causative problem. They are:

Metabolic Diagnostic Scorecard™: A method of looking at symptoms to provide guidance on whether there are adrenal, thyroid, or a mixture of problems.

Metabolic Temperature Graph™: A method for measuring and interpreting daily temperatures to gain insight into metabolic energy issues associated with both adrenal and thyroid function.

Thyroid Scale Diagram™: A method of evaluating thyroid lab data relating them to optimal values as well as each other. This provides a clearer picture of what is going on as opposed to the old "your lab tests are all normal" answer

Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan to enhance metabolic function, adrenal, thyroid, and/or sex hormone function can be developed using supplement support, natural hormone therapy and lifestyle changes.

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